Soft erection: causes and solutions

Soft erection: causes and solutions

Having a soft erection is not necessarily a sign of erectile dysfunction . However, if it bothers you in your sexuality, it may be worth discussing it with a sex therapist, rather than letting a bad situation develop.

In 95% of cases, simple and effective solutions lead to a complete cure.

Before talking about solutions to improve erection, let’s see in more detail what can hinder it.

What are the causes of a soft erection?

Very often, erectile disorders are associated with psychological factors : stress, anxiety, depression, etc. 

In fact, more specifically, these factors can be the cause of a decrease in sexual arousal, which generally leads to a decrease in erection or a weak erection .

But how do these psychological factors decrease sexual arousal?

Soft erection and psychological factors

When we are preoccupied, for various reasons, our mind is focused and concentrated. This leaves him with less room for entertainment or amusement, and on a larger scale, less availability for sexuality and sexual pleasure.

Depression: the enemy of the libido?

Sadness, depression or a state of mental exhaustion are factors that disturb our vital momentum; that is, our desire to “do things”.

Without this life impulse, one may lose the desire to have sex or may want to have sex, but with diminished arousal. The consequences are a weakened erection.

It is even very common for erectile dysfunction to reveal these mental states.

The physical consequences of depression

Depression or a related mental state can cause low dopamine, oxytocin, or serotonin . However, these neurotransmitters have an impact on our libido and therefore on our sexual arousal and our erection.

Stress , on the other hand , can secrete adrenaline, which causes a general state of contraction ; the arteries contract and the blood flow decreases, which hinders erection.

In any case, consulting a sexologist will bring you the best solutions.

The importance of healthy living

Diet, alcohol, tobacco, lack of physical activity, lack of sleep … All these factors positively or negatively influence sexuality and erection quality. A poor lifestyle is often the cause of an erection problem at the age of 40, for example, in a young man.

A healthy and balanced diet can prevent certain deficiencies and therefore a drop in certain hormones.

Recent studies are unanimous on the beneficial impact of sport on erectile functions . It is advisable to do two to four times a week, for 30min or one hour; but doing it even once is already beneficial.

Finally, healthy sleep is essential to have a good libido and therefore a satisfactory erection. The sleep phase, in particular, makes it possible to regulate a certain number of hormonal secretions in our brain, thus promoting our performance during the day.

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Chronic diseases

All chronic diseases are known to influence libido and erection; some diseases more than others such as:

  • Diabetes ; _
  • The cancer ;
  • Neurological diseases (such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis);
  • Cardiovascular diseases (such as angina pectoris or high blood pressure);
  • Respiratory disease, including sleep apnea;
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • Chronic HIV infection .

The general impact of these diseases on sexuality and erection

chronic disease is a disease for which we will have to be followed for life; so it’s never good news.

Whether this disease is serious or not, its announcement can cause a psychological shock : this is called the “ announcement effect ”.

The impact of this announcement can last from several weeks to several months, which often negatively influences our libido or sexual arousal (just like anxiety or stress).

You then have to adapt to your illness: have a medical follow-up , treatment, change your pace of life, change your daily habits, your diet… This phase of adaptation is often a difficult period for an individual, fueling states depressive and therefore a decrease in libido as we detailed above.

In addition, certain drugs prescribed in the treatment of these diseases can have repercussions on our libido and the quality of our erection; including antidepressants or high blood pressure medications.

Surgical treatments can also lead to complications, such as a disruption of the arterial system , for example, thus reducing the blood flow to the penis.

Consult a sex therapist for more information and a diagnosis.

Soft erection and cardiovascular disease

More than half of men who have heart or blood vessel disease also have erectile dysfunction.

Indeed, from a medical point of view, erection is a vascular phenomenon : to have a satisfactory erection, the arteries that bring blood to the penis and the arteries of the penis must work well.

High blood pressure can therefore interfere with erection, for example.

As with chronic diseases, the psychological aspect is also strong and greatly influences our libido and erection.

The particularity of cardiovascular diseases is that men may be afraid of sexual intercourse, in particular because of a risk of heart attack .

If this doubt is present, it is necessary to speak about it with a sexologist doctor or a cardiologist; having a cardiovascular disease does not necessarily mean that sexual intercourse is contraindicated.

Finally, just like for a chronic disease, it is sometimes difficult to know if it is the pathology which causes erectile dysfunction or the treatments.

Condom and soft erection?

An aspect that we often forget but which nevertheless affects many men; this phenomenon is even accentuated over the years: putting on a condom is a delicate moment for many men.

When putting on the condom, sexual arousal can drop , which reduces the erection, or even makes it impossible.

It is normal to experience this kind of difficulty and it does not only affect men; a woman’s sexual arousal can also drop when putting on a condom, if this moment “breaks the lovemaking” or lasts too long.

Finally, for some men, the decrease in pleasure linked to a drop in friction between the penis and the glans inside the vagina is too strong, which can lead to a loss of erection during intercourse.

Age: a natural factor in low libido

Lately, age is also a major factor in low libido or erectile dysfunction. You can’t fight against time. It is normal after a certain age for certain sexual functions to decline .

However, there are solutions for men who nevertheless wish to continue their sex life.

A sex therapist will have the best advice and a treatment adapted to each case.

How to have a good erection?

2 essential ingredients for a strong erection: desire and excitement . Many men consult thinking they have erection problems and in reality, the problem is more of the order of desire or excitement.

Remember one thing: the first sexual organ is the brain !

It is he who sends an electrical message along the spinal cord to the penis; without desire or without excitement, therefore no erection (even if the morning or night erection responds to other mechanisms).

So, all psychological problems can interfere with erection: stress, anxiety, fear of failure, performance anxiety, etc.

Then, of course, physical causes can also interfere with erection; so you have to make sure you have a healthy lifestyle (sport, diet, sleep, etc.) like a top athlete.

In particular, avoid anything that can harm blood circulation and the quality of the arteries, such as a fatty diet or tobacco consumption.

For more personalized advice, seek the advice of a sexologist.

How to keep erection after intercourse?

All men have a refractory phase ; that is, after ejaculation, there follows a period where the erection falls back , and it usually takes several minutes (this varies from man to man, depending on age, quality of life, etc.) so that an erection can be regained.

And that’s completely normal!

In some men this refractory phase is shorter, in others longer; others manage to keep the erection if their desire or excitement takes over, but this phenomenon represents a few special cases (such as multi-orgasmic men ).

If you want to make your intercourse last longer, seek advice from an online sex therapist.

Good to know: know that it is possible to ejaculate without an erection .

How to help a man get a hard-on?

If your partner is having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, reassure them first .

Indeed, it is very easy to fall into a vicious circle where an erection problem leads to psychological disorders (or psychological disorders lead to erection problems); however, the more one concentrates on the erection, the more there is a chance of having erectile difficulties.

So we must already move away from sources of stress or anxiety.

Then try to understand what turns him on, his fantasies, his desires or what he likes. Good erotic, sexual or psychological stimulation is a big step towards erection!

Do not be focused on the erection of your partner either… The penis also exists without the erection; therefore, try to stimulate it differently than by genital caresses.

There are many erogenous zones . Discover those of your partner! Use words that affect him, kisses, touches… Let your imagination run wild.

If, despite everything, your partner’s difficulties persist for more than 3 months, we advise you to talk about it with a sexologist.

Are there any medications to promote erection?

If the simple and natural solutions mentioned above are not enough, it is possible to take an erection pill . Indeed, there are drugs to promote erection. They should be taken as a last resort, when the treatment of the causes is long or does not fix the problem.

These are PDE5 inhibitors . They allow a better dilation of the blood vessels and, thus, a greater blood flow to the penis. It is this good blood circulation which makes it possible to obtain a strong erection and to maintain it.

Among them are the well-known Viagra and Cialis . You can obtain these treatments in pharmacies, on presentation of a medical prescription . A consultation with a sexologist is essential; it is he who decides whether a drug treatment is suitable for your situation or not. In addition, these drugs have many side effects and contraindications; this is why it is important not to self-medicate.

Beware of online sites that offer you to buy Viagra without a prescription. These are counterfeit drugs sold illegally. Their composition is unknown; in addition to being surely ineffective, it can be harmful to your health. Viagra and Cialis, as well as their generics Tadalafil and Sildenafil , must be purchased from licensed pharmacies.

Soft erection: what to remember

In conclusion , the causes of a soft erection can be benign or more severe; sometimes it is just a passing state and a particular psychological cause.

It is best to consult a doctor if this problem persists and worries you, in order to identify the possible causes of erectile dysfunction.

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