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When buying Valif 20mg on the internet, make sure that you are asked to answer several questions in the form of a reliable health form and that your order is checked by a qualified doctor.

Valif 20mg sexual enhancer tablets contain, like Levitra, the active ingredient vardenafil, a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that helps men with erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) to achieve a good and long-lasting erection. Valif 20 is Generic Levitra, but much cheaper to order than Levitra.

About Valif

Valif (Vardenafil) is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men, which is the inability to achieve or maintain a hard erect penis suitable for sexual activity due to insufficient blood flow to the penis. Valif (Vardenafil) relaxes the blood vessels in the penis, increasing blood flow and causing an erection, which is the natural response to sexual stimulation.

Valif (Vardenafil) is not an aphrodisiac and stimulation is required to develop an erection.

To get the best possible treatment, please read the following carefully.

The indicated recommended dose of Valif (Vardenafil) within 24 hours is 20 mg (1 tablet). The effective treatment time is 4 hours. Always take this medicine with a large glass of water.

You should only take a Valif (Vardenafil) if you intend to have sex – it is not intended as a regular medication.

Valif (vardenafil) can lower blood pressure, and combining it with alcohol (ethanol) can increase this effect. You may be more likely to experience symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, flushing, headache, and palpitations. You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with Valif (Vardenafil) and use caution when getting up from a sitting or lying position. It’s important to tell your doctor about all other medications you’re taking, including vitamins and herbs. Don’t stop using any medications without first talking to your doctor.

Grapefruit juice can increase blood levels and the effects of certain medications, such as Valif (Vardenafil). You may wish to limit your consumption of grapefruit and grapefruit juice during treatment with Valif (vardenafil). However, if you have been consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice with Valif (Vardenafil) on a regular basis, do not alter the amount of these products in your diet without first checking with your doctor or other health care professional. Contact your doctor if your condition changes or you notice increased side effects. Orange juice is not expected to interact.

How it works

Valif contains vardenafil, which acts on the erectile tissues of the penis to increase blood flow and cause an erection. During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released in the erectile tissue of the penis, which activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase.

Valif contains vardenafil, a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor used to treat male erectile dysfunction (impotence). During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released in the erectile tissue of the penis (corpus cavernosum) and activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase. This increases levels of a chemical called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which relaxes blood vessels in the penis, allowing blood to fill the spongy erectile tissues to cause an erection. Another enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) breaks down cGMP, preventing blood flow to the penis, and causing loss of an erection. When taken prior to planned sexual activity, Valif (vardenafil) inhibits PDE5,


Valif (Vardenafil) is not for everyone. Patients being treated for the following conditions; any other treatment should consult their doctor before taking Valif (Vardenafil).

  • Heart and cardiovascular disease including aortic stenosis, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis, and generalized ventricular outflow obstruction
  • Stroke, myocardial infarction (heart attack), or severe arrhythmia
  • Heart failure or coronary artery disease causing unstable angina
  • Blood pressure related disorders including hypertension and hypotension and patients with severely impaired autonomic blood pressure control
  • Resting hypotension (low blood pressure) of (BP <90/50)
  • Resting hypertension (high blood pressure) of (BP > 170/110)
  • Retinitis pigmentosa (genetic disease of the retina)
  • Sickle cell or other related anemias
  • HIV (especially when treated with protease inhibitors)
  • organ donor recipient

Side effects

Along with its promised effects, Valif (Vardenafil) can still cause some unwanted effects. Although not all side effects are bound to happen, you may need medical attention if they do occur.

Commonly reported side effects of Valif (vardenafil) include: dyspepsia, headache, blurred vision, and flushing. Other side effects include epistaxis, insomnia, nasal congestion, and rhinitis. Below is a comprehensive list of side effects.

Common side effects

These common side effects are associated with dehydration and are usually reduced by increasing hydration levels.

  • Facial flushing or flushing
  • headache
  • Stuffy nose
  • dryness in the eyes
  • Slight nausea

Less common side effects

The following side effects of Valif (Vardenafil) do not usually require medical attention if they occur. These side effects are not dangerous and usually decrease as your body adjusts to the medicine. Patients affected by these side effects generally do not need to stop taking Valif (Vardenafil).

Your doctor may also be able to give you tips on how to prevent or reduce some of these side effects. Check with your doctor if any of the following side effects persist or are bothersome, or if you have any questions about them:

  • Tree pain or pain in the muscles
  • Diarrhea
  • Heavy or labored breathing
  • hot flash
  • sensitivity to light
  • Pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones
  • reddening of the skin
  • Slightly blurred vision
  • Slight blueness insight
  • Sneeze
  • sleep disorders
  • Stomach discomfort after meals
  • Unusually warm skin

Serious side effects (rare)

Although serious side effects are rare, if you notice any of the following serious side effects, stop taking Valif (vardenafil) and seek emergency medical attention immediately.

  • chest tightness or heaviness
  • erection lasting more than 4 hours (priapism)
  • fainting
  • Severe decline or loss of vision
  • Vomit


Patients taking the following types of medicines should not take Valif (Vardenafil):

  • Drugs that cause a serious reaction with vardenafil – nitrate drugs like nitroglycerin for angina pectoris, alpha-blockers like terazosin or doxazosin for benign prostatic hyperplasia, verapamil or diltiazem (for high blood pressure)
  • Drugs that affect Valif (vardenafil): cimetidine to treat ulcers, antibiotics such as erythromycin and rifampicin, itraconazole or ketoconazole (for fungal infections), ritonavir or indinavir (for HIV)
  • Drugs affected by Valif (vardenafil) such as doxazosin for benign prostatic hyperplasia


Do not take more than one dose of Valif (Vardenafil) per day.

Do not consume grapefruit or grapefruit products while taking Valif (Vardenafil).

Always talk to your doctor before taking any type of erectile dysfunction medication. Some erectile dysfunction medications are not suitable for men with certain medical conditions and your doctor can recommend an alternative.

Contact your doctor right away if you experience dizziness, nausea, or develop pain, numbness, or tingling in your chest, arms, neck, or jaw during sexual activity.

Do not take Valif (vardenafil) if you are taking nitrate drugs (such as nitroglycerin or isosorbide dinitrate/mononitrate) for chest pain or heart problems. Do not take Valif (Vardenafil) with recreational drugs such as “Poppers”. Taking these substances together can cause a sudden and dangerous drop in blood pressure.

Always buy your medication from a reputable supplier as there are many counterfeit products on the market.

Certain lifestyle and psychological factors such as smoking, drinking, and stress can affect erectile dysfunction. Eliminating things like staying active, losing weight if you’re overweight, reducing alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and reducing stress can also help improve erectile dysfunction.

Never take other erectile dysfunction medicines together with Valif (Vardenafil).

If you experience an allergic reaction, sudden vision loss, or painful erections that last more than four hours, seek immediate medical attention.

Drinking alcohol after taking Valif (vardenafil) can lower blood pressure and reduce sexual performance.

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