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Kamagra Effervescent

In fact, Kamagra effervescent tablets can be called a soluble sexual enhancer because both drugs are based on an identical active ingredient – sildenafil. It is thanks to Sildenafil that the drugs in question give men with impaired potency an erection, since once in the blood it removes a kind of blockage from the penile tissue and allows them to fill with blood.

Kamagra effervescent tablets are made by the reliable Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. Your effervescent sexual enhancer was a very effective drug from the start. Our Kamagra research has shown that these effervescent tablets are made from high-quality raw materials according to the optimal recipe, which comes as close as possible to the reference sexual enhancer. The formula of the effervescent tablet Kamagra has also undergone some necessary changes in order to improve the solubility properties.

The main advantage of the soluble Kamagra over the tablet is the rate of absorption. Because of this property, the occurrence of an erection after taking the drug is significantly reduced. If the usual Kamagra or sexual enhancer has to be taken an hour before the planned sexual intercourse, soluble Kamagra can put you on alert after 40 minutes. So, if you like Sildenafil but you often have to hold back your passion while waiting for the drug, buying an effervescent Kamagra tablet is a great solution.

We also recommend buying soluble male enhancement drugs for whom conspiracy is very important. You can give Kamagra effervescent tablets for instant vitamin C. By the way, you can also transfer them to packaging under such vitamins, then nobody will have any more questions. So in no case do you need to hide from your lady or a cheerful company to prepare for the night of love.

Side effects and contraindications

The side effects and contraindications of Kamagra effervescent tablets are no different from sexual enhancers and its other generic drugs, as these properties depend on the active ingredient, which, as we know, is the same in all of these drugs. There are few contraindications to these drugs and side effects are unlikely. Even so, before buying soluble Kamagra or any other sildenafil, whatever sexual intercourse is, the main thing is to consult a doctor, the main thing is to be safe.

Direct contraindications include

  • Individual intolerance to sildenafil
  • Parallel intake of nitrates
  • Stroke or heart attack in history

possible side effects

  • Central nervous system and sensory organs : headache, dizziness, facial flushing from hot flashes
  • Respiratory system : nasal congestion, pharyngitis, sinusitis, increased sputum production
  • Gastrointestinal tract : dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, exacerbation of gastritis
  • Urinary system : frequent urination, incomplete emptying of the bladder
  • Metabolism : thirst, feeling hot, hyperglycaemia.


Kamagra effervescent tablets is a high quality, modern product that guarantees you a hard penis like reinforced concrete drill in the shortest possible time. Aside from its medicinal properties, it has good gastronomic properties because soluble sexual enhancer from India is so easy to drink unlike traditional tablets.

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