Give Thumbs Up to Your Sex Life With Penile Implants

Give Thumbs Up to Your Sex Life With Penile Implants

Patrick is a successful man living happily with his wife and a boy child. One day they decide to have their second child to complete their family. At that time, Patrick realizes that he cannot have another child as he is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). He could not consult his friends and relatives as he knows that this is a topic that no one is ready to talk about in society. So Patrick did what every other man suffering from this problem should do. He consulted a doctor who deals in sexual health and does penile implants. Within weeks after doing the implants, Patrick was back to the sexually healthy man he was and within a year, he and his wife were blessed with a baby girl.

Being sexy is what every 21st century man wants to be. To be called a sexy man, you have to be more than handsome and rich. You have to be good in bed which is what every modern girl wants. The one thing that has affected millions of men in their 40s and 50s is Erectile Dysfunction or ED.

The first step of taking drugs

During sexual intercourse, when your penis is not able to bring out proper erection or is not able to maintain the erection period, that’s when you know that you’re suffering from ED and that’s the time to consult a doctor who deals in sexual health. But before going for a penile implant, you should consider the option of taking oral medications. These medicines include Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Levitra (Vardenafil).

The generic ED drugs have brought many men back to their full sexual health, thereby giving positive results to them. Some have also proven to solve urinary problems like trouble in starting urination due to an enlarged prostate.

You can get these pills in every medical store and you can even buy them online sitting comfortably in your home. Most people nowadays prefer to buy generic ED drugs online as they are a feasible option as well as genuine. Other than these pills, you could also get online help from doctors regarding which ones to consume.

What is this penile implant?

In this surgical penile implant process, a separate device is inserted into the penis which will help in the erection process in the body and is similar to the natural erection. It is very proven and effective method to cure ED in men.

The 3 types of penile implants

3 – Piece inflatable penile implant

This is the most popular one among the patients as it produces a natural erection and is very much comfortable. It is called a 3-piece inflatable penile implant because this device consists of 3 parts:

  • A fluid filled container inserted in the abdomen
  • 2 cylinders inserted in the penis
  • Inflatable Pump inserted in the scrotum region

The working is similar to any mechanical machine. So when you squeeze the pump placed inside the scrotum region, the fluid from the container flows into the cylinders causing an erection. After the erection, the release valve is squeezed and the fluid flows from the cylinder back into the container, thereby making the penis lose and back into its normal shape.

 2 Piece inflatable penile implant

As the name suggests, it has 2 parts but works almost like the 3 pieces inflatable penile implant. Here the fluid-filled container is placed inside the pump which is inserted in the scrotum. No separate container is used in this implant. With fewer parts comes less efficiency. The 2 pieces inflatable penile implant is not as rigid or erect as the 3 pieces one.

Malleable rods penile implant

This implant consists of 2 flexible as well as rigid rods which are inserted into the shaft of the penis. So when you are in need of an erection, just hold the penis and move it into the position you desire. After the erection process is done, you can move back the penis back into the position it was. The benefit of malleable rods is that with rods, the penis can be easily set into the position we desire but the constant erect position of the penis (when positioned downwards) is very much uncomfortable to men.

Why should you go for penile implant?

  • 97% Satisfaction

Around 97% of patients who have undergone penile implants are very much satisfied with the surgery and are enjoying their sex life. The time to complete the surgery is a maximum of 1 hour with many years of satisfaction to come by.

  • Personalized options

Before performing the penile implant surgery on your body, the doctor will test and look into various factors with respect to your body. You will get the implant that suits your body. These factors include body size and type, age, size of the penis, glans and scrotum, surgery history, any presence of colostomy, a circumcision performed or not, overall health, and your life expectancy.

  • Rigid and durable

The penile implant has a lifespan of about 10 years and with recent modifications, the lifespan has been increased.

  • Minimum recovery time

Just after 4 weeks of the penile implant surgery, the man will be ready to have sexual intercourse with his partner.

  • The best solution

It is the best solution to your problem of impotence. During sexual intercourse, you will be able to maintain the erection till your partner gets satisfied. You can have an orgasm and ejaculate as you were able to before the problem. It is also considered the best solution for Peyronie’s.

  • Covered by your insurance

Like many other surgeries and medical care, penile implants are also covered under your medical insurance plan, if you are worried about the cost of the surgery.

  • Feasible

The penile implants are being improved on a daily basis with the latest technology to make them more cost-effective and durable as well to function properly for almost 10 years.

Increase your penis strength

The penile implant increases your penis erection strength by a good margin but it also depends on your body. The erection that is caused due to the implant may be shorter than the natural erection. This happens because of the lack of glans tumescence and the use of the penile cylinder that only expands in girth. With girth and length expanding cylinders, you can increase your erection length.

With the help of the right surgeons, you can get the satisfactory penis size that you are desiring for. After the surgery, the patients should take proper care of the penis in order to get the best results. To know how much increase you can get in your penis size after the surgery, you must consult the doctor. The doctor will perform a penile injection test where he will measure and record the length of the injection-induced erection. After the test, the doctor will tell the patient how much penis size they can expect after the implantation.

When your penis is flaccid after a penile implant, it will appear longer and wider than a normal penis because of the presence of cylinders that prevent it from fully retracting. So after the implantation, the patient will surely notice a change in his penis but it may not be the size always but the performance of the penis will definitely increase which will thereby help you to stay in bed for a long time.

How effective is the penile implant surgery?

A man suffering from ED should go for penile implant surgery after consulting with his doctor only when there are no other options left. This surgery has been performed since 1970 and with the current methods and technology used, 97% of the patients are satisfied with the penile implants and are enjoying their sex life.

With penile implants, there has been a high rate of patient satisfaction and also a lower rate of infection after the surgery. Even if there is an infection, there are proper drugs available that will bring positive results in your body within days. Researches are being conducted every day to improve these implants by integrating the latest technology into the devices to make it more customizable, effective, and comfortable.

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