Slimming Pills

Slimming pills

Slimming pills have emerged as the ‘next big thing’ in the world of weight loss products. They are advertised on television, but mostly online and are part of a multimillion-pound market. Offered as ‘a ray of hope’ to many adults, these slimming pills are often advertised as miracle weight loss aids.

The fact is though that many ‘slimming pills’ are unproven. Over-the-counter medications (OTC) do not abide by the same practices as prescription treatments and so if you’re purchasing any diet enhancement treatment without needing to consult with a medical professional first, then there is no guarantee that what you’re buying is going to work.

What are slimming pills?

Slimming pills tend to be medically untested supplements that are advertised as aiding in weight loss. Slimming ‘pills’ are available without prescription and cannot back up any claims with genuine research confirming their legitimacy and, in most cases, there is actually a case for not using them at all. A few examples include Alli, Raspberry Ketone and XLS slimming pills, none of which, although they are legally available, have medical testing behind them – their actual effectiveness is therefore largely open to debate although many medical professionals would point to their remaining non-prescription as an indication of lack of efficacy.

Prescription medications for weight loss

Xenical diet medication is the only prescription medication available in the UK to aid in weight loss. In order to purchase any prescription medication you first need to consult with a doctor to confirm suitability, and this is amongst the main differences between this proven medication and the OTC, non-proven alternatives. Xenical is medically tested and purchase is supervised to provide patients with the highest possible level of safety; OTC options on the other hand do not require medical input and so potentially open the door to risk and side effects.

Which should you choose?

Medical professionals will very rarely suggest that their patients use non-prescription medications to aid them in losing weight; in cases where it is required then it is likely that they will prescribe or suggest Xenical to aid patients in weight loss. The risks that can accompany non-prescription treatments is not worth taking and because of the lack of medical testing, the ‘slimming pills’ that you see advertised on social media and in pop-ups, for example, are very unlikely to be of any benefit to you at all.

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