Healthlinerx is an information site intended to answer all the questions you may have about diseases , treatments and health in general.

Our teams of professionals analyze complex subjects to provide you with simple and clear answers , so you can choose the right medical treatment while avoiding risks to your health.

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What is Healthlinerx?

A health information site, run by real professionals
We only work with qualified and recognized health professionals in their field. Thus, all articles, files and other health information published on have been carefully checked by a certified doctor and supported by scientifically proven facts.

Expert opinions and a community of real patients

All of our medical files have a section with different expert opinions, but also opinions from real patients. Thus, each reader of can share their experience with a drug or disease, in order to help other visitors to the site.

Safe home health, thanks to certified medical partners

We make it a point of honor to work with the most reputable healthcare partners in Europe. Whether it is pharmaceutical laboratories or online pharmacies, our partners have the best certifications to give you access to reliable and understandable online health.

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