The Top Five Solutions For Hair Loss

The Top Five Solutions For Hair Loss

The causes of hair growth can be numerous and, regardless of how they work, the best hair growth treatments are those which help hair to grow, keep existing hair in place and help to ensure that your hair is strong and robust at all times. Some products claim overnight success, but the ones that work the best are the ones that gradually and continually protect your hair.

These hair growth products are all available now to treat the symptoms of hair loss.


A natural solution that is more vitamin-based than other hair growth solutions, Provillus is a popular choice for men suffering from androgenic alopecia caused by too much DHT in the follicles where hair should grow. This tablet can be ordered without a prescription, is largely free from side effects thanks to its natural contents and helps the body to organically grow new hair. In addition, Provillus offers nutrients to the scalp that will help to ensure that the hair that growth is of the highest quality.


Sephren is unique amongst hair growth products in that it is expressly designed for use in women who are suffering from hair loss. Almost half of all women will experience some amount of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 40, and there are precious few treatments that treat this common problem. Sephren promotes circulation in the scalp, whilst cleansing the scalp to encourage increased hair growth.


Propecia is a reliable tablet treatment for male pattern hair loss that is clinically proven to yield better results than many competing baldness products. Whilst the increased effectiveness can in some instances come with mild side effects, men worldwide are often happy to accept these for the boost in confidence that increased hair growth offers them. However, Propecia is specifically designed for male pattern hair loss and is not suitable for use in female pattern sufferers. Like all hair loss treatments (except for surgery), the hair gain with Propecia depends on its continuing use.


Marketed as a comprehensive hair recovery system for men, Profollica comes in the form of two distinct hair growth products that work together to increase the growth of hair and also the quality and strength of this new growth. The first product is a shampoo that cleanses the scalp and strengthens the hair on the head with daily use. To complement this, the Profollica system also includes a tablet medication that works to control the production of DHT in the body and, as a result, decrease the likelihood of blocked hair follicles.

Regrow Plus

The vast majority of treatments for hair loss are delivered in the form of a tablet for oral use, but Regrow Plus is a substance that can be mixed with water or juice and taken as a drink. This substance is more natural than other competing products and is consisted of herbal remedies including rosemary, oats and yarrow. These substances improve circulation to the scalp, but offer varying levels of impact upon the ability to grow new hair. The results of Regrow Plus are less concrete than those of other solutions, but this treatment is ideal for people seeking a herbal remedy for their problem and can also be combined with a herbal oil to be applied directly to the affected areas.

Find The Hair Growth Products That Are Right For You

Although it is true to say that hair loss is a remarkably common ailment, the causes of hair loss will determine which hair solution is the right one to help you. If you need any advice on choosing hair growth products that work, speak to a medical professional.

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