This article is intended for those experiencing certain problems due to their nose or simple dissatisfied with its form. Please read it carefully and make it sure whether you need any surgeries to correct your nose form or not. And in case you will decide to have the surgery then this article will help you not to mistake in certain details and make correct choice.

Rhinoplasty that is also known as the nose plastic surgery is one of the most required plastic surgeries that become popular from year to year.

Nowadays rhinoplasty is quite available not only for those rich and famous but for common people as well. There is no surprise that the popularity of this plastic surgery is a ground for a great number of the myths and mistakes. And in case some of them have certain ground many others are quite incorrect and have nothing common with the reality.

Rhinoplasty is the task that any surgeon can provide

Officially it is so. Mostly all plastic surgeons offer rhinoplasty. However it doesn’t mean that every surgeon is able to provide this surgery with the quality required and obtain positive results. Rhinoplasty is quite complicated surgery from the medical as well as esthetical points of view. The surgeon should be absolutely sure in the final aim, possess complete knowledge about the nose anatomy, be quite experienced in the peculiarities of the respiratory tract in order not to deprive nose of its functional destination after the esthetical surgery.

As the nose is often one of the factors having certain effect on the beauty face thus the surgeon has to possess blameless art taste and feeling for esthetics in order to provide the patient with the nose that would be the ideal for its face proportions. However in case the surgeon lacks any one of the features mentioned above than the rhinoplasty may turn to be the real disaster and you may experience the situation the Michel Jackson has had.

People use the rhinoplasty due to their conceit

Despite the fact that the services of the plastic surgeons are commonly used in order to improve the appearance it often happens that people ask for these services with the aim to correct certain defects of the respiratory tract (like nasal septum arcuation). Furthermore it is proved fact that the rhinoplasty provides quite positive psychological effect in those patients that are not satisfied with their appearance. They experience emotional transformation after the surgery and become more confident thus trying to make some changes in their common life. Therefore we can consider the rhinoplasty as the treatment procedure and not the egoistic attempts to oblige the conceit.

Rhinoplasty is quite painful operation

In comparison with other plastic surgeries like breast enlargement or liposuction there are nothing quite painful in the rhinoplasty. Most part of the surgeons carries out the operation with general anaesthetic when the patient sleeps and feels nothing. The patients feel certain discomfort in the nose area within 7-10 days after the surgery. Throughout this period the patient may feel stuffy nose as if the patient had cold. The patient may also have edemas and bruises around the nose and eyes (especially in case the form of the nasal bones was changed), but the general discomfort after the operation is the minimal one.

It is better to have the rhinoplasty in the spring or summer

This is incorrect. It is possible to have the rhinoplasty in the any season despite the climate conditions. The maintenance of the several doctor’s instructions will prevent certain complications development related to the unfavorable weather conditions.

The rhinoplasty is quite perceptible

In case you need certain radical changes like removal of certain nasal defects then those people around you will surely notice the changes you have experienced after the rhinoplasty. Nevertheless in case you need only slight improvement of the upper part of the nasal arch or its tip then those around you may pay less attention to you appearance than you expect. Finally nobody knows your face better than you do thus the slight correction of the face may be unnoticed. Furthermore don’t forget that the result of the experienced surgeon work is imperceptible for the naked eye as the experienced specialist always tries to reach the harmony between the changed nose and the other parts of the face and those provide the unified result.

Rhinoplasty will provide you the nose you were dreaming of

The rhinoplasty is able to improve the appearance and the form of the nose but don’t forget about the several limitations of the surgeon possibilities related to the individual peculiarities of the bone and skin structure. At the same time it is also quite possible that the patient will be dissatisfied with the results of the surgery. According to the statistics about 10-15% of all rhinoplasty surgeries require some more actions of the surgeon in order to improve or correct the results of the initial operation.

Sometimes it is caused by the processes of the tissue recovery and scarring that are quite individual one and are not always predictable. The patient should be aware of this. Sometimes the dissatisfaction of the patients with the rhinoplasty results is caused by their personal inability to explain their wants to the surgeon (however it is quite ease to prevent this situation with the help of the primary computer modeling). However such cases are more exception than the rule as the most part of the patients are satisfied with the surgery results and their changed nose.

Computer modeling cannot provide the correct results of the surgery

It is not really so. The computer is the perfect tool that makes it possible to define the optimal form of the nose. It is quite important that the computer modeling was carried out by the surgeon itself as at this stage he or she may point out certain steps of the future surgery and specifies what technical approach should be used in this or that case to reach the effect required. Of course the result of the surgery may differ from the computer model as the nose tissues are not quite good plastic material like clay or putty. Nevertheless it is quite difficult to consider the modern rhinoplasty without the use of the computer modeling.

You need to consider many factors to obtain the nose you were dreaming of. First of all you should make inquiries and choose the surgery with great responsibility. Be sure that the specialist you have chosen possess enough qualification and the skills. It also important to get the mutual understanding in your relations with the surgeon for him to understand clearly what you want and provide you with the result required.

The knowledge in the area of the rhinoplasty will help you to avoid certain mistakes, trap and myths. Thus facing the problem of the rhinoplasty you will be able to define the clear strategy of your actions.

Remember that the rhinoplasty is not only the mean of your appearance perfection but also the tool to raise your self-appraisal.

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