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What is Ramipril?

Ramipril is an ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitor that helps in lowering blood pressure. It can furthermore be used as an active treatment after a heart attack. The treatment lowers blood pressure by helping the blood vessels to dilate and relax so that the heart does not need to work too hard when pumping blood around the body. Ramipril is often used to reduce the chance of stroke or heart attacks in patients over the age of 50.

It is possible to buy Ramipril online here at Meds4All if you take our online medical consultation. Our registered doctor then assesses your information and issues a prescription to our pharmacy for the treatment. Your medication is then packaged and dispatched to you through our speedy same or next day delivery service.

How does it work?

Inside the body, there is a natural component that controls blood pressure. This is known as angiotensin II and it is produced by the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). Angiotensin II is natural substance found in the body that controls the function of the blood vessels, which leads to increased pressure exerted by the blood on the veins and arteries.

Ramipril inhibits ACE, preventing the regular production of angiotensin II; this in turn allows the blood vessels to relax and contribute to the free circulation of blood. This means that your heart will not have to operate as hard to circulate blood around the body. This medication is not only helpful in reducing blood pressure, but also for people with symptoms of heart failure.


Taking a tablet of Ramipril once daily can help reduce blood pressure in patients at risk of developing cardiovascular illnesses such as stroke, heart attack or aneurysm. Other benefits of the treatment include:

  • Treating patients with heart failure or renal problems as a consequence of diabetes
  • Smoothens and relax the blood vessels to ease pressure

Ensure your doctor is aware if you are taking any medication for cardiovascular conditions.

Who can take Ramipril?

You can only buy Ramipril online for use if you are an adult over 18 years of age and have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Ensure you discuss with your doctor if you require treatment for a different cardiovascular problem to understand if you would be eligible to use the treatment.

Who cannot take it?

Because it is a prescription medication for the treatment of a particular condition, those who do not have high blood pressure or similar cardiovascular issues are not suitable to buy Ramipril online. It is advised not to take Ramipril if you are pregnant. You may also have to seek an alternative treatment or adjust the dose of treatment for hypertension if you have liver problems, diabetes or a disease that affects the heart, kidneys or connective system. Please make sure you mention any relevant medical information or medications you are currently taking during your consultation.


Although the dose of Ramipril may differ depending to the condition being treated, it is usually recommended to take one capsule a day, preferably in the mornings. Usage is normally as follows:

  • To be taken once a day, although you can discuss taking two doses if you have recently had a heart attack. Ensure you confirm this with your doctor before taking dual dosages
  • Suggested to take each dose at the same time daily with a drink of water. It can be taken before or after a meal
  • There are varied strengths of the Ramipril tablets, but it is usually recommended to start with a low strength dosage and increase it after a few weeks or months if necessary

If you have forgotten to take your treatment at the usual time, ensure you take it as soon as you can. If you do, however, forget to take it until the following day, then do not attempt to make up for the missed dose by using two tablets at once.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are not a common occurrence when taking Ramipril high blood pressure medication, with the most common side effects affecting less than 1 in 10 people who use it. Some of these include:

  • Dry mouth, fatigue, upset stomach and diarrhoea.

Some people may not suffer from any side effects, but if they do persist, please contact a doctor since there may be a better medicine for you. Stop using the treatment if you suffer from an allergic reaction.

There are certain uncommon side effects that may occur, including itching, taste disturbance, nasal congestion, irregular heartbeat and blurred vision. These are less common, but if any of the symptoms do persist, it is wise to see your doctor as soon as possible. A few severe side effects have been reported. However, these occur in only a small number of people who use the treatment and may indicate intolerance to the treatment. If you are affected by any of the following symptoms, make sure you contact your doctor as soon as possible in order to know if another medication may be more suitable for you. These side effects include:

  • Heart palpitations or increased heart rate
  • Lung problems such as cough or shortness of breath
  • Stomach pain or severe back pain that may indicate pancreatitis

Can I buy Ramipril online without prescription?

At Meds4All you can buy Ramipril online even if you do not currently hold a prescription. For your safety we ask that you take our quick online medical consultation. This enables our doctor to assess your information and suitability to use the treatment as it is important to assure the safety of all our patients. A prescription is issued by the doctor directly to our pharmacy where your medication is packaged carefully and then dispatched to you for free same or next day delivery.

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