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What is Seretide?

Seretide is a dual asthma treatment used to help in preventing asthma symptoms and attacks. The treatment contains the active ingredients fluticasone and salmeterol. Fluticasone is in the class of steroidal medicines known as corticosteroids, and is very beneficial in reducing inflammation (this is necessary for the preventative use of the medication). Salmeterol on the other hand belongs to the beta-agonist class of medication, and works by relaxing the bronchial walls in the lung, thereby opening the airways to allow an easier passage of air in and out and easier breathing overall.

If you are looking to buy Seretide online, you can do so conveniently at Meds4all after completing the quick online medical consultation when you order. Your details are carefully checked by our registered doctor who then decides your suitability for the treatment and sends a prescription to our pharmacy. This ensures that you can receive this asthma treatment within 24 hours (the same day if within London).

How does it work?

The Seretide Accuhaler and Evohaler contain fluticasone and salmeterol, which work together in preventing symptoms that may occur before an asthma attack. Fluticasone, when inhaled, is absorbed by cells in the lungs where it works by reducing the production of certain chemicals that are vital to the immune and allergic responses of the immune system. When the release of these chemicals is decreased, the inflammation in the airways is also reduced. This in turn stops the creation of excess mucus and a full-blown asthma attack.

Salmeterol as a long-acting beta 2 agonist works on receptors in the lungs and stimulates these to relax the muscle walls. This in turn allows a more open passage of air, making it easier for the person to breathe. Although this ingredient does not open the airways in the lungs as quickly as other shorter acting agonists such as salbutamol, it does keep the airways open for a longer period of time. Seretide can last up to 12 hours, whilst other faster acting bronchodilators last for 3-5 hours.

If you are looking for fast relief from symptoms of an attack, then you must use your fast-acting reliever inhaler (such as Ventolin). You must use Seretide every day for it to work successfully, as it will only help in preventing attacks if used regularly.


Many asthma sufferers buy Seretide online as it actively prevents the symptoms of asthma effectively. Major benefits also include:

  • Keeping the airways open for a longer period of time
  • It is small and portable
  • Long lasting dual-acting preventative medication
  • It ranges from doses of 50mcg to 500mcg for the Evohaler and Accuhaler
  • It doesn’t need to be taken regularly like tablets, only on onset Heavy physical activity.

Swallowing tablets may prove difficult for some adults and children suffering from asthma; this Seretide inhaler provides a more efficient option of relief from asthmatic attacks.

Who can use it?

The Seretide inhaler is available for use by asthma sufferers and those that have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The effects of this medication can usually last up to 12 hours after use, making it very effective at preventing further asthmatic attacks when used regularly. If you buy Seretide online, it is not advised to share your inhaler with others as it may not be suitable for use by them.

Who cannot use it?

This inhaler may not be a suitable for everyone that suffers from asthma as reactions to the treatment or ingredients may be different. It is important therefore that the medical form is filled in accurately and correctly. This treatment may not be prescribed to people that are:

  • Diabetic or suffer from heart disease
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Allergic or sensitive to the active ingredients fluticasone and salmeterol
  • Have low blood oxygen levels

This treatment may also not be available for use by children under the age of four. Please speak with your doctor to confirm any risks involved. You may require further tests to ensure that your body is accepting the treatments well.


The Seretide inhaler delivers both fluticasone and salmeterol effectively. As the medication is inhaled directly into the lungs, the risks of side effects are reduced, as the absorption directly by the lung is more effective than if it were to be taken as a tablet through the mouth.

When you buy Seretide online for use, it is to be taken twice a day regularly, and if your asthma is very well controlled then it can be reduced to only once a day. However, you must ensure that you follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the required amount of inhalations each day. Never exceed the dose prescribed to you. It is important that the Seretide inhaler is used correctly, otherwise the right amount may not reach the lungs. Seretide is available as an Evohaler or Accuhaler.

Side Effects

It is possible when using this treatment to experience certain side effects; these should not be of much concern and should not prevent usage of the Seretide inhaler. The common side effects include:

  • Aching or muscle pain
  • Headaches or nausea
  • Fast heart rate

If you are having particular difficulty in breathing or are wheezing after using the treatment, then you should stop using it as soon as you can. Please ensure you inform your doctor if you have any concerns regarding its use, or for further advice going forward.

Can I buy Seretide online without a prescription?

It is possible to buy Seretide online here at Meds4All even if you may not have a prescription at hand, or you’re short on time. For absolute convenience, no appointments need to be set to receive this treatment. All you would need to do is fill out our quick, free online consultation to establish your suitability. Our registered doctor will assess your details and confirm your order by sending a prescription to our UK pharmacy. It is then packaged and delivered for same or next day delivery, whether at work or at home.

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