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When you are a woman, it is particularly difficult to have more hair than average. Especially, in our current society where it is a question of hunting for the slightest hair, using different techniques of hair removal or shaving or vaniqa! However, some women can literally have their lives wasted by the appearance of hairs in large quantities in places where normally they are not supposed to have it or very little, in the form of a down. This phenomenon is called hirsutism, which affects between 5 and 10% of women in France. It usually comes from a strong hormonal imbalance which causes them to have too many male hormones (androgens) in their blood.

But hirsutism can also be a symptom of different diseases. This concern should therefore be monitored closely, by going to a doctor to discuss it with him. Whatever the origin of the problem, in all cases, it is possible to overcome hirsutism using different methods. The application of the Vaniqa cream is one of them  ! we will see everything about this cream, opinion, test, and price vaniqa.

What is Vaniqa?

You should know that there are two different types of creams to act on the hair. First, the one that will slow down hair regrowth and the one that aims to discolor them and make them less visible. But laVaniqa creme has the advantage of being a mixture of the two. It will act on the hair follicle while making the hairs finer and reducing their speed of regrowth. This is possible thanks to the basic molecule that makes it up, namely eflornithine, which is what is called a hair growth inhibitor.

In addition, Vaniqa cream is specialized in facial hirsutism, localized in the face. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid using it on other areas of the body that may be affected by this problem of excessive hairiness such as the back, chest, or thighs. It is mainly on the hairs located above the upper lip, chin, and neck that Vaniqa will act effectively.

The other advantage of vaniqa is that it works on all types of hair, which is not the case with all treatments for hirsutism. It is also suitable for all types of skin, fair, black, or tanned …

How to get Vaniqa cream?

This cream is only available on prescription, but as it is not necessarily easy to go to a doctor and then to a pharmacy for this kind of problem, there are other solutions. Online pharmacies are the solution to avoid having to travel and pay for a consultation with your doctor. By choosing the right online pharmacy, a doctor will deliver your prescription online for free directly from the site so that you can order your cream. But be careful, you have to select a state-approved pharmacy so as not to take any risk. I have personally chosen the Treated Pharmacy.

How to apply Vaniqa cream?

vaniqa must be applied to a cleansed and dry face, twice a day, leaving an interval of at least 8 hours between the two applications. It must fully penetrate the skin. For this, it is necessary to make circular massages on the level of the zone concerned for a few moments. Then, all that remains is to rinse the face with clear water and dry it well.

Be careful, you have to wait 5 minutes to put the cream on your face if you have just waxed, just as you will also have to wait 5 minutes to be able to apply makeup to the area after application. It is also advisable to wash your face only for 4 hours after putting the vaniqa creme on it.

You only need to put on a very thin layer. The dose to apply will then depend on your weight or whether you are taking other medicines. This will be adapted by your doctor.

In case of forgetting, it is not necessary to put a double dose of cream on the face but to just resume the rhythm of the two applications per day 8 hours apart.

When to turn to Vaniqa cream?

The latter is a good complement to traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing or depilatory cream but also laser hair removal, which removes hair and allows to have smooth skin for several weeks. It can also be used in parallel with more radical but also more effective treatments such as laser hair removal which in a few sessions and a few months will completely remove all hair from the treated area!

But it can be good not to wait too long before turning to Vaniqa cream. In fact, the earlier it is taken, when the hairs appear, the more quickly it will be effective. From the age of 12, if the problem of hirsutism has already occurred (it is in fact usually at the time of puberty that it appears), it is, therefore, advisable to start treatment to eradicate the problem at the root!

vaniqa, therefore, has many advantages and is a good solution to overcome hirsutism. On its own, however, it is not efficient enough and needs to be combined with other methods aimed at treating hair regrowth and the problem of abundant hair growth. But it is a good ally in any process to make them disappear!

But what is hirsutism?

hirsutism is a recognized disease that results from hormonal imbalance. Its symptoms are the appearance of hairs in areas where there shouldn’t be. Like mustache, chin, stomach, shoulders, or thighs. For women, these hairs can have consequences on their well-being. Indeed in the case of hyperpilosity it can be difficult to feel good in your sneakers.

Take for example the hair on the legs. Do you often see women walking around with hairy legs? So imagine a woman with a beard or mustache? I don’t know any woman who would take it on. In general, to fight against hair, women remove hair. But sometimes the hair growth is above average as in the case of hirsutism.

If there are dozens of grandmother’s remedies or other creams to reduce the appearance of hair. In the case of hirsutism, shaving, waxing or discoloration are solutions without great success for my aesthetic. This is why the Vaniqa cream based on eflornithine has been developed. It is a medical solution that helps fight against facial hair in women. It is not a quick fix that will make your body hair disappear for life. But, it is very effective and allows both to reduce the number of hairs, and their size and to discolor them.

What are the results of Vaniqa cream?

This Vaniqa cream based on eflornithine acts on the hair production enzyme to reverse the tendency which allows a strong reduction in the number and size of the hairs. Vaniqa helps reduce unwanted facial hair. It, therefore, acts by modifying an enzyme in the follicle which allows the growth of hair or hair. It reduces the growth of hair on the face. According to some studies in 80% of cases, its users are satisfied. Results are usually seen after 4 to 8 weeks of treatment. If you have no results after 2 months of application, we advise you to talk to your doctor.

The dosage of Vaniqa cream:

The usual dose of your vaniqa creme is a thin layer to apply to the parts of the face or chin to be treated. Then, do not wash for about 4 hours minimum. This thin layer of Vaniqa cream should be applied twice a day for a space of 8 hours.

I forgot to apply my cream:

If you forgot to put on your cream and it’s too late to do it now so that you can do it again normally during the next application, then do nothing. Just wait until the time you should have applied your cream the next time. Above all, do not double the dose the next time, and, do not use any external medication as a supplement or compensation.

Which medicine can affect my Vaniqa cream:

There are normally no medicines that can conflict with your Vaniqa cream. But, we invite you, all the same, to inform your supplier of the treatments or medications that you are currently taking.

Processing time and information:

This cream does not have an instant effect, it takes between four and eight weeks of treatment to see the first results. It should be applied twice a day with an interval greater than 8 hours. The results will vary from person to person.

This cream is only available by prescription and is approved by the FDA. It allows the reduction in the rate of hair growth when it is applied over a fairly long period. This cream does not permanently remove all hair or facial hair. It can be used in combination with an already used hair removal technique.

Precautions for use:

First of all, Vaniqa cream is not a miracle product! You will therefore need to be patient before you see its beneficial effects. These will be visible after 4 to 8 weeks depending on the women. On the other hand, if no improvement is noted after 4 months, it is then preferable to stop the treatment to turn to another.

Then, Vaniqa cream should not be administered to young girls under 12 years old. Likewise, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their child should not use it.

Be careful, although very rare, some side effects can be experienced such as skin irritation, acne, eczema, dry skin, or redness. They are very infrequent but if these effects were to occur and persist, it is imperative to consult your doctor to change treatment and take a more appropriate to his physiology.

Finally, it is necessary to store the tube well at room temperature, in its original packaging. Make sure to close the tube well after use. The latter, after opening, must be used within 6 months.

Understanding hirsutism:

Many parts of the body are covered with hair. These are ultra-sensitive to so-called androgenic hormones. With an increase in the number of androgenic hormones, the hairs grow faster. This is what causes puberty in teens.

In the event of hirsutism, there will therefore be an increase in hair growth on parts of the body where there should not or may be hair. We do not know the origins of this disease but we must therefore act quickly to avoid suffering from it. Because, if there is no physical suffering, a feeling of shame or a disturbance of the image of oneself can be caused. There are treatments with drugs, hair removal, and creams. But, Vaniqa cream based on Eflornithine is often the right solution.


Eflorithin is known as Vaniqa and other medicines. It is a molecule that helps fight against hair growth or sleep diseases. Eflornithine was developed in 1970 but it was not until 20 years later that we started to use it as a medicine. It is on the World Health Organization’s list of drugs.

What are hairs?

It was a year or our ancestors were quite simply covered with hair, in particular, to protect themselves from the cold. Today our body remains naturally covered with hair. They are smaller, thinner, and sometimes barely visible. But, there are many areas of the body where there is no hair like the lips or the palms of the hands. Each has hairiness which depends on its genetic heredity but also on the location of the hair. For example, a hair is a hair may measure several tens of cm while on the leg the hair will not exceed a few centimeters.

The women are also hairy contrary to what one can hear. It is often during puberty that the hairs appear. It is a sign of sexual maturity. The hairs are bulbs just under the skin. This bulb is directly nourished by blood vessels presenting a muscle that allows the hair to stand upwards. It is this same muscle that causes goosebumps.

What you need to know about body hair:

Hair grows everywhere and almost everyone has a lot of pubic hair. Indeed, some studies show that almost all people have shaved their pubic area. It seems that our hair can hide traces of gold, but, nothing to get rich. Every day we lose dozens and dozens of hairs.

The hair is not for nothing, it helps regulate your body temperature. Yes yes, it is able to heat or cool your indoor temperature. Each hair has a muscle, so we are all very muscular. Hair has a much shorter lifespan than hair.

Eflornithine is the drug substance used in creams used to treat hirsutism problems. It is found in particular in Vaniqa cream, the most famous of them against excessive hair growth in women. Here is a brief overview of things to know about this substance, which is particularly effective against it.

How do I get eflornithine?

Eflornithine ( Vaniqa cream ) can be found in online pharmacies such as I have also uploaded a video to understand where and how to buy this Vaniqa cream here. If you have a hirsutism problem, you should therefore go to the site, and fill out a questionnaire asking you about your habits, your lifestyle as well as your family history, and recent illnesses. The latter must also be well informed of the taking of any other prescription or nonprescription medication as well as of any herbal remedy. Then, after giving your shipping and payment information, your order will be confirmed within 24 hours if the doctor who will read your questionnaire approves your request.

Indeed, some of them may be incompatible with taking eflornithine, while others are anabolic and have marked androgenic effects which may therefore explain the sudden onset of hirsutism. Your doctor will also give you advice on your lifestyle on this occasion. Taking eflornithine, therefore, requires you to be careful with alcohol, caffeine, or even nicotine!

Hirsutism: a typical female problem

Also known as hyperpilosity, hirsutism is the problem of women with dark hair and in large numbers in places where it should not normally be. The latter will then develop significant hair growth in areas such as the top of the upper lips (mustache), chin, neck, thorax, and back… in places where it is men who normally have hair in quantity.

Hirsutism should not be confused with hypertrichosis, which consists of simple significant hair growth in places where women already commonly have hair. Hirsutism is much more disabling since it appears in places where women are not supposed to have hair, except in the form of light down!

Hirsutism is also not to be taken lightly, which can be a symptom of serious illnesses. Indeed, if this hairiness problem is generally due to a strong hormonal imbalance, leading to an excessive presence of male or androgenic hormones in the blood of women, it can also be the warning sign of Stein-Leventhal syndrome or de Cushing, a problem with the ovaries or be related to a certain overweight. Taking certain medications or having a family history can also explain the appearance of all these annoying hairs! The same goes for menopause, which is a time in a woman’s life when her hormones are disturbed …

What is eflornithine? How does it work?

It is an active substance that we will find in several creams such as Vaniqa and which is used in the management of female facial hirsutism. Indeed, serving to irreversibly and radically inhibit ornithine decarboxylase, the enzyme at the origin of the active production of hair by the hair follicle, eflornithine will act on hair regrowth and on their color. It is part of the class of drugs that are suddenly called hair growth inhibitors and which are very useful in cases of localized hirsutism in the face. Eflornithine will indeed slow down hair growth located at the level of the upper lip of the woman, her chin, or her neck while acting on the production process of the hair shaft. It will also make them thinner and less visible in a few weeks.

What form does eflornithine take?

This drug substance is mainly the basic component of Vaniqa cream. It then takes the form of a white to whitish cream, completely odorless. Vaniqa cream is sold in a 60g tube, for a treatment of 2 to 6 months.

The benefits of eflornithine

The latter has two major advantages:

-It is first of all a two in one product since the substance allows both to act on the growth of the hairs and on their coloring. It thus combines active cream against hair regrowth and bleaching cream. A doubly effective treatment!

-In addition, eflornithine has the advantage of acting on all types of hair and all types of skin, without any restriction, which is not the case with many other products or drugs which in general rather act on specific types of hair (fine, dark…).

How do you take eflornithine?

The latter is presented as we said in the form of cream. It should be applied twice a day, spacing the two applications at least 8 hours. You should only put a layer of cream on the face, knowing that the dosage will then depend on your needs, your weight, or the taking of other drugs. Your doctor will tell you how much cream to apply to your face per day.

Be careful, eflornithine-based creams such as Vaniqa cream are only compatible with the face and should therefore not be used on other areas marked by strong hairiness such as the back, stomach, or thighs.

To make the cream penetrate well afterward, it is recommended to make circular massages for several minutes during each application on clean, dry skin and to be careful not to apply it too close to the nose or eyes. Once the cream is well penetrated, all that remains is to rinse the face and wipe it off carefully. It is also recommended to wait several minutes if you have waxed (regardless of the technique used) before putting the cream on your face. Likewise, you must wait 5 minutes after each application to apply makeup, in order to avoid any allergic reaction or irritation.

If you happen to forget to put on your eflornithine cream, don’t worry! This is not serious and does not require you to put more cream on the next application. Care must be taken to respect the prescribed dose for each of them.

Processing time required

Eflornithine is not a miracle product and therefore needs to be taken for several consecutive months. Its effects will not be visible right away. It is generally estimated that 4 to 8 weeks are necessary for the first to appear. It is therefore a question of being patient! On the other hand, if at the end of 4 months, no improvement is observed, it is necessary to consider in this case to return to see the doctor so that he prescribes another treatment more adapted to each patient in particular.

It is also possible that when you stop taking eflornithine, the hair will reappear. The effect of the substance is indeed not final in some cases. Here again, you should consult your doctor to see the procedure to follow!

Possible (albeit rare) side effects

Eflornithine creams like Vaniqa cream can sometimes cause some side effects. But these are infrequent since on average they only concern 1% of women who have already tested this type of treatment. However, just in case, here is a list of the main side effects already observed following the application of eflornithine: acne, itching, red or dry skin, skin irritation, burning or prolonged tingling sensation … If any of these symptoms arise, they are a sign that the treatment is not a priori the most suitable and that it will have to be changed. However, it is better to wait a few days to see if they persist.. They are perhaps simply a sign that the product is working at the beginning and that the skin has to get used to it …

Some usage restrictions

Eflornithine is not recommended for young girls who are too young, who are under 12 years old. On the other hand, creams based on this substance can then be taken from this age to counteract the problems of strong hair as soon as possible. You should not wait too long before treating hirsutism either, otherwise, the problem will take on greater proportions!

Furthermore, eflornithine should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women either. The substance can indeed pass into the blood and have negative effects on the development of the fetus. So especially not to put in case of pregnancy!

Your doctor will also make sure to consider possible allergies to the substance and monitor this closely.

Eflornithine, a parallel solution

Eflornithine should not be used alone. It is a good complement to other techniques to eliminate its important hairiness. It is therefore recommended to use both aesthetic and other medical methods to overcome it.

On the aesthetic level, the best ways to attack the hair are the depilatory cream and especially the wax, which allows to tear it out at the root, which guarantees a slower regrowth, after 2-3 weeks. To be avoided, of course, the razor which in turn pushes back harder and thicker hairs and in addition very quickly! It is therefore counterproductive!

Other techniques such as electric hair removal or laser hair removal are also possible and their effects are much more lasting or even final since they are supposed to completely tear the bulb from the hair!

Medically, it is recommended not to take only eflornithine but to combine it with the taking of other anti-androgen drugs, aimed at limiting the number of male hormones present in the blood of the woman. , or with that of an estrogen-progestogen pill (such as Diane or Yasmine), which helps to fight the hormonal imbalance often at the origin of hirsutism.

Find out from your doctor about the best methods to adopt.

Eflornithine, is also a drug against sleeping sickness!

Eflornithine has other advantages than its effectiveness against hirsutism since it can also be used as a treatment against sleeping sickness of African origin, which can be fatal. In this case, the substance even turns out to be a miracle product since it was used to magically get some patients out of a coma! Bristol-Myers Squibb laboratories (BMS), which market Vaniqa cream, have thus started to manufacture ampoules of DFMO, based on eflornithine, to send them en masse to African countries affected by this serious disease. Intravenous cures are also possible for the heaviest cases.

Eflornithine is therefore a substance of international renown, whose advantages are considerable and which can prove to be especially damn effective in the case of treatment of installed hirsutism. Taken following the advice of a doctor, in addition to other hair removal methods or other medications, it can allow you to limit the appearance of your future hair in a few weeks. A product that can therefore change the lives of all women with overweight and who no longer know what to do to get rid of it! The faster it will be taken when the hairs appear, the more effective it will be!

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