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Buy Vardenafil Online

When buying Vardenafil on the internet, make sure that you are asked to answer several questions in the form of a reliable health form and that a qualified doctor checks your order.

Vardenafil: an oral treatment for erectile dysfunction

Vardenafil ( Levitra ) is an active substance belonging to the drug class of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors ( sildenafil, tadalafil, avanafil …). These drugs are indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult men.

Erectile dysfunction is the difficulty or inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. However, sexual stimulation is necessary to achieve an erection because vardenafil simply acts as an erection enhancer.

What is vardenafil?

Used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, vardenafil belongs to the drug class of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These drugs mainly include sildenafil, the active molecule of Viagra, and Tadalafil, the active molecule of Cialis. 

Vardenafil facilitates erection by acting as a vasodilator in the arteries of the penis. These arteries under the effect of vardenafil can open up properly to let blood rush in and fill the penis. 

However, sexual stimulation or arousal is necessary to trigger an erection. Indeed, the vardenafil concretizes the erection but does not cause it “mechanically”. 

Regarding the prevalence of erectile dysfunction, it is estimated that at least one man in 10 may be affected at some point in his life. The causes can be psychological, physical, or a mixture of both.

In any case, whatever the cause of erection problems, the modification of the muscles and blood vessels does not allow the blood to rush enough into the penis to cause or maintain an erection sufficiently rigid. 

Vardenafil works by inhibiting (blocking) an enzyme responsible for closing the arteries in the penis: phosphodiesterase type 5.

How to take vardenafil?

It is essential to follow the instructions of a doctor before taking vardenafil. You can quickly consult a sex therapist online to obtain a diagnosis and a medical prescription if necessary. 

The recommended dose is 10 mg but a doctor can reassess the dosage (5 mg, 20 mg) depending on the tolerance and the effectiveness of the treatment. 

In fact, one tablet of vardenafil should be taken with a large glass of water approximately 25 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. 

How long does the effect of vardenafil last?

The tablet generally takes 25 minutes to act and therefore allows an erection to be obtained under the effect of sexual stimulation. 

The effect of vardenafil lasts an average of 4-5 hours. It is also important to respect the dosage defined by the doctor and not to take more than one tablet per day. In case of overdose, side effects may be experienced such as back pain. 

What are the contraindications of vardenafil?

Like all drugs, vardenafil has contraindications and specific rules of use to ensure its safety. 

It is for these reasons, among others, that an online medical diagnosis with a sexologist doctor is necessary, in addition to looking for the causes of erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil is therefore contraindicated:

  • If allergic to vardenafil or any of its ingredients. An allergy can be manifested by skin reactions, swelling of the face or lips, itching, difficulty breathing, etc.;
  • In case of association with certain drugs (nitro derivatives): nitroglycerin for angina, donors of nitric oxide such as amyl nitrite. Vardenafil could then have the effect of modifying blood pressure;
  • If you are taking certain medicines indicated for the treatment of HIV: ritonavir, indinavir;
  • If you are over 75 and taking an antifungal treatment with ketoconazole or itraconazole;
  • In case of a liver problem or serious heart problems  ;
  • If you have had a recent heart attack or stroke (less than 6 months);
  • If you are on kidney dialysis  ;
  • In case of low blood pressure  ;
  • If you have a history of retinitis pigmentosa or another degenerative eye disease;
  • If you have ever suffered from optic nerve damage or a pathology causing loss of vision. This damage is linked to a poor blood supply as in the case of non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION);
  • If you are taking treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension (high blood pressure in the arteries), especially with riociguat , also used to treat chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CHTP). Vardenafil may indeed increase the hypotensive effects of riociguat;

General precautions before taking vardenafil 

Before taking vardenafil, always make sure to consult a sex therapist online first. Be particularly vigilant:

  • If you suffer from heart problems: sexual intercourse may in itself be contraindicated;
  • If your heartbeat is irregular (cardiac arrhythmia) or if you suffer from an inherited heart condition that affects your electrocardiogram; 
  • In case of genital malformation: Lapeyronie’s disease, sclerosis of the cavernous bodies, etc. ;
  • If you suffer from priapism (persistent erection for more than 4 hours), sickle cell disease, multiple myeloma, or leukemia  ;
  • If you suffer from a stomach ulcer (gastric or peptic ulcer);
  • In case of hemophilia or bleeding disorders  ;
  • If you are following another treatment for erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to inform your doctor;
  • If you notice any side effects such as sudden loss or decrease in vision: stop taking vardenafil immediately and consult a sex therapist online  ;

Vardenafil is also contraindicated in men under 18 years of age. 

Drugs contraindicated in combination with vardenafil 

Some drugs may be contraindicated in combination with vardenafil. In any case, tell your doctor if you have taken or are taking: 

  • Certain drugs are indicated in the treatment of angina pectoris such as nitrates or nitric oxide donors   (amyl nitrite). They can strongly alter blood pressure;
  • Procainamide, quinidine, sotalol, and amiodarone: are drugs that treat arrhythmias  ; 
  • Certain antibiotics: erythromycin, clarithromycin;
  • Certain treatments for high blood pressure and benign prostatic hyperplasia: alpha-blockers for example;

Vardenafil, food, drink, and alcohol 

It is advisable not to take vardenafil after a heavy or high-fat meal: this could delay the effect of the drug. Consuming grapefruit juice may also interfere with the usual effect of vardenafil.

On the other hand, it does not matter whether you take vardenafil with or without food (unless you have a heavy meal). Finally, drinking alcohol can also make an erection more difficult. 

Use of machines, driving of vehicles 

Vardenafil may cause dizziness or blurred vision in some people. If you experience these types of symptoms, do not drive or use dangerous machinery. 

Lately, vardenafil 20mg contains in each tablet 10mg of aspartame. Aspartame is notably a source of phenylalanine (essential amino acid). It can be dangerous in people with phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic condition. 

This disease is characterized by poor elimination of phenylalanine which consequently accumulates. 

What are the side effects of vardenafil?

Like all medicines, vardenafil can cause some side effects, which are usually rare and mild. These effects do not, therefore, affect everyone.

Sudden, partial, temporary or permanent loss or reduction of vision in one or more eyes has already been reported in certain patients. 

If this happens to you, stop taking vardenafil and consult a sex therapist online quickly. 

Very common side effects 

  • Headaches.

Common side effects 

  • Dizziness;
  • a stuffy or runny nose;
  • hot flashes  ;
  • indigestion. _

Uncommon side effects 

  • Swelling of the throat, face, lips, or skin, and mucous membranes;
  • sleep disturbances  ;
  • dizziness;
  • a vision disorder: color alteration, redness in the eyes, sensitivity to light, pain, discomfort, etc.;
  • dizziness; ringing in the ears;
  • redness of the skin;
  • muscle pain, back pain, increased levels of liver and muscle enzymes in the blood, muscle stiffness;
  • priapism: a prolonged erection lasting more than 4 hours;
  • and discomfort.

Rare side effects 

  • an allergic reaction;
  • inflammation of the eyes (conjunctivitis);
  • anxiety;
  • fainting;
  • amnesia;
  • seizures;
  • glaucoma (increased eye pressure), increased lacrimal secretions;
  • cardiovascular effects: heart rhythm disorder, heart attack, angina pectoris;
  • poor blood supply to certain parts of the brain;
  • low or high blood pressure;
  • nosebleeds;
  • skin sensitivity when exposed to the sun;
  • a painful erection  ;
  • as well as chest pain.

Very rare side effects 

  • A sudden death;
  • brain bleeding;
  • hematuria: the presence of blood in the urine;
  • haemorrhage in the penis;
  • and finally hemospermia : the presence of blood in the semen.

Composition of vardenafil

Vardenafil is the name of the active substance which is in the form of hydrochloride trihydrate. The other ingredients of vardenafil are:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose, crospovidone, colloidal anhydrous silica, aspartame (E951), titanium dioxide (E171), iron oxide red (E172), iron oxide yellow (E172), magnesium stearate.

Where to buy vardenafil? Is a prescription needed?

Vardenafil is only available on prescription. To facilitate your steps, it is now possible to be prescribed vardenafil by consulting a sexologist doctor online.

A medical diagnosis is necessary, in particular, to remove the doubt about the contraindications, and especially to seek the cause of the erectile dysfunction. You will find vardenafil in all pharmacies in the USA. 

Be careful though, buying Viagra or Cialis without a prescription, for example, is illegal. Make sure you are asked for a prescription for erectile dysfunction medications to avoid buying fraudulent products.

How to buy vardenafil online?

Consult doctors online in order to be diagnosed and to receive a possible treatment. The entire care pathway is digitized: 

  • a confidential medical questionnaire to be completed online; 
  • an appointment within 24 hours; 
  • a medical report;
  • prescription delivery if necessary, with the possibility of having a treatment delivered by online pharmacies within 48 hours if desired.

Keep in mind that the only guarantee of having reliable treatment is through medical diagnosis and prescription treatment. Buying treatments such as Vardenafil or Cialis without a prescription is prohibited.

Vardenafil: what to remember

Vardenafil is an effective and generally well-tolerated treatment for erectile dysfunction at all ages. If the conditions of use are respected and if it is prescribed by a doctor, this treatment does not involve any danger.

Side effects are infrequent and usually mild. Generally, these side effects fade naturally, the time the body becomes familiar with this new molecule.

For further information on vardenafil or other erectile dysfunction treatments, approach a sex therapist online to discuss. 


What happens with Vardenafil?

Taking Vardenafil dilates the blood vessels in the genitals. 
It does this by blocking the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5. The improved blood flow ensures a longer-lasting and stronger erection.

What is special about Vardenafil?

Vardenafil was later researched than sildenafil and can therefore act in a more targeted manner. 
The side effects are therefore fewer and the onset of action is achieved faster at 25 minutes. 
The length of treatment depends on the men seeking advice. 
Depending on how severe the problems are, the therapy can take 
individual sessions, weeks, or months.

What is the dosage of Vardenafil?

Vardenafil is offered in three different dosages:
5 mg
10 mg
20 mg

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