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What Is Kamagra?

Kamagra (generic – Sildenafil) is a drug used for treating erectile dysfunction – or impotence as it is known in layperson’s terms. It does so by increasing blood flow to the penis and the area surrounding the genitals by relaxing the muscles in the area.

This drug is also prescribed for PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension); the brand used for treating this health problem is called Revatio. It is important to be aware about this detail as you should not take this particular drug and Revatio at the same time as this would result in overdose and hence, serious health complications.

What Is The Prescribed Dosage?

This drug is available in many forms such as Kamagra fast, Kamagra gel, Kamagra jellies, Kamagra jelly among others. The dosages are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. The best practice is to take it as prescribed by the doctor. In case you are not comfortable with consulting a doctor or pharmacist, read the indications on the label very carefully. Do not take the medicine in less or more dosage than recommended.

The drug is normally taken about 30 minutes before the proposed sexual intimacy. Be aware that erection will not occur spontaneously; it will require sexual arousal. The effect of the drug will last for up to 36 hours.

What Happens If I Overdose With The Kamagra Tablets?

Since you have to take the drug only about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, you might think that you can take the drug as many times as you have sex.

DO NOT TAKE this drug more than ONCE in 24 hours. If you take more by mistake, immediately seek medical help.


Grapefruit juice interferes with this drug to give unpleasant side effects. Do not consume anything that has grapefruit as ingredient when you are taking this ED medication.

Before You Buy Kamagra Online – Know About Its Contraindications

There are a number of contraindications that need to be taken into consideration when you buy this drug. You should not take sildenafil if you:

– are allergic to this ingredient

– have a history of heart failure, heart stroke, or any type of cardiovascular problems;

– have a history of kidney or liver conditions;

– have any type of blood disorders such as hemophilia, leukemia, multiple myeloma, and sickle cell anemia;

– suffered from stomach ulcer;

– are advised not to have sex for any reason related to your health;

– suffer from retinitis pigmentosa (this is a hereditary condition that affects eyes)

– suffer from any condition that affects the shape of your penis.

If taken as prescribed, Kamagra side effects are very limited; almost negligible. Nonetheless, you need to be aware of any such symptoms that would warn you about an adverse reaction.

What You Should Look For When Buying This ED Drug Online?

It is easy to order Kamagra online and in most cases in UK you will get enjoy next day delivery. Check the Kamagra reviews for the pharmacy you are buying it from to ensure that you are buying from a genuine pharmacy. Do not be tempted by advertisements for cheap Kamagra; always check that you are buying genuine generic drug to void scams.

Side Effects

Watch out and notify your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms – dizziness, chest pain (angina), painful erection that last for more 4 hours, shortness of breath, and difficulty in breathing.

Kamagra should be taken with extreme caution if you have a history of blood pressure and/ or any type of heart problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the difference between Kamagra Pills and Kamagra Soft Tabs?

A. The difference between the two is the time it takes to take effect and the way they are absorbed. The soft tabs are chewable and suits best those who do not like or cannot swallow pills.

Q. What are the shipping charges for the Kamagra tablets?

A. Shipping is FREE both for UK and overseas orders. We ship every order the same day by courier service for speedy delivery. The order will be shipped in an unobtrusive manner to protect your privacy.

Q. What is the delivery time of my Kamagra tablets order?

A. We use courier service for delivery of the order. In the UK the delivery would be made within 48 hours, though we make every effort to have next day delivery in the UK.
For overseas order, the delivery would take on an average 3-8 business days

Q. What is the refund policy? What if I am not happy with the order? Is there a money back guarantee?

A. We offer the highest standard and quality generic medicine. Nonetheless, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the Kamagra Tablets and we will refund the payment. The refund will be made to the credit card you used to make the payment.

No refunds will be made after 30 days from the shipping date.

Q. What if I do not get my order?

If for any reason you have not received an order within 15 days from placing it, contact us and we will reship the order or refund the payment – as per your preference.
The following conditions needs to be met:

–      The shipping address is same, and it is correct.

–      At least 15 days have elapsed since the shipping has been confirmed to you.

Q. How safe are the Kamagra pills?

Kamagra pills are manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, which has built an excellent reputation over the past decade for manufacturing high quality generic medicine. Besides, male erectile dysfunction medicine, Ajanta Pahrma also manufactures anti-malaria drugs and generic medicine for ophtamological, cardiovascular and dermatological disorders.
As long as the medication is taken as prescribed, it is safe. Your good health is our primary concern and hence, we provide ONLY the highest quality medicines. Before you take the pills:

–      DO READ INSTRUCTIONS carefully.

–      Do pay attention to contraindications

Do note the symptoms that call for immediate medical intervention

Is Kamagra Safe?

Yes, Kamagra is as safe as the branded and FDA approved ED drugs are – as long as they are taken as prescribed.

How Does It Work?

This is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (Ph5) inhibitor which blocks the action of pde5 on cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) in order to provide erection. In layperson’s language, it dilates the blood vessels of the penis to help getting an erection.

Are There Shipping Costs?

No, all order enjoy free shipping.

How Soon Can I Get My Order?

We offer fast, next day delivery for every order.

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