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Erectile Dysfunction

FAQ about Drugs to Treat Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Since its introduction in 1998, sildenafil — better known by its trade name Viagra — has been one of the most popular prescription medications on the market. It was the first “as needed” pill treatment for erectile dysfunction (also called impotence ), a problem that may affect up to 30 million American men. Recently two …

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Viagra Side Effects

Viagra Side Effects

Viagra –An Unintentional Discovery That Saved the Marital Ecstasy Some 200 million men are said to have been exposed to the dangers of erectile dysfunction and the numbers are continuously soaring. This is all about the penis and the quality of erections.Erectile dysfunction, a male sexual disorder, is a complex issue. Complex because it is …

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Natural Viagra

Natural Viagra for Men and Women

Given the present time,Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual malfunction more popular than common cold. Almost ten million men or more perform bad in bed due to erectile dysfunction and many couples are bearing the brunt of weaker erections. But Viagra’s launch, which dates back to 1998,has changed the global picture. Pfizer scientists, unwittingly, developed Viagra …

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Influenza (Flu) – Find out Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

nfluenza is a viral infection caused by the flu virus. Typically affecting the nose, throat and lungs, its symptoms are sometimes confused with the common cold but are in fact more severe. The virus can cause infections all year round, but in the UK it’s most common in the winter. Influenza is a highly contagious …

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Types of Asthma Inhalers

There are different types of asthma treatments available and usage depends on the requirements of individuals; generally it is recommended though that you have both a reliever and a preventer inhaler. Relievers usually help to alleviate the symptoms associated with the onset of an asthma attack whilst preventers help to reduce inflammation of the airways …

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