What men prefer in sex?

What men prefer in sex

It is considered that men are more reserved in sexual matters than women. However such opinion primarily relates to women. But to get a correct answer for this question we have to consider several poll data. So let’s check what men want and dream of.

Actually there are no secrets at all. Men quite often tell about their wishes but the way they do it doesn’t really differ from the one women use thus veiling their preferences in quite intricate way. For women such men’s tricks make no problem. But it is often happens that is more convenient to remain in the dark. And then all power of the make temperament appears at the Internet websites. Checking them will help us to make several conclusions.

Leading places

According to virtual polls most part of the men get aroused with the latex underwear, striptease, slow petting and women’s moan and exclamations during the sex. This is quite normal set for an average man, nothing extraordinary, super extravagant or extreme. And the main point is that they wishes quite correspond the women’s ones, well perhaps except of latex underwear. Such “luxury” doesn’t appear in each women wardrobe. But that is ok. White lace panties appear to be quite good arousal standing behind only in few points from latex gloss.

As for striptease – it is nothing new here; it is quite demanded in numerous strip-clubs appearing in many cities and towns of our country. And in case men so like to watch the way we undress ourselves then why don’t provide them such opportunity? Only we have to learn to it in the right way.

Men also deny an old myth about male egoism and negligence. They say it is preferable for them to get personal satisfaction and besides the sooner the better. Nothing of the kind! It appears that men also like to have correct prelude of the love and ready to spare over 30 minutes to it. All this time they prefer to undress woman kissing and petting her thus bringing her slowly to the ecstasy.

It turned to be that there are not so many lovers of the fast sex – only about 7%. The only thing remaining unclear is why there are so many women complaints that doesn’t really correspond the number of the male assurances concerning their “tenderness”.

The main parameter of female sexuality men consider to be “moans of passion”. They think that the decibel power is the evidence of male skills. And the “silent valor” is not right idea at all. It is preferable for man to listen various obscenities than experience complete silence from woman. Certain experts even suppose that every woman express her ecstasy in her own way so there is no two similar “moans”.

Middle places

This section included kisses, pornfilmes, positions (when woman is at the top or at the side) and, please attention! – oral sex. The matter is that men don’t pay enough attention to kisses is quite known for us, women. Men on their hand cannot understand our attachment to this pleasure type. The matter is that the kisses are often more important than the sexual intercourse for many women but when it comes to men they consider kisses to be nothing at all. Well they are ready to show their skills in kissing with beloved women just to humour our attachment but at the same time they ask not to exclude intercourse at all.

Everyone has its own preferences in the variety of sexual positions. Puritanical respectability of “classic missionary position” is quite far from the first places. Men like rear-penetration position (30%). The cowgirl position isn’t far from it. It is also quite good when all this stuff will be lightened with candles or night-light. Sex in total darkness as well as in completely illuminated room is not adopted at all.

67% against 33% chose traditional sexual intercourse instead of oral sex but mentioned that oral petting is ought to take place.


The list finishes with the great shots of erotic movies, talks within sexual intercourse, day sex and excessive shyness of woman.

There is no secret for movie business bigwigs that most part of men doesn’t stand tearful-sweet erotic stories. They do not conceal that candy movie fairy-tales with a bit of sex scenes are intended only for women. And there is separate industry of porn cinematography for men. However there are many fans of this genre within women as well.

The female ability to spoil the pleasure with the strange talks during sex brings men to frenzy. Well indeed, only women may inform her partner at the ecstasy moment that tomorrow her mom (the one he has difficult relations with) will come to visit them or that the money saved for a new car spend for her new shoes. Actually men are not against to have a talk and listen us but only after the sex.

Sexologists consider that the best time for sex is 3-4 o’clock p.m. However it is quite complicated to induce for sex not only women but men as well in this period. Evening sex takes the leading positions and goes ahead with 60% of the votes, morning sex get only 30% and the number of those willing to have sex within a day is too few. Furthermore most part of the normal people is occupied with their job at this time so it is quite complicated technically to make a reality of the sexologists’ recommendations.

Men are ready to satisfy women wishes but they need to understand what we want. Considering our shyness they agree to get at least hints but not too complicated ones. We only have to take his hand and put it onto the right place and then he will understand on his own what he has to do. The shyness of the women is acceptable for only 3% of those took part in the poll they think that they know how to pleasure woman without any hints at all.

In the world of fantasy

It is also useful to know what our men dreaming of and what are their sexual fantasies wanders about. About threesome (64%)! The only thing that varies here is the third person. Some want it to be his beloved woman friend the others – strip-bar dancer or casual acquaintance. 26% dream of at least once being tied (chained with handcuffs) and thus remain in the will of the woman fantasy. A bit less number of men wants to tie their girlfriend. And almost all (85%) want to hear once some perfect in its obscenity offer to have a sex from woman.

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