What is oxytocin?


Oxytocin is a hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland of the brain and is secreted by both men and women.

It is also called ” happiness hormone ” or ” love hormone ” because it is secreted when you touch a person, feel a sense of security, or like someone.

It is also famous as a hormone that stabilizes the mind because it facilitates the release of serotonin, which is involved in controlling emotions and mood.

The Greek words “Oxys” and “tokos” are derived from the name, which promotes uterine contractions during labor and accelerates labor.

Mechanism of action of oxytocin

The posterior pituitary gland, which is closely related to reproductive function, has anterior, middle, and posterior lobes, and oxytocin is secreted from the posterior lobe.

Oxytocin is sent to the posterior pituitary gland to control various hormones. Oxytocin has two roles: hormones and neurotransmitters.

The first is to act as a hormone by being sent directly into the blood.

The second method is to secrete oxytocin as a transmitter that is carried to various parts of the brain, and the nerve cells in the forebrain control “pleasure” and “fear.”
Oxytocin stimulates it, increasing attachment and affection.

Effect of oxytocin

When oxytocin is secreted, the parasympathetic nerves are active, the autonomic nerves are regulated, dopamine and serotonin are increased, and it can have a positive effect on the mind and body.

Recent studies have shown that it is possible to deepen the love between men and women and improve sexual function.

There are many effects of oxytocin, but they can be broadly classified into four types.

Effects on relationships

The fact that oxytocin is secreted means that you are full of happiness. In this state, you will feel kinder and more curious about your surroundings. It is understandable that it is called the hormone of love.

・ Less alertness to others
・ Become more involved with others and improve sociability
・ Try to establish intimate relationships ・ Strengthen

Effects on the body

Oxytocin has the effect of repairing various tissues of the body and has a great effect on immune function.

・ Prevention of infectious diseases
・ Strengthening heart function
・ Wound healing
・ Bone formation
・ Muscle regeneration

Mental effects

Oxytocin has a calming effect, and relaxing the brain helps both men and women to increase their sexual desire.

・ Relief of stress
・ Relief of anxiety
・ Relieve fear
・ Improve memory
・ Increase concentration
・ Lower blood pressure
・ Good sleep
・ Relieve general pain.

Effect on pregnancy

The most widely known effects of oxytocin are childbirth and milk production, and oxytocin continues to be secreted in the body during and after childbirth.
It is said that the higher the amount of secretion, the easier it is to build a good relationship.

Oxytocin is used as an intravenous drip to cause uterine contractions in the following symptoms.
・ Induction of labor
・ Caesarean section
・ Before and after placental delivery
・ Relaxing bleeding
・ Miscarriage
・ Abortion

Effect on female function

As oxytocin increases, women secrete more and are more likely to feel orgasm.
In addition to increasing vaginal secretion, oxytocin also has a relaxing effect and a pain-suppressing effect, so those who are prone to dry vagina, dyspareunia, and frigidity increase the amount of secretion. You can expect improvement by doing so.

If you feel that you are deficient in oxytocin, you can increase your secretions from your daily routine, or use aphrodisiacs to promote blood circulation and increase your secretions.

Effect on male function

When men increase oxytocin, it can be expected to promote blood circulation, increase libido, and increase affection hormones.
After sexual activity, you can feel relieved and comfortable, and you can deepen your ties with your partner.
It is said that using a perfume-type aphrodisiac will deepen the distance to the other party.

How to get oxytocin

Humans can secrete oxytocin through skinship.
However, in modern times, the number of people involved on the Internet has increased, making the world more convenient, while reducing the chances of interacting with people in reality.

As a result, the number of people who are deficient in oxytocin is increasing rapidly due to the decrease in connections between people.
I will introduce the secretion method in three major categories, how to increase oxytocin without decreasing it.


There is a familiar way to secrete oxytocin by yourself.
Oxytocin is secreted not only by people but also by pets and people. If you like animals, the secretion concentration will also increase.
Instead of “I don’t secrete because I have nothing to do with people alone”, try the following.

・ Gaze at your favorite photo of the opposite sex
・ Experience a moving experience
・ Eat your favorite food
・ Massage
・ Challenge new things ・
Talk to people on the phone
・ Contact with pets

With family and friends

Being kind to humans increases the amount of oxytocin in the body. Just thinking about someone makes it easier for you to secrete naturally.
Please refer to the following for how to make it easier to secrete oxytocin with family and friends.

・ Enjoy conversation
・ Eat and play together
・ Cook food
・ Think about gifts ・ Give gifts
・ Skinship with children
・ Breastfeeding
・ Hold a baby
・ Family group
・ Talk
on the phone, If you hold a pillow while thinking about it, your presence in the other party will become stronger and oxytocin will be more likely to be secreted.

With a lover

With a lover, the secretion of oxytocin is likely to increase. In the case of hugs, it increases by 50% on average.
In sexual activity, it is much more likely to be secreted, and it is said that both men and women secrete it at the moment of orgasm.
Please refer to the following for how to make it easier to secrete oxytocin with your lover.

・ Holding hands
・ Body touch
・ Gaze at each other
・ Kiss
・ Massage

How to get oxytocin

While oxytocin has various effects, unfortunately, oxytocin is not available in Japan.

If you want to increase the secretion of oxytocin, you can increase it by paying attention to your lifestyle, or you can increase it by using an aphrodisiac, which is a product containing oxytocin.

Review of lifestyle

It is also possible to increase the amount of oxytocin secreted by reviewing some lifestyle habits. Here are three ways to do it.

Quantity and quality of food

It is said that growth hormone is easily secreted on an empty stomach. Adjust the amount around the 8th minute of the stomach, and ingest foods rich in arginines such as chicken, shrimp, soybean foods, and almonds so that the protein that is the source of amino acids is not insufficient. Can be stimulated and increased.


It is said that about 70% of hormones are secreted during sleep. To reduce the irritation to the brain before going to bed, refrain from using it on your smartphone or computer and create an environment where you can sleep comfortably, which makes it easier to sleep soundly. When you sleep deepest, it is most likely to be secreted, and conversely, when you sleep lightly, the amount of secretion decreases.


By exercising, lactic acid is produced in the muscles, and then it stimulates the pituitary gland through the blood. This action can increase the secretion of hormones.

Get an aphrodisiac

There are many types of aphrodisiacs, including “drinking type”, “painting type”, and “perfume type”. It is available for men, women, unisex, gays, lesbians, and everyone.

Sales are permitted by overseas FDA, so if you get it, you can only use the personal import agency site.

It is also popular because you can easily use it without being embarrassed at the time of purchase because the product arrives at your home just by placing an order online instead of going to the store to buy it yourself.

How to take and use oxytocin

People who want to take and use oxytocin can choose the method that suits them from three types of aphrodisiacs.

Drinking type
There are various methods of drinking, such as “hanging on the tongue”, “spraying under the tongue”, and “drinking with a drink”.
The amount and method of drinking are often different for each product, so please check “how to take and use” by yourself.

Paint type
The paint type basically takes an appropriate amount and is used for delicate zones such as the clitoris and vagina in the case of women.
For men, apply an appropriate amount to the entire male genitalia.
Some types of paint can be used for the anal zone.

Perfume type
The perfume type is used by attaching it to the neck, which is at the height of a person’s nose, or to the wrist, which is easy to move, just like a general perfume.
There is also a perfume to spray on clothes.

Side effects of oxytocin

When oxytocin is used as a therapeutic drug, the following symptoms have been reported as side effects that should be noted.

It causes “anaphylaxis”, “cyanosis”, “lowering blood pressure”, “redness”, “rash”, “angioedema”, “dyspnea”, and “excessive labor pain”.

When used as an ingredient in aphrodisiacs, it has no basic side effects, but in rare cases, some people have an allergic reaction to the ingredient.
If you feel any abnormalities when using it, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Precautions for oxytocin

Precautions for oxytocin differ depending on the type of use.

・ Check the usage method and amount and use the product correctly.

・ If you feel unwell after use, discontinue use and consult a medical institution.

・ If you have allergies, be sure to check the ingredients before using them.

・ If you are currently taking medication or are undergoing treatment, consult your doctor before use.

・ Do not use it if you are pregnant because it has uterine contraction and labor-promoting effects.

[Drinking type]
・ Please note the above.

[Apply type]
・ If you feel any abnormalities when applying to the skin, wash it off immediately.

・ When using for anal, be sure to use cream or gel exclusively for anal.

[Perfume type]
・ Should you experience redness, itchiness, or a rash when sprinkling perfume on your skin, discontinue use immediately.

・ Never drink the contents.

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