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What is Silvitra?

Silvitra – pills for increasing potency and improving male sexual activity.

It is recommended to buy for men with obvious erection problems. These pills help in removing the signs of sexual impotence and are also helpful in restoring and supporting sexual tone due to age-related changes in the body. Normalize the elasticity of the limb in an excited state. This medicine is not a medicine, but it is used successfully in the treatment and prevention of all kinds of signs of sexual impotence in men.

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When buying Silvitra on the internet, make sure that you are asked to answer several questions in the form of a reliable health form and that your order is checked by a qualified doctor.

How do Silvitra tablets work?

You should take Silvitra 30 to 40 minutes after administration. The effect is simple, lasts 7 – 8 hours. Allows during this time allows the man to have sex several times. Improves libido. It simplifies the achievement of an erection during foreplay, improves the elasticity of the penis in an excited state, and accelerates the renewal of sexual energy after ejaculation. After reading all this, you cannot buy and try this drug, especially since Silvitra in our online pharmacy is very cheap and you can buy it without a prescription.

What is the difference between Silvitra and similar tablets?

If you decide to buy Silvitra, you will find that it has a combined composition. And if, in most cases, such drugs for increasing potency contain only one active component, and all of the following ingredients are at best aimed at prolonging sexual intercourse. In Silvitra tablets both active substances are designed to restore and maintain activity, and the generic itself has an increased force of action.

What are Silvitra tablets made of?

The lion’s share of the action of these tablets is based on the active substance of the original Viagra – Sildenafil. In this preparation, its dosage is optimal and is 100 mg. Ideal for men of different ages to increase potency, treatment, and prevention of erectile dysfunction. The second active ingredient in the composition of Silvitra tablets is vardenafil, which is usually involved in the production of Levitra, and it is very effective in improving sexual activity. In the same case, vardenafil is an auxiliary component of the tablets, and its concentration does not exceed 20 mg. Compared to the active substance in Viagra, vardenafil citrate has a milder effect and has a longer effect on the reproductive system.

In summary, it is worth saying that you can buy Silvitra only in tablet form, that is, as a combined preparation of the group Sildenafil 100 mg + Vardenafil 20 mg. If you need help in dealing with the psychological and physiological problems associated with sex, you should buy this medicine. Also, it will help you relax and significantly improve your personal life.

Who should buy Silvitra in the first place?

The combined use of 120 mg of the above ingredients helps men overcome symptoms of sexual impotence literally 30 minutes after taking the pill. It is recommended to buy for men in the treatment of initial and chronic signs of erectile dysfunction. Prevents the development of impotence and helps the age-related extinction of sexual tone. Suitable for men who move a little and do not exercise. Increases blood circulation to the pelvis and creates a normal environment for the development of a strong erection. It increases the potency of smokers and helps restore sexual tone after strong physical overwork.

When should I start taking this medicine?

Such a drug can be purchased by all men over the age of 18. At the age of 18-30 years, these tablets should be taken as rarely as possible, only to restore and strengthen sexual tone. The order of use should not exceed 3 tablets per month.

From 30 to 50 years old, Silvitra is worth buying and starting to treat the treatment of sexual impotence, as well as for preventive purposes. The order of use can be up to 10 tablets per month. Periodically it will be necessary to take breaks.

After 50 years, the order of admission does not change, and any ban on use appears for men over 65. Before you buy Silvitra at this age, discuss it individually with your doctor, when you start taking it, according to the health check method.

How often can I take Silvitra?

If you decide to buy Silvitra, remember that only one tablet is allowed to drink during the day. Within a month it is advisable not to take such pills more than 10 times. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the prescribed dose.

It is very important to remember before buying !!!!!!!

Do not combine Silvitra with nitrates. It is forbidden to take any medicine containing nitrates on the day you take these tablets. The interaction of nitrates with such tablets is absolutely unacceptable and can seriously damage health.

Silvitra exhibition after exhibition

The effect of using these tablets is short-lived, does not last more than 8 hours, and does not affect sexual activity at the end of its action. It has nothing to do with the pursuit of sex life.

Benefits of Silvitra

At the end of the Silvitra review, one should note its positive aspects. The first thing to say is that each active substance it affects the reproductive system in its own way. For example, sildenafil mainly increases potency, it increases blood flow to the penis, thus making it easier to achieve an erection. Vardenafil increases potency, but its effect is more focused on removing formal signs of sexual impotence. It strengthens erection, helps relaxation, and strengthens sexual desire.

The other advantages of Silvitra are as follows:

  • guaranteed effect even with severe impairment of erectile function due to a double dose;
  • safe and proven composition using quality components;
  • the possibility of regular use without getting used to the drug;
  • the ability to take men with diabetes and prostate adenoma;
  • ease of use;
  • economical consumption;
  • increased endurance in bed and rapid recovery after intercourse;
  • compatibility with most drugs for the treatment of diseases;
  • the possibility of buying online at a very low price and without a doctor’s prescription.

It’s easier to buy Silvitra !!!

You can buy Silvitra on the site of this online pharmacy. The pills are relatively inexpensive compared to many other Internet pharmacies. To purchase a particular product, confirm your purchase online and we will deliver the order to you as soon as possible.

Pay your attention to this too!

All information presented about the drug in this article is not an instruction. It is shown on a trial basis for men who have no idea how to take these pills. It cannot be taken as instruction and advice on self-medication. Before purchasing this medication, be sure to read its instructions directly from the manufacturer.

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