What is maca?


Maca aphrodisiac

Maca is a perennial plant of the Brassicaceae family native to Peru, South America, and is used as an herb.
The Andean highlands are famous for growing maca.

It has a strong vitality to withstand the harsh weather of repeated freezing, strong winds, and strong sunshine.

By absorbing all the nutrients in the soil, it can withstand this harsh situation and the land after harvest will be thin.

Therefore, maca is attracting attention as a complete diet and superfood that contains abundant dietary fiber and antioxidant nutrients in a well-balanced manner, including the five major nutrients.

Recently, Japanese maca also exists, but the price is a little high because it is said that it is difficult to cultivate.

Maca type

There are three types of maca called “yellow maca”, “red maca”, and “black maca”, each with a different color.
There are differences in the ingredients and effects contained in each type.

Yellow maca

This yellow maca, which is usually called “maca”, contains abundant nutrients and not only keeps you healthy but also has the effect of improving nutritional tonicity, energy, and youthfulness.

Red maca

It is a valuable variety that is collected less frequently than yellow maca and contains many nutrients such as polyphenols, minerals, and essential amino acids that balance and maintain the body.

Black maca

It is said to be phantom maca because only 3% to 5% is collected.
It is said that the darker the color of maca, the more nutrients it contains, so it contains more components such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, and iron than yellow maca and red maca.

Ingredients contained in maca

Among the ingredients contained in maca, we will introduce the primary metabolites that are mainly essential for the human body and the secondary metabolites that are not essential but work on various parts of the body.

Primary metabolite

It is produced from metabolism and is essential for the vital activities of all living things, not just humans.

amino acid

Amino acids, which decrease in the amount produced in the body as we get older, are the components that support the body from the inside.
It is effective for recovery from fatigue, skin beautification, muscle strength, and immunity.


Iron content decreases due to lack of sleep and aging. Iron deficiency is especially common in women and is even less common during pregnancy.
It is effective in preventing red blood cell depletion and anemia.


Zinc cannot be produced in the body, but it is a component that is said to be necessary for the human body.
It has the role of maintaining normal functions such as improving immunity, improving sexual function, and maintaining good health.


Arginine is one of the amino acids produced in the body.
It is necessary for adjusting the hormone balance and for the growth of the body and can be expected to promote blood circulation, beautify the skin, and improve immunity.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has the effect of returning blood flow to normal, so it is also effective in preventing arteriosclerosis, lifestyle-related diseases, and aging, which are considered to be adult diseases.

In addition, it contains well-balanced ingredients necessary for the human body, such as “calcium” and “protein”.

Secondary metabolite

Secondary metabolites are ingredients that protect you from UV rays and harsh environments and are a great force in growing maca.

Secondary metabolites contained in maca include “glucosinolates,” “alkaloids,” and “macaen, an unsaturated fatty acid derivative,” which have the effect of adjusting the hormone balance.

The more types of secondary metabolites, the more they work on different parts of the body and each exert an effective effect, so it is not essential, but it can be said that it has a demanding role in maintaining health and protecting the body. increase.

Maca effect

The basic effect of maca is to balance the hormones. And to promote blood circulation in the body.

Since maca has a function similar to estrogen (female hormone), it is effective for “improvement of immunity”, “cold sensitivity”, “improvement of concentration”, “diet” and “improvement of menopause”.

In addition, metabolism becomes active, the vitality of the body increases, and at the same time, stress is reduced and a strong body can be built.

Effect on women

By ingesting ingredients similar to estrogen, you can expect “improvement of menstrual irregularities” and “improvement of infertility” caused by hormonal imbalance.
The ingredients of maca alone are effective enough, but the ingredients contained in them can further enhance the effect.

Effect on men

You can expect “nutrition tonic”, “enhancement of energy”, “improvement of sexual function”, and “increase in sperm volume”.
It is also possible to increase the size of the male genitalia by improving sexual function and to increase the orgasm during ejaculation by increasing the amount of sperm.

Those who need maca

・ I want to recover my weakened physical strength ・ I
want to eliminate mental fatigue
・ I want to adjust hormones and autonomic nerves ・ I want
to maintain my health ・ I want to
improve infertility, ED, increase sperm volume
・ Symptoms peculiar to menopause I want
to improve ・ I want to improve the coldness
・ Nutrition for people who are extremely exhausted

How to take maca

As for maca, there are restrictions on taking it out of the country as it is, and in Japan, it is mostly sold in a processed state.

In order to realize the effect, it is important to find a method that suits you so that you can take it easy and with peace of mind every day.

Take with supplements

In Japan, it is taken as a supplement containing maca ingredients.
It is a popular intake method because it is convenient to carry and you can easily take maca even when you are busy.
In addition, overdose can be prevented by determining the amount of intake in an easy-to-understand manner.

Ingested with meals

It is a method of using dried maca powder and adding it to a dish.
Since it is a powder, it has a high absorption capacity and is easy to obtain an effect.
Yogurt and miso soup are often mentioned as examples, but it is said that the taste will be worse depending on the ingredients, so it is necessary to check the compatibility.

Estimated amount

The standard daily intake of maca is about 1500-4000mg, and in the case of powder it is 2g-20g, but it has not been decided accurately.

It is a guide only, so you must take the above amount. It does not mean that. Please increase or decrease according to your physical condition.

Maca type

When it comes to maca, supplements and tablets come to mind first, but there are also energy drinks, capsules, and powder types.


There are different types depending on the ingredients, such as “only maca”, “combined with ingredients that affect male sexual function”, and “combined with ingredients that act on the female sexual function”.
Therefore, you can find a supplement that suits your desired effects and symptoms.

Nutrition Drink

Energy drinks contain various ingredients and may contain caffeine and guarana extract, which have a stimulating effect.
It is suitable for people who do not have an immediate effect but want to get rid of their daily fatigue.


Maca and other powdered ingredients are in capsules.
Some capsules may be difficult to swallow depending on the size of the capsule, but they are said to be easy to dissolve and well absorbed into the body.

Powder type

Compared to capsules and tablets, the powder content increases the absorption rate in the body.
It can also be added to food and taken with meals.

An effective way to drink

Maca is said to improve absorption when taken with no food in the stomach.
However, since it is classified as healthy food, there is no particular rule on when to drink it.

Since it is not a drug, it has no immediate effect.
You can get the effect little by continuing to drink every day.
If you decide the timing of drinking, it will become a habit and you can prevent forgetting to drink.

Side effects of maca

Maca is a plant and has no side effects, but it can cause allergic reactions in some people. If you are allergic to Brassicaceae vegetables, consult your doctor before ingesting.

Also, if you are allergic to the following vegetables, you may have an allergic reaction to maca.

・ Cabbage
・ Broccoli
・ Cauliflower
・ Watercress
・ Japanese mustard spinach
・ Radish
・ Wasabi
・ Takana, Chinese cabbage, Mizuna

Although it is rarely taken, raw maca is difficult to digest in the body and may cause side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, and urticaria.

Other side effects such as headaches, insomnia, and increased acne may occur due to overdose.

Maca’s notes

・ Excessive intake for the effect may cause hormonal imbalance and cause side effects. Be sure to follow the set guideline amount.

・ If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, refrain from taking it because the effect on your baby has not been confirmed, or consult your doctor before taking it.

・ If you have thyroid disease, liver dysfunction, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, or uterine fibroids, consult your doctor before taking it.

・ If you are currently taking medicines or supplements, you may get sick if you use them together, so be sure to consult your doctor.

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