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Tadapox is a powerful preparation for the treatment of sexual disorders in men. The drug is used for the treatment of premature ejaculation and premature erectile dysfunction and contains two active ingredients, Tadalafil and Dapoxetine. This sexual enhancer is sold in the online pharmacy.

In Tadapox, the positive properties of Cialis and Priligy Dapoxetine are harmoniously combined. It helps to achieve an erection for a long time and increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

What is Tadapox?

Premature ejaculation also develops in 5-7% of men with erectile dysfunction. Standard sexual enhancers help to achieve an erection, but do not affect the duration of sexual intercourse. To immediately overcome two disorders, you need to use Tadapox.

The preparation contains all the necessary components to restore the normal functioning of the reproductive system:

  • Tadalafil improves blood flow to the pelvic organs and causes erection.
  • Dapoxetine is very sensitive to the work of the nervous system, so you can delay orgasm.
  • Magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, calcium phosphate and microcrystalline cellulose are auxiliary components that contribute to the rapid absorption of the main active ingredients.

The unique properties of Tadapox are very much appreciated by doctors in Germany. The men who come to the hospital with complaints of early ejaculation and weak erections choose this drug.

Indications for use

Tadapox is effective against the most common erectile dysfunction:

  • Delayed response to sexual arousal;
  • Inability to hold back an orgasm for more than 3 minutes;
  • Flaccid penis during intercourse;
  • Impotence;
  • Ejaculation, which occurs before the penis is inserted into the vagina;
  • Inadequate erection for penis insertion into vagina.

The drug gives temporary effect. Upon completion of its exposure, the symptoms of the disorder return. The men who want to have active sexual relationships have to buy Tadapox regularly in Germany.

Tip: You can take Tadapox even if you have erectile dysfunction – erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. In this case, a quick recovery of the erection or an increase in its duration is a nice bonus that will help you experience new sensations.

Application and dosage of Tadapox

One Tadapox tablet contains 20 mg Tadalafil and 60 mg Dapoxetine. The high dosage of the active ingredients makes the drug more effective, but it can cause side effects. In order to avoid the side effects and not endanger your health, there are a few restrictions you need to be aware of:

  • You cannot take a tablet more than once every 48 hours.
  • Do not combine Tadapox with grapefruit and grapefruit juice. The enzymes contained in citrus fruits react with active ingredients, which can have a negative impact on well-being.
  • Do not use sexual enhancers during dehydration. After exercising or taking a sauna, you need to restore the body’s water balance and only then take a pill.
  • The preparation is also incompatible with other synthetic drugs that affect the sexual tone of the organism. These are beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, preparations containing the nitrates, oral hypoglycemic agents, erythromycin and cimetidine.

Tadapox is unsafe to use for people with severe cardiovascular disease, acute hepatic insufficiency, and deformity of the penis. Allergy to tadalafil or dapoxetine is also on the list of contraindications.

Tadapox is one of the safest sexual enhancers in Germany. If the instructions are followed, prolonged use of the preparation will not cause harm to health.

How does Tadapox work?

The components of the drug have a complex effect on the organism:

  • Tadalafil inhibits phosphodiesterase-5 and accelerates the breakdown of nitric oxide. The preparation dilates the blood vessels and supplies the penis with blood during sexual arousal.
  • Dapoxetine partially blocks the reuptake of serotonin. This slows down the exchange of nerve impulses between the erogenous zones and the brain. The preparation helps to control orgasm without affecting the man’s sensations.

The high effectiveness of the preparation has been confirmed several times by clinical research. Ordering Tadapox in Germany helps improve sex in 75-80% of cases.

Tip: The effect lasts 12 hours after taking the drug. Then dapoxetine stops working and the premature ejaculation problem returns. When planning the evening, take into account the duration of action of Tadapox active ingredients.

Side effects of Tadapox

In 10-11% of cases, Tadapox causes a negative reaction. The list of disorders that can arise after taking the pill includes:

  • Headache;
  • Dizziness;
  • Stuffy nose;
  • Flush;
  • Indigestion;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Muscle and back pain;
  • Fatigue, apathy;
  • Visual disturbances.

Symptomatic treatment will help deal with the side effects. If you experience serious side effects on a regular basis, contact your doctor.

Side effects such as priapism are very rare. This is a serious side effect and is only seen in 0.01% of cases. The condition damages small vessels and can cause penile deformation.

Can women take Tadapox?

It is strictly forbidden to take the preparation:

  • Women, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Minors.

Tadapox is not dangerous for the adult male organism.

Can I drive a car after taking Tadapox?

The drug can cause side effects that affect the speed of reaction. If you get any side effects, don’t drive. Wait for the discomfort to subside or use symptomatic treatment.

If Tadapox does not cause side effects, driving is not prohibited.

Tadapox and alcohol

Alcohol reduces the effectiveness of Dapoxetine. In addition, the combination of the drug with strong drinks can cause fainting and acute poisoning. Therefore, taking Tadapox and alcohol at the same time is not recommended.

In which cases does Tadapox not work?

The result of taking Tadapox can be disappointing for several reasons:

  • Incorrect storage. Exposure to the ultraviolet and moisture will reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
  • Insensitivity to Tadalafil or Dapoxetine. The lack of response to both active components is extremely rare.
  • Expiry Date.

About 80% of men who take the drug regularly managed to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Try to buy Tadapox and make sex life exciting.

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