The truth and the myths about the aging

The truth and the myths about the aging

The first unpleasant age variations in the human body appear at 30-35 years or even earlier. Forewarned is forearmed. And our article about the aging problems is nothing but the warning.

It is impossible to slow down the aging.

The myth. In order to prevent the signs of aging to appear on your face you do not need the surgeon nor the common neither the plastic one. It is quite simple – spend less time in the sunlight (the sun rays are the cause of 80% of the wrinkles on the face), it is also advised to refuse of the tobacco and decrease the number of everyday stresses – this will lessen the quantity of the free radicals in the blood.

And the glass of red wine everyday provides positive effect onto your heart condition. The wine contains certain material called resveratrol that increases the life period (this was revealed within the experiment of Pisa Institute of Neurobiology scientists).

We grow down while aging.

The truth. According to the osteopath Gawin Berth the skeleton reaches its maximum height by 30 years and then the long and slowly process of contraction starts. For instance by the 70 years your body may decrease by 5-10 cm. The reasons may include the age-specific “flash” of the spine (due to long years of the burdens and decrease of the liquid within the intervertebral disks) and decrease of the bones density. The diet, that contain lots of calcium and Vitamin D as well as regular exercises (mostly implying the heaviness lifting) will strengthen the bone tissue and save your common height.

There is no life after the 80.

The Myth. According to the scientists the average lifetime may easily equals to 120 years. But the person would need in genetic therapy, cosmetic surgery and interchange of certain parts of the body already worn out. There are more optimistic forecasts as well. The gerontologist from Cambridge – Aubrey D’Grey states that there is already the person that would be provided by the swiftly developing medicine to live 1000 years.

The loss of teeth is inevitable.

The Myth. Teeth may change its color or get discolored at all and the chewing surface may get worn out. But the number of teeth in the mouth is possible to be saved. The general cause of the teeth loss is the gum illnesses and everyone can control his own gums with common teeth clean and visits to the dentist.

In the end of the life you will be good-for-nothing.

The Myth. Aging is the wear of the body and the body is under various burdens in any age at all. The aggressive environment, wounds, illnesses, viruses, free radicals in foods and in the air – all of this try to harm us to the max.

And your body is to be cared of. Fundamentally it is important to decrease the use of the fried foods and totally refuse of the burned foods (as they contain maximal number of the harmful free radicals).

Women ages earlier than the men.

The truth. The male skin is 16% thicker than the female one; it is fattier and is ages more slowly. The female skin is getting covered with the wrinkles faster as it contains less collagen. This albumen will worker for your skin in case you will eat less sweets and chocolate especially.

The stress will kill you.

The truth. The stress initially harms the ability of the body to resist the aggressive impact of the environment that considerable enhances the aging process. These are the words by Sarah Harper of the Oxford Aging Institute. The high level of the stress decreases the cells lifetime and thus affects the gene bundles inside it.

Your hair may go grey through the night.

The myth. It is impossible to get up, look into the mirror and see yourself looking like Lesley Nielsen. It is impossible even you have been in car accident, at the earthquake and corporative party serially. Sally-Ann Tarver – the vice-president of Trichological Association says that “The hair is going grey with time due to shortening of pigments reproduction in our body, but this is gradual and slow process”.

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