Penis massage – preparation, instructions & tricks

Penis massage

The penis massage is about bringing the male partner to climax slowly and with pleasure. The penis massage is one of the erotic massage techniques that can be performed in many different ways. It is suitable as a delicious foreplay as well as a passionate end to a long night.

This erotic massage is ideal to give pleasure to both parties involved. It doesn’t always have to be the Thursday quickie with the cigarette afterwards. Man’s strength does not always have to be demonstrated with impressive positions and hard thrusts in the vagina. The more imagination and mutual loving care enliven a relationship, the better it becomes. The penis massage in all its variations is a pleasant way to show one’s care.

Some preparation is important

First of all, it is important that the partner giving the massage be in a comfortable position that allows them to sit longer. Neither should the feet fall asleep, nor should tension be the result. All hand jewelry that could disturb or injure your partner should be removed beforehand. Long nails could also be a nuisance if the massage is to be a little wilder. But it is also possible to perform the penis massage while lying down. 

Frequent eye contact is important to create intimacy and to be able to react to signals. Observing each other can be a stimulating part of the massage. You should also have a skin-friendly massage oil or lubricant on hand. With the help of this oil or a moisturizing gel, the penis massage workseasier to handle. It is also less uncomfortable for circumcised men if the penis is lightly oiled before the massage. If you don’t have any lubricant or oil on hand, some saliva will do the job if necessary. You can also achieve interesting effects with whipped cream.

The simple penis massage

The massaging partner moves his hands along the penis with slow and firm massage movements. The movement begins at the penis shaft and slides up to the tip of the penis. Different handles make things even more exciting. For example, one hand can give a gentle testicular massage while the other massages the penis. The ball of the hand can also be used for this purpose. Whenever possible, you should establish a constant rhythm. It shouldn’t ejaculate too quickly . A possible side effect of a skillful penis massage is that the male partner learns to hold back his orgasm longer.

Another option for penis massage is to place the fingers of one hand in a ring around the penis and let them wander from top to bottom with light pressure. Then the massaging partner changes hands. Depending on how quickly you want your male partner to climax, you start very slowly and then increase your movements to a crescendo. To delay the sexual climax, you can alternate gentle movements with passionate caresses. You can also use your little finger to touch the testicles. Long fingernails are particularly counterproductive here. Eye contact tells you when to return to gentle movement. There are other signals that you get when you get repeated penis massagelearn to observe. 

As soon as you notice that your partner is about to ejaculate, reduce the pressure on your hands. You can also slow down the pace of movement. Then intensify the penis massage again. At some point, your partner will likely want to be redeemed. It is literally in your hands whether you want to continue or get your own rights. Your partner is clearly ready for some lovemaking.

penis massage demands a lot from both partners. She wants to be practiced. What might seem pretty straightforward at first is actually not. It is an erotic game that both must learn to master. The penis massage is much more than a simple “hand job” that should quickly lead to the goal. As a massaging partner, you must pay close attention to whether you are massaging too firmly, too gently, too slowly or too quickly.

More detailed instructions on penis massage

In order to vary the penis massage each time, you can use different techniques. The second time, for example, you can place your partner’s penis between both palms of your hands and make gentle rolling, sideways movements. It should look like you are trying to make a fire with a piece of wood by rolling it sideways. Here, too, it is important not to let the movement turn out too much to the side, but rather to remain gentle.

Now use your fingers to form a manual penis ring by gently squeezing the penis at the base of the penis. The other hand is free and can massage the penis in a constant rhythm. The pressure should not be applied too hard or too long. In everything you do during penis massage , pay attention to how it gets on your partner. Your partner is already signaling to you whether he particularly likes something or whether the pressure on the base of the penis is uncomfortable.

Particular caution is required when it comes to touching the glans. For a penis massage of this type, the hands must be well oiled. During the penis massage, erect the penis so that the glans is pointing upwards. Gentle and rhythmic circular movements on the glans can be very exciting. But they can also become uncomfortable if they happen in one place for too long. Vary the intensity as well as the massage direction or the pressure.

The testicle massage should also be an integral part of a good penis massage . Gently place the testicles in one hand while using the other hand to massage the prone penis. Gently slide down from the glans to the testicles. This time, the hands do not lie around the penis in a ring, but instead stroke it parallel to the penis. This will cause the palms of the hands to touch the penis first, followed by the fingers. Vary the way your fingers touch the penis.

Mutual feedback is also important with penis massage . We introduce further types of penis massage below . But there are some things that are equally important in all forms of penis massage : Both partners should be able to enjoy the penis massage and go about enlivening the lovemaking without any pressure or aim . Thanks to mutual feedback, you can be more targeted or consciously delay the orgasm again and again. But that shouldn’t go so far that it becomes an ordeal for the man. Everything happens in mutual agreement and to increase mutual pleasure.

Special forms of penis massage

You can not only do the penis massage with fingers and hands, but also use other parts of the body to give your partner exciting massages. The male penis can also be stimulated with the breasts, for example. Many men love it when they can put their penis between the breasts of a woman with large enough breasts. You can start by kissing your partner’s penis with your nipples. Here, too, you should make sure that there is enough lubricant or oil in the game. Change position with every penis massage : sometimes you are on top, sometimes he. In some positions you may also be able to use your tongue to stimulate the glans.

Erotic stimulation of the male penis can also be very arousing with the buttocks. Buttocks and large breasts have a similar shape. Here, too, the man feels mutual friction and can enjoy the feeling of being enveloped. Squeeze the buttocks together to increase the massage effect while your partner glides up and down between the oiled buttocks without penetrating you. To increase the fun factor, you can use whipped cream or chocolate sauce as a lubricant for both the breast massage and the buttock massage. Both of these massage techniques keep your hands free.

To use your hands for a penis massage again, you can shape a tight vagina with both hands. Slip the hand vagina over the penis and ask the man to make slow thrusting movements. The way you hold your hands should be like a shell, as if you were scooping up water. You can use your thumbs to stimulate the glans. This is where the male partner does the work. It also defines the speed of the thrusting movements. You just watch that everything slides well and that you adjust the pressure so that your partner cannot injure himself. When making love, the vagina does not always have to be penetrated. For the man’s orgasm, though.

Another variant of lovemaking without mandatory penetration is stimulating the penis with the thighs. This type of penis massage is basically similar to the chest or buttock variation. The man is allowed to move the penis back and forth between your oiled thighs. This variant of the penis massage allows different positions. A massage from behind, from the front, from above or below is possible. If you lie on your stomach, you can even combine the thigh massage and the buttock massage. Whether and when the penis massage turns into a sexual act, you decide together based on the situation. Sex has so many varieties that you don’t have to be bored even if you have a long relationship.

penis massage performed with the help of the armpits is particularly sexy . Nothing is forbidden during lovemaking if both partners find it natural. The sweat often forms enough moisture under the armpits to enable good gliding. Train your partner to be imaginative about different situations. For example, he can start by caressing the edge of your armpit with his tongue. Later he can hide his glans in your damp armpit and perform gentle pushing movements. You determine the pressure, it determines the frequency of movement. If you are one of those people with a rather bony build, this movement may be less comfortable for the man than if you are softly padded under the armpits.

Does regular penis massage affect penis length?

This is an interesting question. Answered cautiously, it may well be – but only in the long term. Incidentally, it is not the penis size or length that is decisive for mutual enjoyment, but the imagination with which you use the penis during lovemaking. But if you have in mind to move the penis to a longer length or girth with a regular penis massage , then you will have to have a fifteen to twenty minute penis massage performed several times a week . You may then have a few more inches to offer after a few months. But that does not represent a promise. And anyway, the effort should be called a penis massagenot about getting a bigger penis. Rather see this result as a possible side effect and concentrate on paying your undivided attention to the essentials.

A penis massage should not last more than 20 minutes . If your partner expresses pain during this time or you notice unusual reddening of the penis, the massage should be interrupted. It is possible that too little lubricant was used or the impacts were too violent. The penis massage should be done in a quiet room to soft music. Their rhythm is easy to pick up. It should be ensured that neither children nor dogs scratch the bedroom door to disturb you.

How exactly you perform the penis massage is entirely up to you. Likewise, you both decide when to ejaculate and when not to. Come up with something. Use your breath, mouth and hands and invent spontaneous variations of what we have described above. Regular penis massages are by no means just for men. The woman will soon benefit from her partner’s longer stamina because he has learned not to reach orgasm with just eight and fifteen sex. 

The penis massage can even be used as a natural sexual enhancer prove because it improves blood flow to male sexual organs. In addition, it does not put the man to the test, but ensures relaxation on both sides. The love game is enriched by many variations. At the end of the day, nothing is more deadly to a love affair than boredom in bed or the feeling that penetration always has to come right away. In the last few months of pregnancy, a penis massage can provide wonderful relief for women.

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