Herpes – kissing disease

Herpes – kissing disease

Herpes is quite a widespread infection that was known many centuries ago. The results of being infected may be too sad in case no proper measures were undertaken. The article below will tell you what herpes actually is, its danger and the ways how to avoid this disease.

It is not visible for a certain period of time. However, when the time comes it appears and fights with no mercy. Now we are speaking about herpes – an insidious virus that appears in many people.

“Creeping” enemy

The herpes virus was described by Hippocrates and in Greek, it means “creeping”. Herpes is an intracellular parasite; it affects the human cell embedding into its genetic apparatus. The insidiousness of the virus is once it appears in the human body it remains there forever.

Commonly in sleeping “complacent” conditions, herpes appears in the peripheral nervous system, exactly – in the spinal ganglions. The virus may remain imperceptible until the master’s immunity grows weak.

There are maybe various incentives for the virus activity, for instance: supercooling, superheating (including the one caused by being in the sun), pregnancy, increased alcohol intake, stress, and infectious diseases.

The insidiousness and love

Today there are seven herpes viruses known to be dangerous for humans. The most widespread is the herpes simplex virus of the first and second types appearing at the genitals and lips. Traditionally the virus localization places are – face skin (nose and mouth areas, and cheeks sometimes), mouth cavity, and conjunctiva.

Males may experience herpes at the balance, foreskin; females get the vulva, vulvar lips, buttocks affected. Both males and females may get the pubis skin eruption.

In a typical disease, the eruption is being preceded by feverishness, chill, waist pain. In atypical disease (that occurs in 75-80% cases) a slight burning and pain occur throughout urination.

However, there are also asymptomatic forms of the disease. Atypical herpes may take the form of certain venereal diseases: syphilis, as well as male and female genitals chlamydia pathologies.

The first attack

The first attack accompanied by the massive eruptions is most aggressive commonly. Relapses are usually less severe. However, it is up to the patient’s immunity. Classical relapse lasts about three weeks. Sometimes it restarts every month.

Sexual intercourse is not the only way to get the dangerous virus. The use of the patient’s stuff like towels, sheets, soap, crème, toothbrushes, plates and dishes, cosmetics is quite enough to obtain the virus. So don’t forget about this when you put a test lipstick in a fashion boutique.

Maternity danger

Pregnant women experience quite a severe form of herpes disease. The virus causes miscarriages in every fourth infected woman at the early pregnancy stage and in every second infected woman at the late stage. According to the killing effect on the fetus the virus on second place after the German measles. 70 of 100 babies infected by the virus of the second type die due to herpes encephalitis or viral pneumonia.

Furthermore, the virus may inpour the baby’s body not only with the mother’s milk, most often it occurs via the parturient canal, placenta, or even the sperm at conception. Thus when you are planning to have a baby don’t forget to pass a test for the herpes simplex virus and get the corresponding treatment if needed long before the conception.

Till final victory

However today there are quite efficient methods to fight this disease. In case you will contact the doctor at a proper time then the conclusions won’t be too sad. An experienced doctor will stop the disease. Actually, he won’t be able to get rid of it completely but the relapses will be avoided. Test systems developed enabling quite precise diagnosing was a real rescue for thousands of patients. The treatment implies the use of drugs that damage the pathogen and increase immunity. The estimated period of the treatment program is three months and the effect is quite positive.

The chronic form of the disease implies the use of the herpetic vaccine that is able to continue the remission up to the final completion of the disease relapses. In case we imply onetime onset of the disease the local treatment will be sufficient. Commonly the ointments are based on the acyclovir. At the very beginning of the disease, it is possible to sear the vesicles with the strong spirit solution: the herpes virus cannot stand it.

This is all about it

Except for the above-mentioned examples, the virologists and immunologists are quite well aware of other types of this disease.

The herpes virus is transferred via droplet and contact ways. In children, it commonly causes chickenpox. Those having had in the childhood experience the lifelong immunity. The immunity is quite efficient even to another congenital disease – shingles.

Cytomegalovirus commonly appears in the salivary glands and several other organs (kidneys for instance). The infection comes via droplet, contact, common, sexual ways as well as throughout blood transfusion procedure. The infants get this virus with the mother’s milk however the prenatal infection is also possible. In the last case, the women are commonly unable to carry a baby or bear a dead fetus. The adults experience quite severe forms of the disease especially in case the immunity failure took place. The patient’s liver of the patient increases, jaundice appears and the acute liver deficit takes place. Cytomegalovirus affects the urogenital system negatively as well.

Epstein-Barr virus commonly causes mononucleosis – the infectious disease the main symptoms of which are angina, increased spleen, and liver. Commonly this virus is transferred via contact or droplet ways. The infection is being contributed by the use of the common plates and dishes, individual hygiene stuff. The possible complications are stomatitis, otitis, pneumonia, serious meningitis, jaundice.

The sixth and seventh virus types are revealed quite recently. There is too little data about the seventh virus type. The antibodies to the sixth virus type appear in every third person: in children between 3-10 tears, it causes a slight disease characterized by feverishness, chills within several days, eruption followed by the lowering of the body temperature. In adults the sixth virus type is characterized by increased lymph glands, headache, cough, cold, scratching, and chronic tiredness. As well as the other representatives of the herpes viruses this one inpours the body via droplet and contact ways. However, there are cases of inpouring the body via saliva and even urine (this takes place throughout the use of the common pans in the kindergartens or lavatory pans).

In case the herpes virus was revealed in your body:

  • Take care of those near you: don’t kiss anyone throughout your disease. As the fluids in the eruption on your lips swarms with the infection.
  • The individual hygiene in those suffering herpes should be very strict. The patient should has its own plates and dishes, soap, towel, bed and other stuffs of the individual hygiene.
  • Forget about swimming pool or sauna throughout ictus. Don’t visit the dentist: you may simple infect the doctor (there is even such disease called as “dentist herpes”).
  • Try to avoid sexual contacts in case you don’t want your beloved to suffer the same itching spots on the body. Don’t despair: in the remission period there is no risk for your partner to be infected.

By the way

According to certain data, the herpes virus relates the oncological diseases directly: 3% of virus genomic DNA – is a pure oncogene. Furthermore, the herpes infection often appears in AIDS patients and may cause their death as well as pneumonia and influenza. Finally quite a popular modern disease – chronic fatigue syndrome according to many doctors is caused also by the herpes pathogen.

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