Multiple types of ED

Multiple types of ED

What are the different types of ED?

ED refers to erectile dysfunction, but it is difficult to combine it with ED.
Since each person has different timing of developing ED, the response to be taken depends on the type.

You can easily solve the problem by reading this article first and knowing which ED you are in, so I hope you will read it to the end.

First meeting ED

First-time face-to-face ED is a type in which the symptoms of ED appear when you cannot have the erection you want when you have sexual intercourse with the other person for the first time.
This is the type of person who develops ED when they have something embarrassing or unpleasant during their first sexual activity in their life, which becomes traumatic and reminds them.

ED is also divided into physical and psychogenic problems, but this type is treated as psychogenic ED because it comes from anxiety.
It is said that many people are nervous because they remember one mistake, and it is said that it can be overcome by gaining mental self-confidence as a solution.

If natural healing is difficult, you may be able to overcome it by taking the plunge and revealing the truth to your partner.

Newlywed ED

Newly-married ED is an ED trouble that comes to a newly-married couple as it is.
Simply ED at the time of newlyweds? You may be wondering, but in reality, this type is often the case when you get married after a long-term dating, but when you get married without having sexual intercourse, the tension wins. It may become ED.

In addition, if a woman is more experienced in sexual activity and a man cannot lead a woman, her pride may be severely hurt and she may have ED.
Since the sexual problems after marriage are actually very serious and may develop into divorce problems, it is desirable to solve them at an earlier stage.

ED taking psychotherapeutic drugs

In modern society, the number of patients suffering from mental illness due to busy work and stress is increasing, and the number of patients with depression is said to be more than 1 million.
Depression does not make me want to do anything and affects all my personal life, so I treat it with drug administration and counseling at the same time, but the substance called SSRI contained in this psychiatric drug causes ejaculation and erection as a side effect. It is said to affect.

When depressed, he is lethargic and has no energy to act, so he does not notice that he has ED, and there seems to be a pattern that he notices during sexual activity.
In this case, ED is caused by side effects of the drug, so discontinuing the SSRI drug will eliminate the ED.
I think that whether depression or ED should be treated first depends on individual differences.

Cock desire ED

Big cock desire ED is a type of ED that compares the size of a professional penis by watching adult videos too much and misunderstanding that all women want a big one and lose self-confidence.
This is also a psychogenic ED like the first face-to-face ED, and it is said that there is a big mental problem.

This kind of psychogenic ED is often seen in young people, and because there are many men who are not confident about women such as watching adult videos too much and herbivorous boys, anyway, it is possible to recover by gaining confidence, so ED treatment, in particular, It is said that it will recover without resorting to medicine.
Personally, I think it’s a good idea to continue taking ED treatments and withdraw when you feel confident, as it seems to be common in shallow men who have no experience with sexual activity. I think not.

Reject ED

I often hear that even if you ask your partner for sexual activity, you will be refused, but if you keep refusing, you will not want to have sexual activity with yourself, and it is refusal ED that develops due to loss of self-confidence. ..

ED and mental mentality are very closely related, and the word psychogenic ED is such that men are mentally weak creatures.
Rejection ED is a pressure that can be overwhelmed by the double anxiety that you may be refused when you ask for sexual activity by continuing to be refused many times.

Since your partner also has physical condition and mood, it is important not to think about it even if you are invited and refused, but to accept it with a broad heart.

Condom ED

It is a pattern that the sensitivity drops by wearing a condom and it becomes ED.
Although condoms in millimeters are now on sale, the more sensitive the penis is, the more often the condom becomes an obstacle, and the condom breaks in the middle.

In addition, the work of putting on a condom when inserting it from now on will be an obstacle even for a short time, so it is the condom ED that makes it impossible to have a firm erection.
It can be solved by working with condoms without squeezing too hard with ED remedies or masturbation.

Masturbation ED

With masturbation, you can get an erection firmly, and when it comes to sexual activity to ejaculate, it is this type that causes not only ejaculation but also middle folds.
This is because if you apologize, or because masturbation can be adjusted by yourself, the stimulation is too strong and you can not even ejaculate in the woman’s vagina.

In recent years, online shopping has become the mainstream, so you can see masturbation goods, etc., and the more masturbation you do, the more you feel unsatisfactory during sexual activity.
If you cannot ejaculate during sexual activity due to such wrong masturbation, it is better to stop for a while or to learn the correct way such as making a ring with your fingers and making it gentle.

Cycling ED

Recently, the number of men who commute by bicycle for their health has increased.
The main cause of ED is that it does not erect because sufficient blood is not delivered to the corpus cavernosum, so it is good to exercise. However, there are many capillaries and nerves necessary for erection around the penis.

This is a case of ED caused by the fact that the blood vessels and nerves are compressed by cycling for a long time and the blood flow to the penis is blocked.
Even narrower and smaller saddles, such as the trendy road racers, are more oppressive and more prone to cause.

It is said that people who have to ride a bicycle for a long time such as bicycle racers will develop cycling ED with high probability, and it is better to take measures such as putting a pad in between with a soft saddle as a countermeasure.

The solution that suits you

We have introduced various EDs.
As I mentioned, it tends to be combined as one word with ED, but in reality, there were so many types.
It is important to find a treatment or solution that suits you.
For those who cannot stop due to circumstances or who want to solve it immediately, ED treatment is recommended.
First, try even one box and experience the effect on your own skin.

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