Relationships are a major cause of emotional health problems. Adults may have serious relationship problems among themselves and with their children, which may lead to child abuse and neglect. Stress associated with other problems, such as divorce, grief or traumatic events, can also affect relationships.

The Truth About Altruism

The Truth About Altruism

Eleanor Roosevelt is supposed to have asked, “When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?” Mrs. Roosevelt was reflecting on the long history of humans reacting to suffering and misery with acts of revenge. If a tender conscience depends on the evolution of human …

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Relationships – Help & Tips

Summary Relationships are connections of two or more people that are an important source of emotional support and comfort in most people’s lives. Whether they are romantic, familial or professional in nature, relationships enhance a person’s sense of belonging, purpose and self-worth. People experience discord in most relationships at some point. In such cases, relationships …

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Child Abuse

Child Abuse – Signs and Tips

Also called: Child Abuse, Abuse of Children Summary Child health experts define child abuse as any harm to or neglect of a child by another person that presents an imminent risk or results in serious physical or emotional harm and, in some cases, the death of a minor. Children can be abused by parents, caretakers …

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What is abuse?

Summary Abuse is a pattern of harmful behaviors directed at achieving and maintaining power over an individual. Types of abuse include physical, sexual and mental or emotional. Abuse can also be a combination of any of these forms and can occur in various settings. Whether abuse takes the form of domestic violence, child abuse or elder …

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