Over Masturbation Side Effects Recovery

Over Masturbation Side Effects Recovery

Over Masturbation Side Effects Recovery: Is it possible?

  • We all know that almost every man, especially teens and young ones tend to masturbate. Well, it is not completely what they intend to, it is the testosterone fluctuation in the body which pushes a man to sexual expression.
  • But, now the question is– is masturbation healthy?
  • Well, this topic has always got mixed comments and opinions, even from the professionals. Some say it is good and some say it is not– but what actually is the fact?
  • Let’s talk about some studies that concluded how masturbation affects one’s sexual and overall health– both positively and negatively. Indeed, how over masturbation side effects recovery is probable.
  • Let’s get started!

What is male masturbation? Is it good or bad?

  • Masturbation is a type of sexual self-stimulation process in men which involves touching and rubbing of main sexual organ i.e. penis.
  • On the other hand, the same goes for women, they also perform self-stimulation with breasts and vagina.
  • Masturbation is a natural response to male testosterone levels fluctuation during puberty, teenage, and the earlier adulthood.
  • Masturbation is not in a young male’s control at some extent– even if you are not doing it on your own, your body ultimately does it which you call “night fall”. Or, the body disposes the sperm if not ejaculated in 72-96 hours itself.
  • But, the real question is, is masturbation good or bad?
  • Well, it has always been a controversial topic. But studies have concluded that and science suggests that healthy masturbation, 1-2 times a week is healthy. Masturbation is a natural response to one’s testosterone fluctuation in body.
  • It is mentioned that masturbating 1-2 times in a week improves psychological health as it satisfies urge to sexual expression and also release sexual tension.
  • But, but, but, it has another aspect too.
  • If you make it a bad habit, like you are over masturbating, it could be really harmful for both your physical and psychological health. Always thinking about masturbation and sex is something that could damage your emotional health.
  • And, most importantly, there is a term called “Dry Hand Masturbation” which says, while you make your sexual stimulation comfortable with masturbation, your stimulus adapt and work accordingly.
  • In such a case, if you are with a real partner, you might not experience sexual stimulation or get an erection. But on the other hand, you will be able to get an erection for masturbation.
  • Your sexual stimulus adjusts and adapts to how you want it to work, and later on, it is tough to be reinstated. Well, it is not all, over masturbation has some major side effects as well.
  • In short, healthy masturbation is good, but over masturbation is bad.

Side effects of excessive masturbation

Though excessive masturbation can have many side effects, there are some that most commonly trigger when one makes masturbation a bad habit. Some common side effects of excessive masturbation are;

  • Altered sexual stimulation: This is the most common and worst over masturbation side effect. When you make your sexual function work repeatedly in a different action i.e. masturbation than real sex, it soon adjusts and adapts itself accordingly.
  •  If so, achieving or maintaining an erection during real sex becomes pretty tough– some may also experience quicker ejaculation too; sadly sometimes, even before getting started.
  • Skin irritation: Like we said, “Dry Hand Masturbation”, it is really very destructive for your sexual health. Dry Hand Masturbation is when you masturbate with your hands without any lubrication. Because your hand grip is rough and tighter than a female vagina, your penile function gets used to it.
  • Female vagina is wet and looser than your dry hand grip, you lose your erection and sexual intimacy when indulged in sex with a real partner. Indeed, this dry hand masturbation causes penile skin to often irritate.
  • Guilt: It is okay if you are masturbation a couple of times in a week. But, if it impacts you psychologically– like you have a guilt of doing afterwards, or you think it is wrong or will negatively impact your health. Stop it completely, because the guilt will jolt you down emotionally.
  • Edema / swelling: Swelling caused by infection or inflammation is called Edema . While regular masturbating, tight hand grip could cause mild or severe swelling.

These are some common physical and psychological side effects of how excessive masturbation could be dangerous for your overall health.

Feel stuck and wonder how do you stop masturbating? Do not worry, we have ways to get it fixed. Let us tell you how!

How to stop masturbating?

Well, it might sound pretty easier to simply make your mind and stop masturbating– but it is not.

Once you turn something into your habit, especially if it is about your emotional and physical satisfaction, it is really very tough to get rid of.

You might try a few days, but the urge will get you back there again.

Though, there are some ways on how to stop masturbating. But make sure, you follow regularly at least for 21 days straight.

A recent psychology experiment claimed that if you do or abstain to do something straight for 21 days, you could make it or break a habit.

  • Avoid pornography: Everyone knows the connection between pornography and masturbation. Around 85% of men masturbate while watching porn, and the left 15% imagining ones who they find sexually attractive and desiring.
  • Avoiding pornography is no doubt the best way to limit the urge to make a sexual expression though masturbation.
  • Get busy: Thoughts about watching porn or masturbation emerge while you are free. Getting yourself busy in other things will suppress your thoughts about masturbation and likely reduce the number of times you get to masturbate.
  • Stay active: Exercising is a great way to not only strengthen yourself physically and psychologically, but also tiring your body enough so your brain prioritise yourself for sleep than masturbation. It is quite like targeting 2 aims with 1 arrow.
  • Spend more time with others: You must have noticed that thoughts about porn and masturbation usually encounter when you are free and alone. But, making it with your family or friends will get you busy.
  • Seek professional help: A psychologist or a sex therapist might help you if you find nothing is working out for you. They might work specifically on how masturbation has affect you and in what ways and how long it is likely to take for you to be able to stop.

These are some common yet effective ways of how you could avoid or stopping masturbating completely. Just stick to it for a 21-day period, and it will be gone – guaranteed.

How to recover from side effects of over masturbation?

ok, you are all good and have stopped masturbating– but what about its side-effects you have developed? They are likely to remain the same; how do you change them?

Well, there are some ways you can.

  • Eat well: What gets in shows out. Eating healthy and food rich in nutrients are going to help recover your physical and emotional health state.With vitamins and protein rich foods to recover your muscle and neurological health.
  • Relax body and mind: Over masturbation affects psychological health to a great extent, in such both body and mind is essential to make the natural recovery possible. Yoga and meditation could help with this.
  • Avoid worsens: Well, you might relate to this– smoking and alcohol consumption. They affect sexual stimulation and ultimately the overall sexual health. Avoiding these are one of the ways to speed up the over masturbation recovery.

These are some common yet effective ways to recover from over-masturbation side effects. Keep on them and sooner you will see improvements in your overall health.


  • No doubt, over masturbation can develop side effects which are hard to recover– but it is possible.
  • Moderate masturbation is nothing wrong and considered healthy, but if you go for excessive masturbation, it is something you need to be bothered of.
  • Well, we have discussed some ways to stop masturbating and recover from its side effects– apply and get rid of sexual troubles.
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