Penile ultrasound

Penile ultrasound

Male diseases and infertility, unfortunately, are now found even in young men. In their diagnosis, ultrasound examination of the penis helps – a painless procedure that allows you to identify pathologies of tissues or blood flow in the intimate area.

Advantages of ultrasound examination of the genital organ in men

penile ultrasoundpenile ultrasoundIf you suspect pathological processes that cause diseases of the genitourinary system, doctors recommend ultrasound diagnosis. This manipulation has many advantages. It is safe for the body, painless and does not cause discomfort, allows you to examine the tissues of the penis and its blood flow, does not require preparation.

Of the minuses, we can note the fact that after an ultrasound you need to independently eliminate an erection, which causes discomfort in some men.

Penile ultrasound can show the strength of the penile muscles which play an important role in maintaining an erection. Thus, during this procedure, a doctor may prescribe the Kamagra tablet to treat severe forms of erectile dysfunction.


In most cases, this diagnostic study is carried out according to the testimony of a doctor, when a man has alarming symptoms or a history of confirmed diseases. Without fail, manipulation is performed if a man undergoes surgery for diseases of the genitourinary system.

In what cases is ultrasound most often prescribed?

  • Suspected genital injury or fracture;
  • Curvature of the penis, both congenital and acquired;
  • The penis is red and swollen;
  • erection problems;
  • On examination, painful sensations, seals of unclear etiology are observed;
  • Having complaints of discomfort or pain during urination or intercourse;
  • It is impossible to conceive a child, while female infertility is excluded.

There are no contraindications to this procedure, that is, any representative of the stronger sex, regardless of age and individual characteristics, can undergo this procedure.


Unpleasant consequences can arise only if a drug injection was used to stimulate an erection. Some men cannot “calm down” the penis within 5-6 hours, which can cause some discomfort. To avoid such a nuisance, experts recommend resorting to independent actions that will cause an erection. At this point, the specialist leaves the office so as not to embarrass the patient.

Also, side effects can occur if a man is allergic to silicone. Lubricant used to slide the probe tightly may cause itching and rashes in the area being examined.


Special preparation for the procedure is not required, but it is advisable to follow a few simple rules. If you are taking medication to improve your sex life, you must stop taking it in two days. We are not only talking about oral preparations, but also about topical creams . On the day of the ultrasound examination, the genitals should be thoroughly washed with non-irritating agents. On the eve of diagnosis, ejaculation should not be allowed, therefore sexual intercourse should be abandoned. Give up alcoholic beverages for three days. The bladder should be half full. Empty your bladder 30 minutes before the ultrasound and drink a few glasses of water.


In total, the manipulation is carried out within 25-40 minutes. The man walks into the diagnostic room and undresses below the waist, then lies down on the sofa. Lubrication is then applied to the penis for better tissue contact. First, a specialist examines the penis in a calm state, carefully examines the tissues, studies the nature and speed of blood flow and records the necessary indicators. Next, you will need to bring the penis into an erect state to assess the changes. The patient receives the results on his hands immediately after the diagnosis.


At the end of the study, the patient receives a protocol, which indicates the indicators. If no pathological process is found in a man, the results should be as follows. Echogenicity should be normal. Increased or decreased echogenicity can signal inflammation and diseases of various etiologies. The structure of the tissues must be uniform. The thickness of the tunica albuginea in a calm state should not exceed 2 mm, in an erect state – up to 5 mm. The echogenicity of the tissues should be normal, the indicators of the diameter of the cavernous arteries should not exceed 1.5 mm. If this indicator exceeds the norm, this may indicate atherosclerotic vascular changes.

General review of the USDG penile procedure: the maximum speed of blood flow in the arteries of the cavernous body at the time of systole in the absence of erection is 15-25 cm/s, in an erect state -35 cm / sec. If the specified indicator is above the norm, this is a sign of arterial insufficiency. The final intensity of blood flow in the arteries at the time of diastole is 0 cm/s in a calm position, and 10 cm/s or more at the time of erection.

The normal ripple index is greater than 4.

The strength index in a calm state does not exceed 0.8, with an erection of 1.0.

Determine the speed of movement of blood flow inside the deep dorsal venous vessel. With a stable erection, caused by an injection of drugs, the discharge should stop completely. If this does not happen, the patient may be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

If any deviations are identified, the man can be sent for further research, after which the necessary treatment and rehabilitation measures are prescribed.

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