Night dreams help diagnose illnesses


It has been discovered that what we see in our night dreams can be indicative of what is happening to our bodies.

Dreams about water, regardless of physical state or amount of it seen in the dream, are believed to be the most informative. For example, seeing oneself guzzling water can signal a blood sugar buildup, which actually signifies pre-diabetes.

On the other hand, if you see yourself deep under water, you might have nasal polyps.

Thyroid gland issues evoke no less quaint manifestations. If you have one, you are likely to see yourself sitting or lying in a puddle.

Vice versa, hovering over a big lake in a dream means that you are at the peak of physical health.


Unlike Sigmund Freud, who would attribute stairways and elevators to sexual aspects of our life, today’s “medical oneirologists” have veered pretty much toward physiology. They say that if you have seen yourself rushing downstairs, you might be dealing with an undiscovered and long-standing knee-joint or foot-joint issue. On the other hand, walking up a long stairway suggests a coronary disorder. If you have envisioned yourself reaching the top and facing a dead-end, it’s time to check blood pressure.

Plants and animals

Scientists in Denmark sketched a kind of dream table and correlated it to some ailments they had suffered themselves. Seeing fish and other underwater creatures, they concluded, signifies urinary and reproductive problems in women and kidney problems in men. Horned animals, such as goats, bulls, sheep, cows, etc., seen in dreams, testify to the possibility of respiratory disorders.

If you have seen a snake crawling out from under the sofa and then hiding in your bag, your small joints might be affected. Cactus and aloe are actually the worst or, better say, the most formidable night dream characters. They indicate chronic or protracted inflammatory processes occurring in the gastrointestinal tract.

The most unhealthy dreams

All the things mentioned above are only half of the story. The most terrible thing you can see in a night dream in terms of physical health is fresh meat. If you see a piece of meat take the shape of a bodily organ, this is the organ in your body that requires treatment. For the most part, meat dreams signify intestinal, hepatic and renal disorders.

Other-way-round dreams

See yourself go down with a serious disease is no reason to be frightened. More often than not, these dreams are seen by healthy people!

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