How to Get Stronger Erection Without ED Medication!

How to Get Stronger Erection Without ED Medication

It isn’t just about psychological or physical stimulation that a man experiences an erection.  It is a lot about how your heart pumps the blood, how the hormones in your body change, related diseases, the response of your erectile tissues to the signals of the brain, and above all the syncing of all these actions perfectly. It’s a complicated process! And you need not always go into the science of it to be able to cure your problems of erectile dysfunction.

Impotency or erectile dysfunction is when due to some of the other changes in the body, a man isn’t able to get or keep an erection for satisfying sexual intercourse. Doctors recommend medicines for ed which helps get an erection in 30 minutes for a satisfying sexual life. But if you aren’t the one who would want to depend on medicines, here is how to get stronger erections without ED medication.

Regular exercises

Physical activity is essential to keep your body healthy. Exercise helps in burning out the fat in the body, pumping the blood faster, flushing out the toxins, releasing the tension, and giving the body the strength and agility it needs. Regular exercise helps lower a number of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cholesterol levels, hypertension, and more. And with regular exercise one is able to bring their body to perform optimally.

Morning wood is an indicator of how healthy and active you are! Regular exercises, good sleep, and a better diet can help in better morning erections!

You don’t need to work hours and hours into the gym to get healthy with exercises. Subtle changes like taking the stairs, walking a mile, or even activities like dancing, running, jogging, aerobics or swimming can be great for keeping the body fit. It all helps the body to create a healthy response to stimulations. Regular exercises help one get frequent and stronger erections for an uplifted sex life!

Maintaining a healthy diet

A healthy exercise routine isn’t going to change your health unless it is backed by a suitably planned diet. Eating the right kind of food alters our body for good.

It’s known that men who eat red meat, more carbs, processed food, and sugar are more prone to erectile dysfunction than those who don’t!

And so cutting out on excessive carbs, processed food, sugar, and caffeine is essential. Add more natural and organic products to your diet like fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, etc to watch your body transform. A healthy diet changes the body glycemic index to experience better erections. A good diet takes care of all the nutrition and cuts down on the risk of serious health related diseases. It helps keep health a priority by improving body functioning and vitality. And when you body is performing to its optimum, erections are stronger and long lasting too!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t a treatment for erectile dysfunction. But it passively helps treat a variety of health issues which can possibly be a reason for your dying or soft erections. ACV is fermented apple vinegar that is used in a lot of fruit salads and vegetables. It is helpful in reducing blood pressure, controlling sugar levels, flushing out the toxins from the body, and maintaining a healthy heart. The controlling of the body ailments helps improve the blood flow and functioning of the body to experience healthy erections. Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water daily helps burn excessive fat and optimizes the body functioning too.


Some fruits and vegetables are natural aphrodisiacs, meaning they improve the sex drive of people and also maintain a healthy hormonal balance for better sex. Watermelon seeds are good for sex drive and body vitality. Indian ginseng, oysters, dark chocolates, bananas, Avocado, pomegranate seeds, walnuts, etc are all aphrodisiacs known to improve fertility and sexual libido. These restore the body’s nutrition levels helping in the production of hormones for utmost pleasure. Eating aphrodisiacs on a regular basis increases sexual desire and makes one enjoy healthier erections upon sexual stimulation.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity is one of the primary reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. The increase in weight can render a body inactive and also brings in a number of diseases that lower one’s sex drive. Obesity is also known to be a reason for loss of confidence, performance anxiety, self-doubt, and loss of sexual libido. Moreover, researches have proved that obese men consume more ed medicines as compared to healthy ones. Losing weight can help a man regain their lost confidence and sex drive. A healthy body would channelize better hormonal balance, energy, and vitality. The chances of getting healthy erections are increased. With weight loss, all the inhibitions related to performance slowly go away too leading to men experiencing healthy erections that last!

Quit alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking have harmful effects on the body and mind. Drinking too much alcohol damages the nerves and creates a hormonal imbalance in the body too. Too much smoking harms the lungs and can lower oxygen levels in the blood to serious repercussions. Although alcohol and smoking have no direct effect on erections, these do harm the body making them less productive. And it leads to bad or dying erections.

Research shows that the amount of alcohol consumed is a predictor of their development of erectile dysfunction. The more the number of drinks, the higher the risk of ED and lower the sexual drive!

Staying sober helps balance the hormones, increases sex drive, and makes a man confident on the bed. It is when a person is fully aware of their feelings and stimulations, that they are able to get firm erections that last.

A strong erection is an indicator of your overall health! The healthier and active your lifestyle is, the easier it gets to keep up with frequent and long-lasting erections. Start with a healthy life now!

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