What is Tabex

Smoking is prevalent in the UK with millions of people considered regular smokers and with many thousands more smoking socially and passively. Although there are many health warnings regarding the harmful effect of smoking in the long term, many find it difficult to stop because of nicotine addiction. There have been many treatments – such as NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) patches, NRT gums, substitutes (such as shisha) and prescription stop smoking treatments – touted as stop-smoking aids to help people quit for good. With so many differing methods out there, how do you decide which is the most effective and which is the safest and most suitable for you?

What is Tabex?

A popular smoking cessation treatment currently available in Eastern Europe is called Tabex (cytisine). Its active ingredient cytisine works in a very similar way to tobacco, and was used as a substitute during the Second World War, it is actually often referred to as the ‘fake tobacco’. This treatment acts on the same receptors as nicotine, fooling the brain into thinking that it has received the chemical. Using it is said to help to gradually reduce the mental and physical dependency on nicotine, leading to a complete stop. As a slight agonist of nicotine, cytisine causes similar side effects to that of NRT or Champix (varenicline).

Is Tabex Safe to use?

Made by a Bulgarian company, Tabex (cystisine) tablets usually contain 1.5mg of the active ingredient and the manufacturers claim that they are safe. Unfortunately, due to the lack of extensive research and studies carried out on the treatment, it is not possible to confirm these claims with certainty. Certain studies were carried out in Eastern Europe during the 1960s and 1970s that suggested that the treatment was generally well received by patients, although there were side effects like weight gain, heartburn, diarrhoea, bowel problems, and headaches. British doctors have not yet deemed the product safe for public use as no tests have carried out so far have been in accordance with present governing rules regarding the quality of the clinical trials carried out. The MHRA (Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency) say they haven’t received any application for Tabex (cytisine) to be licensed and made available for prescriptive use. They have also called for the thorough testing of the treatment to ensure that it is safe to use, and that the benefits of using this treatment outweigh its risks.

Buy Champix or Tabex online?

Champix (varenicline) is currently the only stop-smoking medication available to be sold as a prescription according to MHRA guidelines. So how do you know which medication would be the best course to help you stop smoking for good? People looking to buy Tabex online may be left disappointed if the results are not what they expected; it’s efficacy is still under dispute and until the medical governing bodies feel that it is safe as a medical treatment across Europe then it would be wise not to buy Tabex at all. Champix on the other hand is available as a proven alternative, and can be bought online safely here in the UK.

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