The Myths And Facts About Pornography And Erectile Dysfunction

The Myths And Facts About Pornography And Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual challenge among men. It is when a man cannot achieve a complete erection. Also, the men can’t sustain an erection for longer while having sexual intercourse. The fact behind this is that ED leads men towards immense distress.

Many explanations and factors work behind having the problem of Erectile dysfunction. But there is an arousing and ancient argument about the connection between Erectile Dysfunction and Pornography.

Yes! This is a topic to talk about now. Some people who hold a very conservative thought about sex, relationship, and Pornography, state that Pornography persuades Erectile Dysfunction. Whereas the people who keep a positive and liberal attitude about Pornography say that Masturbation to Pornography is a normal and healthy method to keep up your sexual health.

But whatever it may be, either Pornography upsurges the possibility of ED or not, you must know how Pornography influences your sexual relationships.



Watching Pornography is a common practice among men and women. There are many websites where abundant porn movies can be found and viewed. But many trusts that Pornography is one or another reason behind men who suffer from an erectile dysfunction problem, and which makes them dependent upon generic erectile dysfunction drugs for erection.

They contend that when a man is too used to masturbating while watching a porn movie, they somehow proceed towards attaining the problem. But I would like to bust some myths about Pornography and ED here.


I think I hardly need to talk about what Pornography is. Watching adult videos is quite common among people. While surveying to satisfy the authenticity of the fact that “Pornography Causes Erectile Dysfunction” there were other reports too, which were found. So let’s talk about them first.

It was found that Masturbation does not affect the frequency of erection. It was also found that Masturbation has particular health benefits among men. From releasing the tension, reducing stress to having a good sleep, Masturbation is found to be beneficial to some extent.

But on the other hand, the fact of losing the desire for romantic-sexual interaction or Sexual Anorexia was found to be true. Also, it was found that men who are very keen to masturbate while watching Pornography feel less likely to get aroused while having sexual intercourse in real. They are more likely to search for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs online, to fight their health condition.

The problem of Sexual Anorexia was also noticed among teenagers who masturbate regularly while watching Pornography.

Apparently, another study has found that men who watch porn movies frequently have more excellent sexual responsiveness towards their partners. But the examinations and researches supporting the positive aspects of Pornography are very limited.


It was also found that Pornography also influences the way you look at yourself and how your partner should look like. It creates unrealistic expectations among people regarding their sexual abilities and their partners.

Where it is ultimately a myth that pornography cause ED, but at the same time you need to be very sure about how someone views Pornography. If someone watches many pornographies at once, switches scenes, or watches several scenes altogether- that creates a lot of stimulation, which is not really possible in real life, even after relying upon several medicines for ed.

Thus when a person seeks the same stimulus in real life gets disappointed to form their sexual relationships.

Also, the study has found out that many men compare themselves with the actors in porn movies and it creates insecurities among them. Even for the above scenario, they start feeling unsatisfied, and thus losing appetite becomes a common aftereffect.


ED may cause by many factors. It can be because of mental trauma, stress, some physical and internal factors or many other things. Watching Pornography may fuel some of the causes of erectile dysfunction, but the argument is totally null and void, that Pornography induces erectile dysfunction.

It is true that Pornography creates an ambiance of contrast between adult movies and sex in real which may cause great displeasure among men. The frustration can even lead to not getting a complete erection and consuming too many drugs for ed.


Erectile dysfunction is a complex issue and can be caused due to many reasons. Though there are chances where Pornography can create a space in the list for the same, you must know the other factors too.

  • It has found the issue is common among men who are 40 years older or more.
  • Anxiety about sex is another reason behind facing erectile dysfunction.
  • Other relationship problems among partners may cause ED

But if a man experiences occasional ED, or takes ED medicines occasionally, has fewer possibilities of getting diagnosed by ED. Also, other health problems in which the blood vessels get narrowed, and there is not enough blood circulation to the penis, is another factor causing ED.

Mental health conditions like depression, mental health conditions also lead a person to diagnose with ED. While a person suffers from any such medical condition may overconsume antidepressants and other medication to lower the blood consistency, which may also be another factor.


If you are suffering from an occasional ED problem and you consider watching Pornography can help you with getting a complete erection, then I will advise you to consult a urologist before trying it. Also If you watch Pornography more often and Masturbation is too regular to you, and if you find any symptoms of being diagnosed with ED, talk to your doctor before you search for generic drugs for ed.

Before considering watching porn to be the cause of your erectile dysfunction problem, seek the right treatment which can help you to reach to the exact reason behind it.

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