Herbs For Fertility

Herbs For Fertility

Before we get into which herbs do what fertility wise, there is something that everyone should know about herbs and herbal preparations. Treat them just as you would any other drug or medication. Just because herbs and herbal preparations come from plants does not mean that you can’t overdose on them.

There is not enough room in this course to cover all possible herbs, so we will discuss the more common and more universal herbs that are used for fertility. These herbs will include:

  • Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry)
  • Dang Quai (Don Quai)
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Green Tea

Doses will not be thoroughly discussed as the best person to provide that information is a trained herbalist who can evaluate your medical history and needs.


Also known as Chaste Tree Berry, Vitex helps to balance a woman’s hormones. It does not contain any hormones itself, so it will not ‘add’ any to an unbalanced system. It does take about three months of continued use for the woman to ‘see’ the changes. Vitex helps with ovulatory problems, luteal phase problems, and can even help a woman to create EWCM during her fertile phase. This herb can be taken through the entire cycle, and there is no need to take a break from it unless pregnancy is achieved.

Dang Quai

Also spelled Don Quai, this herb is also a hormone regulator, but works best in conjunction with other hormone regulating herbs. This herb can cause uterine contractions, and should not be taken after ovulation as it could lead to a miscarriage or possibly to birth defects. Dang Quai should only be taken from the first day of a woman’s period until ovulation has been detected. It can also cause photosensitivity in some women, so always wear sun block if using this herb. If photosensitivity does occur, stop taking this herb.

Evening Primrose Oil

This is a great herb to take in conjunction with Vitex, Dang Quai or even Clomid and other fertility drugs. Because many fertility drugs like Clomid, cause the woman’s cervical fluid to dry up or be less sperm friendly, taking EPO throughout the cycle helps to prevent this from happening. Also women that do not seem to develop much EWCM on their own, can also take EPO. This herb can be taken throughout the cycle, and there is no need to stop taking it unless pregnancy has been achieved. Most women see results the first cycle they use it.

Red Raspberry Leaf

This can usually be found in either capsules or as a tea, and it helps to relieve menstrual cramping. If nausea or vomiting accompanies the cramps, add a little cream to this tea to help relieve it. There is no contraindication with pregnancy, so this tea is safe to drink throughout the cycle and can be enjoyed during pregnancy as well.

Green Tea

Not really an herb, but worth mentioning again in greater detail. Green Tea is an antioxidant, and should replace any coffee or caffeinated drinks consumed by either the man or the woman. This tea can be drunk daily and assists with the production of healthy sperm and egg cells.

If you are interested in trying herbs before, or even after trying other fertility medications, you should locate your nearest trained herbalist. Do not try to self medicate with fertility herbs.

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