Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening

The article below will let you know various interesting and quite important details about such popular and still not quite clear procedure in our days as teeth whitening at home. Some people say it is perfect way to get back the snow-white smile and the others suppose it is to be quite dangerous. So what is real? Let’s find it out!

Beautiful and pearly-white teeth are something many people are dreaming of. A whole range of various methods in the stomatology of our days are created to obtain this dream. They provide painless (even no anaesthesia is required) and harmless for the teeth enamel way to get the effect needed. Let’s consider one of these methods – teeth whitening at home.

By the way the idea of the whitening at home doesn’t imply that there is no need to visit your dentist at all. Vice versa, the whole procedure is closely monitored by the dentist until the end. The patient is only enabled to follow the prescriptions at home in the time that is most comfortable.

So, what is the core of this method?

First of all dentist is to evaluate the general teeth condition, define the reasons that affected teeth enamel negatively. Then the dentist is able to prescribe the most useful method of teeth whitening for this certain patient.

The next step the mould of the patient jaw is being manufactured. It will be the sample for the plastic teeth “case” – gum shield. Then this gum shield should be tried on. It should fit teeth quite closely and still don’t cover the gum furthermore a sufficient space for the gel should remain in it.

What is the whitening gel?

It contains 10% carbamide peroxide (higher density of the material may be quite dangerous), glycerin, water and flavouring agents. This gel is commonly sol in small bottles. You should follow your dentist recommendations when choosing and using the gel in order not to harm your teeth.

How the teeth whitening works?

The gum shield cavity from the outside (the whitened side of the teeth) is filled with the whitening gel and the gum shield is put on the teeth after this. The gel excesses may cause the irritation of the soft gum tissues thus it should be removed with the tooth brush or tampon.

It is possible to wear the gum shield throughout the day as well as the night. Many patients prefers the nighttime as the gum shield may interfere your common life style in the daytime: it is not so easy to speak with the gum shield on and despite the fact it is made of the transparent material some patients are still embarrassed of wearing it.

It advised to wear gum shield at least 4 hours daily to obtain the effect required. But the whole whitening period depends up to many reasons. 6 weeks are quite sufficient in average, but in case you experience the deep change of the teeth enamel color (due to smoking, certain diseases and other reasons) then you may need up to 3 months to get the effect wanted.

The period of time for which the effect of the home whitening will last is up to many circumstances. Some patients need only one whitening procedure to get the effect required and perfect smile and the others will have to repeat the procedure from time to time. In average the effect lasts up to 3 years and than teeth start to darken again.

When you should consider the possibility of the teeth whitening at home?

The answer is – in case your teeth became unaesthetically beautiful due to your age, excessive smoking or drinking liquids containing active color agents (tea, coffee, cola), drug use and other reasons as well as if you are going to have teeth prosthetics. For instance antibiotics of the tetracycline group may remain on the teeth in case of long-term use especially in the child years and cause the change of the teeth enamel color from white to dark-yellow one. It is almost ineffective to whiten such teeth.

What are the contraindications?

It is not recommended to whiten teeth for those:

  • below the 20 years of the age;
  • that are in pregnancy or breast-feeding period;
  • experiencing allergy reactions to whitening materials or the gum shield;
  • having highly-sensitive teeth;
  • experiencing tooth decay caused by the caries or having tooth fillings.

What is the cost of this procedure? The approximate cost of the teeth whitening at home starts from the point of $130 for the one teeth arc (as sometimes those wishing to spare money whiten only the upper teeth). Still the cost is always individual one and you may ask your dentist about it at your visit. In the average it is about $200.

The stomatology is not omnipotent of course still it possesses many means to make your dreams about snow-white smile come true. Here we have considered on of these means – the teeth whitening at home. It is quite simple and popular way to obtain perfect color to your teeth.

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