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What is Yasmin?

The Yasmin pill is a hormonal oral contraceptive proven to be 99% effective when used correctly in most cases. It is widely prescribed and easy to use, but should only be used on a recommendation from your doctor. This pill if used correctly, should provide immediate cover and negate the need for any additional methods of oral hormonal contraception. You must be aware though, that using the Yasmin contraceptive pill does not protect you from STIs and an additional barrier contraceptive such as a condom will be required to protect against sexually transmitted infections.

How does Yasmin work?

During a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, the balance of sex hormone changes, causing an egg to be released from the ovaries to be fertilised. If the egg has not been fertilised by the end of the monthly cycle, then the hormone levels drop and the womb lining sheds, the cycle then repeats itself again. The Yasmin pill contains 0.03mg of ethinylestradiol (synthetic oestrogen) and 3mgs of drospirenone (synthetic progesterone) which overrides this system by tricking the body into believing ovulation has already taken place, in so doing, an egg is not released from the ovaries and cannot be fertilised.

In addition, the hormones in the Yasmin pill prevent the thickening of the uterine wall. In so doing, it makes it more difficult for an egg to implant itself and grow in the womb. Lastly a mucus plug id formed, which prevents sperm from getting through to the uterus mucus.


Yasmin contraceptive pill is proven to be almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Besides its contraceptive use, it has been noted to have added benefits such as:

  • An ability to regulate menstrual cycles
  • The chance of combating symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
  • Helping to deal with severe premenstrual syndromes, including changes in mood, irritability, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, anxiety and depression.

Some other advantages of using an oral contraceptive such as Yasmin is the safety and comfort through the immediate protection from the first day of usage. Many women decide to buy Yasmin online as it mostly prevents weight gain, a noted side effect of most combined oral contraceptives. Although this treatment is not prescribed to treat skin problems, the hormones contained can sometimes improve the appearance of the skin and hair conditions such as hirsutism.

Who can use it?

It is possible to buy Yasmin online for use if you are:

  • Over the age of 18 and under 35, seeking an effective and immediate hormonal contraceptive method.
  • If you require the added benefit of treatment for skin related conditions such as acne or hirsutism

It must always be remembered that if you buy Yasmin or use any form of oral contraception, it will not protect against sexually transmitted infections. To ensure that you are safe from such when engaging in unprotected sex please ensure you also use additional preventative measures such as a condom.

Who cannot use it?

The Yasmin pill should not be taken during pregnancy as it may cause birth defects. Please ensure you make your doctor aware if you become pregnant or miss two menstrual periods in a row. It is also essential you provide accurate information if in any doubt over whether this treatment is suitable for you, as the doctor can then provide an accurate analysis of your suitability.

This contraceptive pill is also not suitable for:

  • Women with high blood pressure or a history of heart problems
  • Women with allergies to drospirenone or ethinylestradiol
  • Women over 50 or smokers
  • Women with severe diabetes, or poor blood circulation
  • Women with hormone related illnesses such as ovarian or breast cancer

If you have recently had a baby, it would be advised not to take the Yasmin pill for at least 4 weeks after childbirth. The drospirenone and ethinylestradiol hormones within the contraceptive can pass on to the breast milk, making it harmful for the baby being breastfed. It may also slow down the production of breast milk, so ensure you do not use this treatment whilst breastfeeding.


Yasmin contraceptive pills should only be taken as marked on the medication leaflet and pack to ensure full effectiveness. It is also advisable to use this treatment:

  • Daily for 21 days followed by a 7 day break in which you are still covered
  • On the first day of the menstrual cycle for immediate cover

If this treatment is used after the 5th day of the menstrual cycle, then it will be necessary to ensure an additional contraceptive barrier is used, e.g condom or femdom for at least 7 days till the Yasmin pill becomes fully effective.

I forgot to take my Yasmin pill

If you forget to use this pill at your usual time, please ensure you take it as soon as you realise if within 24 hours of rememebering. If you only remember after 24 hours have passed, then you may have to take two pills at the same time. After this you may continue using the pack as standard.

If you do experience heavy or persistent breakthrough bleeding when using the Yasmin pill, please ensure you inform your doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible, this is to ascertain whether it would be suitable to buy Yasmin for further use. Regular checkups whilst on the this contraceptive is also advised to monitor its effect

Yasmin Side Effects

There will be varying side effects when using the Yasmin contraceptive pill treatment as with many others in its category. These may include:

  • Nausea, mood swings, stomach pain, migraines, and a change in menstrual cycles.

If persistent pain or severe side effects occur, please consult your GP or health specialist immediately. This contraceptive pill may counteract the effect of blood sugar lowering diabetes medication, therefore if you are prescribed this treatment and do have diabetes, please ensure you monitor your blood sugar level regularly or contact your doctor for further advice if you see a difference.

There are a few additional risks associated with combined contraceptives such as Yasmin, including blood clots or a slightly raised chance of breast cancer which is why it is important to go for regular checkups whilst on this contraceptive pill to ensure you are not in the position of danger.

Is it possible to buy Yasmin online without prescription?

You can buy Yasmin online through our confidential consultation process. After selecting the required pill pack, you will need to fill out our quick online consultation, which our doctor assesses to ensure you are suitable to use this contraceptive. If the doctor approves, it will be dispensed from our UK pharmacy discreetly to you within 24 hours

Frequently asked Questions

Difference between types of hormones

Combined contraceptive pills with higher hormone levels are known to be more effective compared to those with a lower hormone level, but are also known to provide a higher risk of side effects.

Treatments containing oestrogen have a higher risk of serious side effects such as increased blood pressure or heart attacks compared to those containing progesterone. Progestogen only contraceptives are a little less effective than combined hormonal pills but present less risk of side effects.

How long do I wait before trying to become pregnant?

After you have stopped using a contraceptive method and you are looking to get pregnant, it is recommended that you wait for at least 2-3 standard menstrual cycles before attempting. It may take a few months for the body to return back to normal after stopping the use of a hormonal pill, and it is known that prolonged usage may affect the ease of pregnancy.

Can I use the Yasmin pill to change my period date?

Yes, this is possible, but please ensure you speak with your doctor if considering this. Practicing such can affect the efficacy of the pill in general use. It is better to discuss what other contraceptive methods can work better in extending your cycles through the year

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