Premature Ejaculation Information on Causes and Treatment

Premature ejaculation is a distressing experience for any man, and one that should be treated as early as possible if sexual confidence is to be restored. By definition, it occurs when a man climaxes sooner during intercourse than he or his partner expect (usually within 2 minutes). This problem happens more often than one would think; it is suggested that up to 40% of men will experience at least 1 episode of untimely ejaculation at some point during their life. What is also interesting is that it is not only associated with older men, but also younger healthy men. It can be caused by a number of different reasons such as anxiety and stress and is not easy to identify, as the times of ejaculation vary from man to man. Unlike impotence (erectile dysfunction), which usually occurs with increasing age, men of all ages can be affected by this condition. Treated in time though, the ejaculatory reflex can be brought back permanently to a normal manageable level wherein satisfying sexual activities can be performed without medication.

To provide an effective solution to this problem prescription tablets are available online at Meds4all. Once a short online consultation has been completed you may be able to receive this treatment the very next day (or same day if in a London postal code).

How is it defined?

The general consensus of medical experts is that premature ejaculation occurs when a man reaches climax before either he or his partner wishes. The duration (usually argued as under 2 minutes) largely depends on the expectations of the performance set by the individual and his partner. As the average time before ejaculation during intercourse is different for each man, it makes it more difficult to diagnose this condition as it is highly subjective amongst differing expectations.

Causes of premature ejaculation

There is a strong chance that the condition is caused by psychological factors, which is the case for around 70% of men who suffer from this condition. Stress, guilt, anxiety, depression or a lack of confidence can all cause premature penile ejaculation. Freedom from these psychological symptoms seems to give some men more sexual confidence and alleviate the problem in the long run.

Premature ejaculation can be caused also by physical conditions, such as neurological and vascular conditions, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and hormonal problems. Lifestyle factors such as excessive alcohol consumption, drugs and nicotine may also contribute to its cause in some men. It can start at a young age and then become a persistent discomfort that has its roots in the unconscious; frequently a minor disorder in childhood can become an embedded habit physically tending to persist throughout the sexual life of the man.

What kind of treatment is available?

Before asking for a prescription drug treatment you can try out the various techniques to aid with the problem such as masturbation, “stop and start”, and even pelvic exercises. Another non-medicinal method to cure untimely ejaculation is participating in couple’s therapy. Speaking about the problem openly with your partner can help you both understand and get through it together. Talking to a therapist can also help with the physiological causes such as stress and anxiety.

Unlike the temporary cases of premature ejaculation, the most serious and persistent circumstances require a physiological and medical solution. As it is not a straightforward issue to diagnose, you should arrange to visit your doctor who can recommend a suitable treatment. Alternatively, you can speak to the online doctor who may suggest a prescription medication that can help to treat the problem.

Choosing the right treatment

We offer a medical treatment that is available on prescription. These have been medically proven oral tablets containing dapoxetine, which inhibits the levels of serotonin, and thereby the ejaculatory reflex in the brain, thus prolonging the time taken to ejaculate. A quick online medical consultation is needed for the doctor to assess your suitability. If approved the prescription will then be sent to the pharmacy, which will then send it out immediately for next day (or same day if eligible) delivery.

Can I order premature ejaculation treatment online without prescription?

To treat this problem as soon as possible you can buy the necessary medication online like Priligy. All you need to do is complete a medical consultation, which our doctor will assess to determine whether you are suitable. Even if you do not have a prescription, as long as your medical consultation is filled out accurately, if our doctor approves you to use this treatment, a prescription will be sent to our UK pharmacy, which will send out the medication to you, so that you can begin treatment in as little as 24 hours.

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