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Zenegra 100 mg is Trustable Option to Treat Male Impotence

Being a recognized medication for erectile dysfunction treatment, Zenegra allows hard on to stay for 4 to 6 hours by eradicating impotence. It causes penile muscles to support erection. FDA has approved Sildenafil Citrate the basic component of Zenegra pill. It is recommended for safe usage even by World Health Organization.

  • Zenegra pill does not make users suffer from any drastic ill effects. Men who are devoid of serious health complication can utilize this medicine to get rid of fragile state of penile organ during intercourse.
  • It is directed towards normalizing blood circulation to male reproductive organ and minimizing chemicals in body that cause impotence.

As impotence is a very private affair, not many men would be comfortable approaching local pharmacy for the medication. Or, if they wish to purchase these in bulk, they may have to provide a prescription to local chemist. However, men can buy Zenegra online without all these hassles and even have the privilege of privacy.

Working of Zenegra tablets

Responding to intimacy becomes a task when impotency is present. But, with Zenegra 100 mg tablets, you will be able to have a standing erection for 4 to 6 hours on apt stimulation. Here is how the medicine improves erectile ability:

  • Zenegra medicine ingredient dilates arteries in body, especially ones reaching to male reproductive system. This action creates a greater passageway for blood to reach pelvis region by clearing out clots and plaques caused by cholesterol.
  • Due to apt blood circulation to penile area, the private organ can stay erect with its muscles and tissues corpus cavernosum in relaxed state, on sexual stimulation. Men can perform for longer duration due to flexed pelvic muscles.
  • Nitric oxide is increased, which allows penile organ to become hard by boosting cGMP enzyme. Both these elements are responsible for activating neural transmission of stimulation between brain and male reproductive system.
  • The PDE5 enzyme that lessens blood seep to male reproductive system is broken down by the medicine. Thus, Zenegra inhibits this enzyme and allows men to achieve hard on without any health risks.

Zenegra Dosage Indication

With water, you can intake Zenegra 100mg orally. This medication is non-aphrodisiac and desire for intimacy is a must for it to produce male reproductive organs erection. The pill should be taken an hour prior to intercourse, but overdose should be avoided.

  • Take only one Zenegra pill in 24 hours. Use the product moderately only when impotence exists. Overdose will not improve erection but damage sacral nerves in penile organ.
  • Do not chew Zenegra tablet or break it before consuming. Ingest the medicine wholly with water without use of any other energizers or beverages.
  • Do not take alcohol or smoke when taking the medication or under its dosage. Both these agents are responsible to impact central nervous system negatively, reducing Zenegra’s effect.
  • This medicine can be consumed on empty stomach. If ingesting it after a meal, make sure that the edibles are not high in fat content; otherwise these can interfere in working of anti-ED medicines.

Side Effects of Zenegra 100 mg

Anti-ED medicine may produce few side effects, which are not even for every user. Some men may not come across any of the consequences. Those new to the dosage may initially feel drowsy, giddy etc. Signs of diarrhea and loose motions can be seen in men with weak digestive system as side effect from Zenegra tablets.

  • There can be fluctuations in blood pressure, facial flushing, headaches due to expansion in brain arteries, blurred vision that disappears soon.
  • Skin rashes may occur in people who are allergic to Zenegra 100 mg tablets. On overdose these can be risk to stroke, asthma attack, and mouth swelling, metabolic disturbances.
  • Prolonged erection causing pain during intercourse can occur rarely, Do meet a doctor, if faced with such health complications.

Precautions of Zenegra Pills

Users need to understand few precautions before proceeding with the medication. Intake of alcohol can reduce effect of Zenegra pills, as it may delay the treatment and you cannot keep up a hard on due to impaired nervous system.

  • Those having allergic tendencies to element Sildenafil Citrate must not ingest Zenegra. Skin rashes and itching can be signs of allergy to this medicine.
  • Operating or driving machinery, vehicles or motor activities may lead to dizziness, if under action of tablet. Fatty substance intake, smoking should be neglected in order to not delay process of getting erection.
  • Those with blood pressure, leukemia, retinitis pigmentose, cardiac problems, sickle cell anemia, kidney or liver disorder should only consume Zenegra pill on doctor’s recommendation only.

Zenegra Tablet Storage Information

The tablets should be stores in tight container, away from dirt, moisture, heat and direct exposure to sunlight. These should be stored in room temperature (15 to 30 degrees Celsius), and refrigeration of Zenegra pills must be avoided.

  • Do not allow food stuff and interacting medicines from coming in contact with anti-impotence medicine.
  • Zenegra is to be kept apart from children, women and non users. If they consume these tablets, their health will be affected.
  • Do not stock the pills in kitchen or bathroom, as these areas are prone to moisture, which can spoil the tablet’s ingredients.

Safety Tips for Zenegra Pills

ED can be caused due to diseases, particular medications, obesity, blood pressure issues, diabetes etc. But, Zenegra medicine only cures impotence, every time it is used. The remedy should not be taken as treatment for any other health complications, until advised for the same. Never use the medicine to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and other disorders.

  • Those affected by chronic diseases during anti-impotence pills should stop the Zenegra anti-ED course immediately and consult doctor for guidance.
  • If the person is advised against sexual activity, then Zenegra must not be used. Such cases are prominent in men with prostate cancer or pelvis inflammation etc.
  • Do not intake damaged and expired anti-ED pills, as these will not be able to normalize erectile function, but, may cause health issues.

Drug Interactions to Zenegra

Oral PDE5 inhibitor can cause sudden drop in blood pressure when taken with nitrates and some other medicines. It must not be taken with medicines that treat angina, as these contain nitrates. If the blood pressure lowers dangerously, then the person can be affected by dizziness, fainting, heart attack/stroke etc. Few other drugs to be avoided with Zenegra are stimulators of guanylate cyclase, and medicines treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, and chronicthromboembolic pulmonary hypertension.

What Happens if Zenegra is Taken with other ED Medicines?

If the individual is already taken some medication treatment for erectile dysfunction, then he must not start with Zenegra tablets. There is no research stating that combination of two or more impotence treatment medicines have had a positive impact on the person. Thus, it is not advisable to use other oral or medicated ED treatments together, until recommended by the doctor.

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