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Zithromax is an antibiotic in capsule form and marketed by the Pfizer laboratory since 1999. This treatment is the branded version of the generic azithromycin, which helps treat chlamydia.

What is zithromax?

Zithromax is an antibiotic medicine belonging to the macrolide family. This treatment is manufactured by the Pfizer laboratory and distributed since 1999 on the French market.

It is the branded version of Azithromycin which is a second-line, preferred treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) chlamydia. 

The Zithromax is available from our pharmacy for patients who tested positive for infection or were not recommended to take Doxycycline in first-line treatment.

It can also be purchased in combination with a self-test to be performed directly at home. This option is for patients who have not yet been screened but whose partner has contracted chlamydia.  

(Patients wishing to order the combined version including the drug Zithromax and the test online must first take the screening test before undergoing medical treatment). 

What does zithromax treat?

The first-line treatment for chlamydia is doxycycline. Azithromycin is the second-line treatment and is the generic version of Zithromax.

This is a single dose, whereas doxycycline is a longer treatment than a week. Zithromax is the branded version of azithromycin and comes in capsules of 250 mg. 

The antibiotic agent in Zithromax works by preventing the bacteria responsible for the infection from producing the enzyme essential for its survival.

Without this enzyme, the bacteria can no longer grow and will be destroyed by the immune system. 

Patients who have tested positive for chlamydia and who cannot take Doxycycline (because they are allergic to any of its ingredients, for example) can purchase Zithromax online using our service.

You can also order a combination pack from us including a screening kit and treatment. 

For people who:

  • have not yet been tested, but whose sexual partner has tested positive for chlamydia (you must get tested before starting treatment);
  • or:  want to have a home screening test two weeks after the end of treatment.
  • And: Are prohibited to take Doxycycline for medical reasons

Zithromax: active agent 

Active ingredient: azithromycin 


  • Starch
  • Calcium hydrogen phosphate
  • Croscarmellose sodium
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate


  • Lactose
  • Hypromellose
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Triacetin

Zithromax dosage

Administration : oral 

The usual dose for chlamydia infection is 4 tablets at one time.

The tablets can be taken with or without food with a glass of water.

Zithromax is an azithromycin-based antibiotic (250 mg). This medication is sold as a film-coated tablet and in injectable form. 

Zithromax side effects 

  • Candidiasis
  •  Vaginal infection
  •  Pneumonia
  •  Fungal infection
  •  Bacterial infection
  •  Pharyngitis
  •  Gastroenteritis
  •  Respiratory disorder

Zithromax without prescription 

The antibiotic Zithromax is not available over the counter. To benefit from this treatment, it will therefore be necessary to have a prescription to buy it in a pharmacy. However, it is possible to buy Zithromax without a prior prescription from an online pharmacy. 

Buy zithromax online 

To start your online consultation, please click on “order. Your order will be checked by one of our approved practitioners. Your package will be prepared by our pharmacy and delivered within 24 working hours. 

Good to know 

Zithromax: treatment for chlamydia 

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (or STD) most common in France. Although the number of cases is not precisely known, there is an increase in the number of diagnoses. 

Zithromax: how do you get chlamydia? 

The infection results from the contraction of the bacterium chlamydia trachomatis and has the particularity of not always causing symptoms. 80% of female cases and 50% of female cases are asymptomatic. Nevertheless, when the contraction of chlamydia causes symptoms.

In women, the symptoms are as follows: pain felt during urination, vaginal discharge, painful intercourse, bleeding after intercourse between periods, and abdominal pain.

Men will feel pain in the testicles and have penile secretions. 

STIs are transmitted through sexual intercourse vaginal, oral, or anal unprotected or through sharing sex toys. Even when the infection is asymptomatic, it is basically to be cured. Indeed, untreated, chlamydia can cause serious complications including pelvic inflammatory disease or infertility. 

Zithromax: how to screen for chlamydia? 

The screening can be achieved via the removal of a urinary or vaginal test. You can be tested in a laboratory or order a screening to be done directly at home.

The two preferred treatments for chlamydia are azithromycin and doxycycline. Azithromycin is prescribed as a single dose while doxycycline is a one-week treatment. Azithromycin is the generic version of Zithromax and comes as 250 mg tablets. The dosage required to treat chlamydia is 1 gr. 

When can I have sex after taking Zithromax?

It is best to wait until you have been tested for chlamydia again before having sex again, to make sure you do not pass the infection on to someone else. We recommend that you get tested again for chlamydia three weeks after taking the treatment to allow time for the treatment to work.

Usage tips

Make sure that while taking Zithromax you follow the instructions given to you by your doctor, and that you follow the directions in the patient information leaflet. This will help you reduce the risk of side effects and get the best possible results.

  • Use as directed
  • You will be given eight 250 mg tablets
  • To treat chlamydia, take four tablets at the same time on the first day
  • Take two tablets at the same time on the second day
  • And take two tablets at the same time on the third day
  • If you ordered the pack (self-test and treatment) because your partner tested positive for chlamydia, you should collect your sample before starting treatment on day 1
  • If you have ordered a pack (test kit and treatment) because you want to do a post-infection test (to make sure the infection is gone) after you have finished the treatment, make sure you allow at least three weeks for that the treatment is effective after the end of the treatment, before doing your test
  • Follow this procedure until the end of treatment 
  • Swallow the tablets with a glass of water 
  • Do not exceed the prescribed dosage 

The above instructions are provided for information only. More detailed information is available in the medical leaflet.

If your partner has tested positive for chlamydia and you wish to order screening and treatment from our online pharmacy at the same time, it is important that you receive a positive test before taking your treatment. 

Side effects

Zithromax: side effects

Although a small number of patients taking this medicine experience side effects, it is still important to be aware of these effects so that you can take action if they do occur. Tell your doctor immediately if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction, such as sudden wheezing, difficulty breathing, swelling of the eyelids, face or lips, or hives; severe diarrhea with blood or mucus; skin rash causing redness and peeling; irregular heartbeat; or hypotension; any type of dermatological reaction. 

Very common (1 in 10 people or more):
Abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhea or gas.

Common (1 in 10 people or less):
Headache, dizziness, feeling sick, numbness or tingling, indigestion, loss of appetite, taste disturbances, vision problems, deafness, rash, itching, pain in the joints, reduced number of white blood cells, tiredness, or weakness.

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):
Oral or vaginal candidiasis, blistering on the skin, mouth, eyes, and genitals, photosensitive reactions, nervousness, hypoaesthesia, trouble sleeping, disturbed sleep hearing or ringing in the ears, palpitations, chest pain, constipation, diarrhea, fever, hepatitis, abnormal liver function tests, loss of strength, or swelling.

Exceptional (1 in 1,000 people or less):
Sense of restlessness or dizziness.

The above items are indicative. More detailed information can be found in the patient leaflet.

Zithromax: drug interactions

Inform our doctor by filling out our medical questionnaire if you are taking other treatments. Zithromax may not be suitable for use in conjunction with: rye ergot or ergotamine; warfarin or similar medicines used to prevent blood clots; ciclosporin; antacids; digoxin; or terfenadine.

Zithromax: precautions for use

Patients with the following medical history should seek advice from their doctor before taking this treatment, as it may not be suitable or may require special instructions: liver or kidney problems; heart disease; myasthenia gravis; allergic to milk; diabetes; or migraine.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and have tested positive for chlamydia, please consult your doctor directly as soon as possible. 

Lactose intolerance 

This medicine contains lactose. If you are intolerant to sugars, please tell your doctor and pharmacist. 


Can I drink alcohol while taking  Zithromax  ?

Alcohol does not interfere with the action of Zithromax. However, alcohol consumption can exacerbate side effects. 

Will I be able to drive?

Yes, provided you do not experience any side effects that could make driving difficult or dangerous. If so, avoid driving and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Can I take this medicine during pregnancy?

Zithromax may not be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are concerned, indicate it in the medical questionnaire.

How to store Zithromax?

Keep it in a safe place below 30 ° C. 

Am I allergic to the ingredients in this medication?

Zithromax capsules contain the following components: azithromycin, lactose, magnesium stearate, corn starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, gelatin, iron oxide (black) E172, shellac, propylene glycol, sulfur dioxide, and titanium dioxide.

Do not take these medicines if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Is Zithromax available without a prescription?

You need a prescription for a doctor to receive Zithromax.

Can I buy Zithromax online?

People who think they have contracted chlamydia but have not yet been tested should be tested.

If you have been diagnosed positive, and Doxycycline is prohibited for medical reasons,  complete the medical questionnaire now. If after reviewing your answers our doctor approves your order, a prescription will be issued and sent to the pharmacy. Orders are then prepared and shipped by 24-hour tracked parcel, so you can start your Zithromax treatment quickly.

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