Lambskin Condoms: Pros and Cons

Lambskin Condoms

There are numerous types of condoms in the market to consider when looking for the ideal product. Therefore, you must think about some critical factors before making your purchase. One of these important considerations concerns the material; this will determine the resilience, safety and aesthetics of the condom. Most male condoms are made of latex and polyurethane. However, if you are looking for a natural alternative, there are lambskin condoms. Here is a brief description of the crucial pros and cons of this kind of condoms that you should know.

Advantages of lambskin condoms

Lambskin condoms are actually made from the intestine of sheep. This might seem unappealing and even disgusting on its face, but it is a great material, if processed in the right way, that may offer men a few advantages.

The primary advantage of choosing lambskin condoms is the natural aspect, particularly when compared to the popular latex. If you are allergic to latex, you will find that lambskin will not trigger the usual uncomfortable response. The natural material also does not have that specific unsavory smell which latex and plastic alternatives have and that some people find quite repellent.

In terms of comfort and pleasure, lambskin is also a great material choice. Basically, the condoms are very thin in their design, so you will experience a more natural feeling. The material will also transmit the body heat better than latex alternatives.

Just like regular condoms, lambskin condoms are quite effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Drawbacks of lambskin condoms

Unfortunately, lambskin condoms are not perfect and they have significant drawbacks. The most critical disadvantage is that the pores in the membrane of this type of condoms are large enough for the transmission of disease-causing microorganisms, especially viruses. In other words, they will not protect against some STDs (including herpes and HIV) as good as regular latex condoms will.

The lambskin material is harder to obtain and process compared to artificial alternatives; as a result, these condoms are more expensive than the standard latex. You will also not have numerous brands and types of lambskin condoms to consider for purchase; therefore, you might not get exactly what you need. In addition, these products have a relatively short shelf-life, so you can only store them for a limited period.


Lambskin condoms are hypo-allergenic and have an innate texture that promotes natural sensation during sexual intercourse as if you’re not wearing a condom at all. However, you should remember that they only provide reliable protection against pregnancy. When it comes to sexually transmitted infections, lambskin condoms have a very low level of protection.

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