Why are ED drugs so expensive?

Why are ED drugs so expensive

While Erectile Dysfunction is a major turn-off, the price of drugs that treat this condition makes it worse. But, do we know why these drugs are so expensive? Let’s find out.

In this article, we will talk about what makes these drugs expensive and share tips on cost-cutting. After all, none of us want to be soft in bed because we cannot afford drugs.

Why are they expensive?

As discussed already, erectile dysfunction drugs are extremely expensive. The pricing for these drugs is directly proportional to the demand – the higher the demand, the higher are the market prices. Men who suffer from ED already go through a lot. High-priced drugs make the treatment strenuous for the pockets as well. Most men try alternative treatment methods because they cannot afford these drugs sold in the market.

General Information

There are four drugs available for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra. All four drugs work in a similar fashion with subtle differences in the time taken for the drug to start working and the total time period the drug remains effective. A single dose of Levitra, Cialis or Viagra costs about 50-60 dollars, which is way higher than drugs used for other sexual dysfunctions.

There are some solid reasons why an Erectile Dysfunction drug is expensive, we have listed a few of them below.

  1. Patent – Did you know that the Viagra’s patent may come off in 2020? A patent makes it illegal for any other drug company to manufacture a medicine using the same chemical composition. In Viagra’s case, the chemical used is Sildenafil.

Viagra’s FDA approval came through in 1998. It was initially priced at 7 dollars a pill. In 2004, Cialis’ FDA approval came through. It was initially priced at 10 dollars a pill. These two drugs have taken over the market. They are widely used for the prevention and treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. In the US, special contracts between Pfizer and generic manufacturers have ensured tight control over the prices of Viagra.

Outside the US, generic drugs are 90 percent cheaper than brand names. Hence, the brand name Viagra is available at a much cheaper rate in foreign countries.

  1. Incessant demands – The demand for these drugs is never-ending. As more men show symptoms of ED, pharmaceutical companies have created a monopoly for themselves. There are cheaper alternatives and generic drugs available on the counter but not many know about them. Contracts between parent pharmaceutical companies and other generic companies have maintained a steady pricing system for all types of medicines available in the market.

Erectile Dysfunction is increasing among men of all ages and races. For men who suffer from this ailment, it is difficult to talk about it to people. They read up stuff online and find brand names including Viagra or Cialis to be the most effective drugs used for erectile dysfunction. Instead of looking for generic options, they buy these brand names and end up paying more than their budget.

  1. The monopoly of the brand name – There are largely four medications available for the treatment, some of them still hold a patent. All four drugs have a pricing mechanism that we do not know of. The patent for the Sildenafil will expire by 2020 and the same is expected for the drug Tadalafil.

But, for years the pharmaceutical companies that developed these ED drugs have built a stronghold for themselves. We are sure their monopoly is not going to be taken down so easily. Men habituated to Viagra 100mg Pills or Cialis 20mg pills will not change their prescription drug even if the content remains the same in generic alternatives. This is also about consumer mentality along with the effectiveness of the drug.

  1. No competitive alternatives – There are generic drugs available for ED now! While this is good news, there are about 76 such medicines in the market. One of these had some side effects which were proven right. This defamed the rest of the medicines in the market and people started to believe that generic drugs weren’t as effective as their brand replacements.

This is one of the major reasons why these medications are still in demand. The pricing of the drugs is something we may never know but all four have similar price hikes. In the coming future, maybe generic drugs will make the prices of these company drugs also go low.

What are the alternate and affordable treatment methods?

Fortunately, many alternative treatment methods can help you to have a perfect erection in bed. Listed below are some simple and cheap methods to treat ED below.

Shed some pounds – The major cause of impotence is obesity and related disorders. Lose weight and your penis will be back in action without any external help. Many men do not put in the hard work of exercising.

Healthy supplements – Herbs and supplements haven’t been a subject of study by many researchers. But, there are a few herbal alternatives like red ginseng available in markets. These drugs are effective but they may have certain side effects.

Penis Pumps – These are vacuum erection devices available at drugstores and online. The base of the penis may remain soft but the top shaft hardens after using Penis pumps. These devices are a one-time investment.

Penis Injections – These injections improve blood flow in the penis. Trimix is a commonly used drug that triggers erections enough to have good sex. Unfortunately, regular use of this drug may cause side effects like painful erections.

Natural aphrodisiacs – Do you like fruits? If yes, then regular intake of watermelons and pomegranates has proven to be a natural aphrodisiac. They turn on men naturally and harden their penis. This is a good and natural prevention treatment for men who suspect they have initial symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

How to save money and have one hell of an erection?

Though there are alternatives, these medicines are the best treatment available right now. These hacks will help you to spend less and get more from your erectile dysfunction pills.

These pills cost the same amount irrespective of its chemical percentage. Whether it is 25 mg or 100 mg, Viagra costs the same. Ask your doctor to give you a prescription for a 100 mg Viagra instead of a lower composition. You can use half the pill. This saves at least half your money.

The same applies to Cialis which is available in doses of 2.5 mg, 5.0 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. Ask your doctor to prescribe you a higher dose so that you can cut them into smaller pieces and use them.

Levitra is available in higher doses as well. You can buy a 10 mg pill and break the pill as much as needed.

As soon as the generic medicines for ED are available, you will get cheaper alternatives sooner than anticipated.

Look for a medical insurance plan which covers Erectile Dysfunction. Both private insurance companies and government schemes have some plans which cover the treatment and drugs for Erectile Dysfunction.

Countries outside of the US have pills for Erectile Dysfunction available at a cheaper cost. Ask your friends to get these drugs as a gift instead of any other souvenirs if they are visiting any place in Europe or Asia.

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