Sex you wish to have

Sex you wish to have

Our life changes every minute and no one can say what will happen in the next moment. But the only thing that is more or less predictable is the mutual wish of the lovers left alone for a certain period of time. So, let’s see what is possible to perform in various time periods.

10 minutes or 2 days? No matter how much spare time you have you can always get what you wish.

10 minutes

Sexologists state that fast sex is able to provide real pleasure to both partners. Nevertheless most part of the women needs at least 20 minutes of prelude and petting to get aroused enough. It means you shouldn’t exclude petting at all even in the case of fast sex. Try the following scheme: start masturbating at the time he finishes packing things. Describe to him what are you doing in the most detailed way. And when you feel you are aroused enough you may turn to real sex. Ask him to stimulate your clitoris within penetration. Furthermore, clitoris stimulation, as well as penetration, should be as soft as it possible to complement the enjoy of suddenness and intensity that are inherent to fast sex. In case you are not ready to «real» sex then try petting. Rub your partner through linen. He will get new sensations feeling your movements through the clothes. The most important is not to be caught unawares by the taxi driver.

1 hour

One hour sounds like an eternity but you cannot lose even a minute. Find a time to wake your feelings. Aphrodisiacs may be quite useful (for instance lavender and vanilla provide the best effect to sexually arousing both men and women). Burn the aroma candles or splash a few drops of the aroma oil onto the pillows. The color may also add some charm. Crimson, dark blue and violet will charge the room with sexual energy. Cover the lamp with a colorful scarf or direct the light onto the bed.

Then leave 20 minutes for kisses. We miss this pleasant stage of the petting quite often turning to the petting of apparent erogenous parts at the very beginning. But kisses increase the blood inflow to genitals as efficiently as manual stimulation does besides kisses complement romance and fill you with delicacy and unrepeatable emotions. Then turn to the missionary position to get longer sex. Start it in the usual way but then don’t allow your partner to move. Let him lean onto the elbows and you will move. This will help to provide not deep penetration and thus the partner will get less pleasure and will remain aroused longer and get the orgasm later. In this position, you may additionally stimulate the clitoris (by rubbing his pubic) and thus have total control over your orgasm.

5 hours

Don’t be hurry trying to settle down in the bedroom, but create a tempting and magical world there instead. Close the curtains put the pillows onto the floor and decorate the room with candles.

Free your emotions and feelings, open the bottle of wine, and feed each other. Put a bandage on your eyes to make everything unexpected. This will also exacerbate your haptic, auditory, and olfactory feelings. Drive ice cubes over each other bodies. Make a genital massage with self-heating lubricant. Do not seek to experiment but try to present your partner as much petting as it is possible. In case you are together for a long period of time then you probably have already gotten used to the fact of sleeping in one bed and seeing each other naked. But today spent some time undressing each other, without missing any erogenous part of the body. This is the best way to improve sexual relations.

24 hours

To create a sexually tense atmosphere starts with the pillow fight. It’s not a joke. Play, fight or tickle each other. All this is good arousal, but don’t forget to kiss each other within this fight. Such games increase testosterone level as well as the volume of the blood circulating (thus making the vagina more sensitive) and intensifying the orgasm. When you are hot enough and run out turn to petting. And when your patience will come to the end try a new position. You will have lots of time to practice and achieve its correct use. For instance, one of the cowgirl position variants. Lay your man on his back with his knees bent and legs moved apart. After you will saddle your partner just start to move on him cuddling as close as possible.

Try to change the angle of penetration and frictions speed. Try to enfold rhythmically partner’s penis with the vagina muscles to intensify your contact and increase the blood inflow to your genitals thus making them more sensitive.

48 hours

The chance appeared to be capricious. At least once a life woman should shave her pubis. Then your genital zone becomes very sensitive and furthermore, this will arouse your partner. He will be able to see what he is doing and his lips and tongue will freely slide over the clitoris and labia. You may use hair removal cream or shave hairs with the razor with your partner, though you may ask him to do this. But don’t forget that irritation may appear at the shaved parts thus apply some aftershave cream or certain body oil at these places. It is not worth using leather suits and whips, you’d better play heroes of your favorite romantic movie and have an explicit stage or invent your own heroes, give them names, decide what they wear and like in sex. Many couples think that it is sufficient to put tassels on the nipples and the sex will be quite different however you have to play the role and then you’ll be able to say and do those things you cannot do in your everyday life. But don’t forget to turn back into prudent adults at Monday morning.

5 days

Try to change your common parental behavior that is afraid of the sudden return of the children back home. Then you will convert to passionate lovers from careful mother and father. In the first 4 nights try to do everything you couldn’t take the chance when children were at home. Tell each other where and how do you want to be stoked, have oral sex, and have mutual masturbation. And on the fifth night have an enchanting show. It should be unforgettable. These days spent exploring each millimeter of your body and revealing new erogenous zones will make the final night deliciously long.

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