Impulse Control Disorders

People with impulse control disorders are unable to prevent themselves from acting on the strong, sudden impulses. These impulses may involve stealing (kleptomania), setting fires (pyromania), gambling (gambling addiction or pathological gambling) or abnormal sexual urges (paraphilias, which may range from fetishism to pedophilia).

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Political commentator John McLaughlin introduced the issue on his weekly television program, The McLaughlin Group, like this: “Road rage drivers are not just angry. They’re crazy. So says research from Harvard and from the University of Chicago. The new sickness is called intermittent explosive disorder or IED. IED sufferers have abnormal areas of the brain …

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Paraphilias – Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Also called: Abnormal Sexual Behaviors, Perverse Sexual Behaviors, Deviant Sexual Behaviors, Deviant Sexual Arousal Summary Paraphilias are abnormal sexual urges, fantasies or behaviors that are recurrent and intense. They usually first occur in adolescence and last a lifetime. They may occur at any time or just recur periodically, especially during periods of stress. Sexual arousal …

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Kleptomania – Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Summary Kleptomania is an impulse control disorder. People with kleptomania experience irresistible impulses or urges to steal. Stealing without regard for the value of an object and taking unnecessary items are features of the disorder. Prior to stealing, patients feel increasing anxiety until the impulse to steal becomes overwhelming. After stealing, they feel relief and …

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Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction – Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Also called: Gambling Problem, Pathological Gambling, Compulsive Gambling Summary Many people who gamble never develop a problem with the behavior. Some, however, engage in uncontrolled gambling that can lead to serious personal, vocational and financial consequences. This condition is also known as gambling addiction, compulsive gambling or pathological gambling. Signs of gambling addiction include a …

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Impulse Control Disorders

Impulse Control Disorders

Summary Impulse control disorders involve the inability to resist certain urges. These strong, sudden impulses can lead to serious consequences such as physical injury, arrest and imprisonment. People with impulse control disorders continue to engage in the harmful behavior despite the negative consequences.   Substance abuse is an example of a common impulse control disorder. However, …

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