How To Make a Man With ED Hard?

How To Make a Man With ED Hard?

How To Stimulate a Man With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is such a health condition, where achieving a harder and long-lasting erection is harder than the penis. A man who suffers from the disorder goes through tremendous mental pressure for not being able to get an erection. At times sexual arousal also can’t play any role to get an erection.

Stimulate a Man With Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

Many times, the partner can help the man to achieve an erection. Satisfying sex is equally important and takes effort for both. Simultaneously it must consist of fun, enjoyment, and energetic releases for both the partners. But how to help your man to have an erection when he is suffering from ED?

Erectile dysfunction takes away the fun part from better sex life. In that circumstance, a man is always worried about the penis, either it is erected or not. Erectile dysfunction even decreases the frequency of intimacy between the partners. One partner stays emotionally broken and not confident about his performance and the tricks of making his woman happy. The partner needs to take the required responsibility to bring back the lost spark into the relationship.

Now if your man is getting older or may be suffering from erectile dysfunction for some other reason, it is your turn to make things right. Doesn’t matter who takes the effort but the result it gets is equally fruitful for both the partners. There are two different ways of stimulating your partner for an enjoyable sexual experience. The most common techniques are:

  1. Staying hard without pills
  2. Staying hard with pills

Stay Hard Enough Without Pills:

There are multiple pills available in the market to help your man to deal with ED. But if you want to give it a try without using any pills, you can learn how to turn him on with these simple techniques

  1. Try Out different sex positions:

Sex positions

Regular things are boring. Generally, they are not very interesting or stimulating for us. An ordinary dress or even regular food can’t bring any new spark to our eyes. Then how can a regular position can? The penis is such a creature that gets bored with the routine.

Even when you are trying some hot and sexy moves in your daily intercourse life, it will be boring after some time. Again, the routine will turn both the partners down. Then a better sexual life is nothing but a daydream.

When asked most of the females about their favorite sex position, the answer was “He on top”. This means that a woman enjoys sexual intercourse when a man is upon her. The position also gets a higher level of orgasm to them, and we can’t deny the fact. Eventually, when asked men about their favorite sex position, the answers were varying and not the same always.

Thus, it is not different if your man loves to be playful in bed. Most of the men find foreplay to be the most stimulant activity than having sex in real. If the steps of the sex cycle are predictable, there are nothing new and fresh leaves.

New positions leave your partners with surprises and woo them and is a simple trick to cure ED. Try sex positions that help to keep his penis in action for the maximum time possible. If you are practicing the same sex routine of “He on top”, this is the time to try something new like you on top, or maybe the reverse cowgirl posture.

  1. Try out different places for having sex:

Best Places Ever to Have Sex

When it comes to having better intercourse, location can play the second most important first. Trying out different sex positions still remains in the first position. It is very usual for couples to have their sexual pleasures generally in their bedroom.

A soft, cozy bed is an essential factor in an exceptional sex experience. But does it remains interesting forever? No right? Even though you need a soft surface to enjoy great intercourse, but new places can be one of the great erectile dysfunction stimulation techniques.

You can try out your kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom to try out new sex positions at new places. It is not always necessary to have an orgasm while lying down for one upon another. New places bring new opportunities to try out and discover the most stimulating and erotic sex position ever.

You can prefer reading some sex magazines which write about sex positions and try them out on your own. Using props like different furniture can also add some extra to a great sex session.

  1. Focus upon foreplay:


Once both the couples have sex, it is the ultimate step of the session. Once orgasm is reached, and releases are done, there is nothing left to try out. But unfortunately, when it comes to men, they are more focused to the point of having sex. Foreplay is an essential part of a satisfactory session of making out, but most of the time, the part is left unstirred.

If your man is not that good at initiating a great round of foreplay, it is you who must know how to turn on a man with erectile dysfunction. If you are not trying out foreplay in your intimate life still, you are undeniably making some mistakes. Foreplay helps in enhancing sex for both partners.

Being intimate can be more pleasing than putting a penis into a vagina when foreplay is the first thing you try out. Foreplay is the practice of stimulating each other through soft touches and especially going through the areas which encourage both the partners and provoke them to have sex.

Excellent foreplay can help the man to keep his penis hard till the “Final Destination” of having sex. A man with ED can achieve an erection if the foreplay is done right. Kissing, groping, fondling can be great options and essential parts of the foreplay session. Mutual masturbation is another factor of an excellent foreplay session, and you must try that in your romantic routine.

Foreplay is a guaranteed move to get him in the mood and keep his penis hard for longer.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle:

healthy lifestyle

Most of the problems and the solutions lie in the lifestyle that we lead. Most of the diseases take place because of a poor lifestyle. When women want to know how to help husbands with ED, in many cases changing the lifestyle or replacing the poor lifestyle with a healthy one is everything we need.

To get an erection that stays for longer, a man needs to have adequate blood flow to the penis. Also, the body needs to produce a sufficient amount of testosterone hormone to help a man to get an erection.

It has been seen that men with cardiovascular and liver-related diseases can’t get an erection quickly. Other conditions like low or high blood pressure, overweight, cholesterol, etc. can also regulate the sex life and drive it towards the worst.

Taking supplements like different fruit juices, apple cider vinegar, and intaking other healthy diets can help a man to treat many causes that lead to erectile dysfunction.

Taking care of the body and keeping it disease-free can help both partners. If any or both of them smoke and have alcohol, they must consider quitting that too. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption is harmful to a healthy lifestyle and of course, for healthy sex life.

Increasing the level and amount of performing exercises can also help both partners to have a great sex life. There are certain and specific exercises for couples to perform, which lead to great sex life. If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, massaging the penis can be a great practice. If the partner helps her man to have an erection through massaging, there is nothing more complimenting.

With the help of lubricants and different devices, a man can massage the penis and can increase the time of holding an erection. Even if your guy is not someone who believes in a healthy lifestyle, great sex can be a great incentive to let him think about his perspective.

  1. Communication is the key:

If you are dealing with the dilemma of how to make love to an impotent man, there is nothing sexier than excellent communication. Couples who are more tend to communicate much about their sex life, have the most of it. At times erectile dysfunction is caused by disappointment from the existing sex life.

It is very natural for both the partners to have a different expectation level from each other. While having sexual intercourse, expressing what one wants is impossible. But again, when the communication about the expectations and the analysis between the expectation and the reality are not made, it led to disappointment.

In many cases, any or both the partners are left unsatisfied even after going through a complete sex cycle. Couples who discuss their sex life with each other and their expectations from their sex life, make them more competitive with each other. It is better to talk about what you like and what you don’t do during sexual intercourse.

When communication regarding sexual expectations is clear between couples, they are very tending to work upon their own flaws. Talking about sex is more stimulating and pleasing than having it in real at many times.

How To Get Your Man Hard With Pills?

It is not always necessary that you have to keep up the patience equally to deal with the problem. If your man finds it hard to have an erection during sex, ED pills are the right choice to help you both to enjoy a great session, by getting him an erection.

What are the ED pills?

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

ED pills generally come under the category called PDE5 inhibitors. There is a specific enzyme in the body, which acts upon getting erectile problems. Those pills help in reducing ty action of the enzyme and help a man to get an erection.

There are several pills available on the market. Viagra 100mg is the most common, known, and effective ED tablet. The main ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate. Other ED pills include Cialis and Levitra. The key ingredient of all the medicines is different. But the working mechanism of all the medicines remains the same.

The pills also regulate the blood flow to the penis. It is self-evident that to achieve an erection, the penis needs to have enough blood flow. The pills relax the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis and help it for an erection.

How to take the pills?

Importance of pills

All the ED medicines are oral-only pills. Which means that your man needs to take them orally. With the help of a little water, the medicine can get swallowed. If you want to know how to turn him on for longer, the drugs are prescribed to be taken at least 30 to 60 minutes before any sexual intercourse.

Men with any cardiovascular disease, liver problem, or following specific medication that can be reactive to the ED pills, must not prefer taking those medicines. The dosage of the drug is dependent upon the severity of the problem and the suggestion of your health practitioner. It is always better to ask your doctor before trying any pill.

Though the pills are effective in ED, they have certain side effects. Most erectile dysfunction pills show certain and common side effects. Though the side effects are not life-taking, they can be severe in many cases.

Once the pill is taken, the erection lasts for 4 to 6 hours that. Though in some pills the bloodstream can have the residue of the action of the medicine for the next 36 hours or so. One needs to visit the doctor if the erection is harder even after 6 hours.


Great sex life is key to a great relationship. Every couple needs to maintain a great sex life for the sake of keeping up a healthy personal life. Choosing the best yet simple trick to cure ED is the right choice. If your man is comfortable with taking pills, you can prefer doing so. But if he is not, there is nothing that can force him to do so. Having a hard erection without pills can also be a better choice. Practicing the right techniques help couples to be playful in their sex life. What else? A great sex life stays intact after that.

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