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When buying Xenical on the internet, make sure that you are asked to answer several questions in the form of a reliable health form and that your order is checked by a qualified doctor.


Xenical 120mg hard capsules contain the active ingredient orlistat.

Xenical is used to treat obesity and overweight used, where measures such as physical exercise and dietary changes have not brought any improvement.

The measure of obesity is the so-called body mass index BMI (Body Mass Index). It is calculated by dividing body weight by the square of height. From a BMI of 28, obesity is considered to require treatment if there are other diseases that pose a serious health risk to the patient. Examples of such diseases are type 1 diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, or dyslipidemia.

Obesity (obesity) is characterized by a BMI of 30 and requires treatment even without other risk factors in order to avoid damage to the musculoskeletal system.

Xenical is always used in conjunction with an extensive treatment plan that includes a light diet.

In-depth information is available on the following application areas of Xenical:

  • overweight

Please also read the information on the group of active substances for weight loss/appetite suppressants, to which the active substance orlistat belongs.

Areas of application according to manufacturer information

  • Obesity (body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 30 kilograms/square meter body surface area) – is associated with a calorie-restricted diet
  • Obesity (body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 28 kilograms/square meter of body surface), combined with risk factors such as cardiovascular problems or metabolic diseases – in connection with a calorie-reduced diet


The recommended dose of the medication is one 120 milligram capsule of orlistat
taken with water immediately before, during, or up to one hour after each main meal. If a meal is skipped or does not contain fat, orlistat should not be taken.

To do this, stick to a diet that is as balanced as possible and slightly reduced in calories, with around 30 percent of the calories coming from fat. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. You should spread your daily intake of fat,
carbohydrates and protein over three main meals.
Doses greater than 120 milligrams of Xenical three times a day showed no additional benefit.

The effect of the drug leads to increased fat excretion in the stool just 24 to 48 hours after ingestion (any yellowing of the stool is harmless!). When treatment is discontinued, fecal fat levels usually return to pre-treatment levels within 48 to 72 hours.

Other ingredients

The drug contains the following non-active ingredients:

  • Carboxymethyl Starch Sodium
  • Carboxymethyl Starch Sodium (Type A)
  • Indigo carmine (E 132)
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • povidone
  • talc
  • Titanium dioxide (E 171)
  • printing ink
  • gelatin
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

side effects

The nature and intensity of the side effects vary depending on the dosage of the active ingredient.

weaker dosage (60 milligrams)
Very common side effects:
Oily patches, Flatulence (also with stool), urge to defecate, greasy oily stool, the passage of oily excretions, soft stool.

Common side effects:
lower abdominal pain, fecal incontinence, liquid stools, increased bowel movements, and anxiety.

Side effects of unknown frequency:
changes in coagulation values ​​(prothrombin and INR), hypersensitivity reactions (also allergic shock), bronchial spasms, facial swelling, itching _and rash, hives, diverticulitis, easy post-bleeding, deposits of oxalic acid in the kidneys (oxalate nephropathy), Hepatitis (also severe), gallstones, increased laboratory values ​​(transaminases and alkaline phosphatase), blistering skin rash.

a higher dosage (120 milligrams)
Very common side effects:
flu, upper respiratory tract infection, Headache, oily spots on the anus, abdominal pain, flatulence (with and without a stool), urge to defecate, oily stool, liquid stools, the passage of oily secretions, and increased stools.

Common side effects:
lower respiratory tract infection, anal discomfort, anal pain, loose stools, fecal incontinence, dental problems, gum problems, urinary tract infections, fatigue, feelings of anxiety, menstrual cramps,

Side effects without frequency information:
Hypersensitivity reactions (itching, hives, rash, respiratory spasm, shock), gallstones, gallbladder inflammation, liver inflammation (sometimes severe), inflammatory skin rashes, intestinal bleeding, diverticulitis, inflammation of the pancreas, liver enzyme elevation.

side effects only in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus were: hypoglycemia very frequently and abdominal tenderness frequently.

If severe cases of intestinal bleeding occur, it is essential for the doctor to clarify the cause.

In isolated cases, orlistat has had a liver-damaging effect. Further observations and studies are currently being undertaken.


Xenical should not be taken along with acarbose (blood sugar lowering agent) should be taken, as the two active ingredients are likely to affect each other.

The absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and vitamin K can be affected by orlistat, so there is a risk of vitamin deficiency.

When taking the antiarrhythmic amiodarone and orlistat should have heart activity checked by a doctor because the active substance can reduce the concentration of amiodarone in the blood and thus its effectiveness.

Xenical can reduce the effects of change anticoagulants. Therefore, the blood coagulation values ​​must be monitored particularly carefully when taken at the same time.

Also, Xenical should not be mixed with thatimmunologicalCyclosporine can be combined because the active substance lowers the blood level of cyclosporine and thus impairs its effectiveness. This can lead to rejection reactions after organ transplants.

There are no direct interactions between hormonal contraceptives (“the pill”) and orlistat. However, taking orlistat can cause diarrhea, which indirectly reduces the effectiveness of the contraceptive pills. In cases of severe diarrhea, an additional method of contraception, such as a condom, is recommended.

In rare cases, taking the active substance can alter the effect of the thyroid hormone and decrease levothyroxine so that it causes hypothyroidism occurs. Therefore, both active ingredients must be taken at different times and the dosage of levothyroxine must be changed by the doctor if necessary.

Orlistat may alter the absorption of antiepileptics like valproic acid or lamotrigine into the body, which can lead to convulsions.


Xenical may be used in the event of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient, impaired nutrient absorption (malabsorption syndrome) and gallbladder should not be taken.

patients’ with type 2 diabetes mellitus should be closely monitored by a doctor during treatment with orlistat. Firstly, the drug appears to be less effective in this group of patients and secondly, it can affect the effectiveness of blood-sugar-lowering drugs.

Patients with kidney disease should consult a doctor before starting therapy with orlistat. In rare cases, the active ingredient can lead to increased excretion of the metabolic product oxalic acid, which damages the kidneys.

The daily intake of fat should be divided into three main meals. Taking orlistat with a high-fat meal increases the likelihood of gastrointestinal problems.

What should I watch for during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Since there are no studies on the use of orlistat in pregnancy, its use is prohibited during this period.

Xenical can be severe and cause diarrhea, which makes taking the “pill” ineffective. In such a case, the use of an additional method of contraception is recommended to prevent possible failure of the hormonal contraceptive.

It is not known whether the active ingredient is excreted in breast milk, so orlistat should not be used while breastfeeding.

What to consider with children

Orlistat is not suitable for the treatment of children and adolescents under 18 years of age because it is not known how the active substance can affect their development.


  • Accompanying nutritional recommendations should be strictly observed during treatment with the drug.
  • In the case of diabetics, the effect of the blood-sugar-lowering active ingredients must also be monitored by the doctor.
  • Treatment with the drug should be stopped after twelve weeks if weight loss is not at least five percent of body weight at the start of therapy.
  • The drug is not suitable for use in children and adolescents under 18 years of age.
  • Patients with kidney disease should consult a doctor before starting therapy with the drug.
  • In rare cases, the drug can reduce the effect of thyroid hormones, so the dosage must be changed by the doctor.
  • The drug may change the effect of antiepileptic drugs so that there are more seizures.
  • If the medication causes severe diarrhea, other contraceptive methods should be used in addition to the “pill”.
  • If you experience yellow discoloration of the skin or eyes, itching, dark-colored urine, stomach pain or pain under the right costal arch and loss of appetite , you should consult a doctor.

Medicines can trigger allergic reactions. Signs of this can be reddening of the skin, runny nose, itching, swelling of the mucous membranes, itching, and reddening of the eyes, and narrowing of the airways ( asthma ). In rare cases, allergic shock with loss of consciousness can occur.

If you notice signs of an allergic reaction, inform a doctor immediately.

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