Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can take many forms, from the misuse of legal products (e.g., alcohol, prescription medications) to the use of illegal drugs (e.g., cocaine, marijuana). Because of parallels regarding addiction and dependence, smoking is also often considered a type of substance abuse or drug abuse. Substance abuse treatment includes detoxification, medications to psychotherapy.


Detoxification – Also called: Detox, Withdrawal Therapy

Also called: Detox, Withdrawal Therapy Summary Detoxification is the process of removing a substance and/or its effects from patients who are addicted to the substance. It is not a distinct treatment in itself. Instead, it is the first step in the comprehensive treatment of patients with substance abuse. The overall goals of detoxification are for …

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

Summary Substance abuse treatment is a type of behavior modification therapy designed to help people quit using alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications for non-prescribed purposes. Substance abuse is the habitual misuse of alcohol or drugs. Drug abuse may involve using illegal drugs or misusing prescription medications. There are several different types of substance abuse …

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Substance Abuse & Mental Illness

Substance Abuse & Mental Illness

Summary A dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse is a very common and often underestimated problem. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI), as many as half of all patients with a mental health disorder also have a substance abuse problem. Mental illnesses that are mostly likely to occur with substance abuse …

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Alcoholism – Causes, Signs and symptoms, Treatment

Also called: Alcohol Dependence Syndrome Summary Alcoholism is a chronic disorder characterized by excessive and compulsive use of the drug alcohol. It also includes craving alcohol, loss of control over drinking, physical dependence on alcohol and tolerance. Alcoholism is different than alcohol abuse, which is alcohol use that leads to legal or relationship problems, drinking …

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Buy Naltrexone Online

Summary Naltrexone is a medication used to treat opioid (e.g. heroin, morphine) and alcohol dependenceaddiction. It works by blocking the opioid receptor (a molecule that opioids bind to) toprevent opioid “highs” and any pleasure experienced while drinking alcohol. It also reduces cravings for these substances. Naltrexone is available in daily oral (pill) and monthly injectable forms …

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