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Kamagra is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. You can buy Kamagra online simply and safely using our confidential pharmacy service.

Buy Kamagra Online

When buying Kamagra on the internet, make sure that you are asked to answer several questions in the form of a reliable health form and that a qualified doctor checks your order.

Kamagra is a generic Viagra drug containing sildenafil citrate as the main ingredient. The pharmaceutical company has become a major generic drug manufacturing company called Ajanta Pharma, and a drug called Valif, which is Levitra generic, is also known.

About Ajanta Pharma

Ajanta Pharma is world-famous as a breakthrough pharmaceutical company that provides generic drugs in the market share of emerging countries. We sell pharmaceuticals in a wide range of fields, mainly anti-malaria, antibiotics, anti-allergy, heart disease, musculoskeletal medicine, respiratory medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc., and sell them according to the needs of each country.

There are several types of ED drugs, and there are many types of Kamagra alone, such as “Kamagra”, “Kamagra Gold”, “Kamagra Chewable”, “Kamagra 100mg POLO”, “Kamagra Effervescent Tablets”, and jelly-type “Kamagra”. Oral Jelly (Jelly)”, “Kamagra POLO”, etc.

We also manufacture and sell Levitra generic Vardenafil formulation Valif and Cialis generic Tadalafil formulations Tadalis and Apcalis.

The oral tablet form is the most common. There are many other types of tablets, such as OD tablets (orally disintegrating tablets) that can be taken without water, and medicines with various flavors.

Mechanism of action and efficacy of Kamagra

The mechanism by which a man gets an erection is that sexual stimulation first excites the central nervous system in the brain, which then travels through the spinal cord to the penis. When a component called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) is secreted, the smooth muscle relaxes and blood flows into the spongy tissue of the penis, the corpus cavernosum, resulting in an erection.

On the other hand, the reason for erectile dysfunction is that the body secretes a large amount of PDE-5, which inhibits an erection.

Kamagra is classified as a PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitor, just like Pfizer’s Viagra. Therefore, by taking Kamagra, it is possible to inhibit the action of PDE-5, suppressing the destruction of cGMP and increasing the amount, thereby assisting the transportation to an erection. It improves blood flow and makes it easier to get an erection, so sexual excitement and stimulation can produce a normal erection.

Kamagra is indicated for erectile dysfunction and ED, and Kamagra contains sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient and comes in two doses, 50mg, and 100mg tablets. Kamagra 100mg tablets are mainly distributed.
The effect appears 30 minutes to 1 hour after taking the medicine and lasts for 4 to 6 hours.

How to take Kamagra

As with Viagra, it should be taken on an empty stomach with water for maximum effect. Not only Viagra and Kamagra, but any ED drug will be less effective if taken after meals, so be sure to take all ED drugs on an empty stomach. This is because eating a meal creates a film in the stomach that prevents the ED drug from being absorbed. If you have eaten, we recommend that you wait 1 to 2 hours before taking the medicine. Also, if you can’t avoid eating, it’s better to take something as refreshing as possible.

When it comes to alcohol, there is no problem if it is a small amount, as it has a relaxing effect, but if you get too drunk, you may develop symptoms of ED, so please be careful not to drink too much.

Kamagra side effects, contraindications

The side effects of Kamagra are the same as those of Viagra because the active ingredients are the same, and they are seen in some people. The symptoms are similar to those of alcohol consumption, and are temporary and disappear as the effects of the drug weaken. Headache, dizziness, bloodshot eyes, hot flashes, nasal congestion, etc. 

Side effects vary from person to person, but some people experience mild symptoms or none at all. Those who have never taken ED drugs may be wary of the symptoms, but if you compare it, it is similar to the feeling of taking alcohol. If you feel any of the above sensations, you should be able to recognize that the ingredients are working on your body. Side effects will disappear with the duration of the effect, so there is no need to worry about excessive effects. If you feel a severe headache after taking it, you can use it in combination with a headache medicine such as Loxonin.

The following are contraindications for co-administration and items requiring caution.

  • Combined use with nitrates or nitric oxide donors (nitroglycerin, amyl nitrite, isosorbide dinitrate, etc.) is contraindicated.
  • Those who have had an allergy to Viagra (sildenafil preparation).
  • Those who have been diagnosed as inappropriate for sexual activity
  • Those with severe liver disease
  • Those with extremely low or high blood pressure
  • Those with chronic cerebrovascular disease Diagnosed

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