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Fluticasone is a treatment for allergic rhinitis, manufactured by the GlaxoSmithKline laboratory. It works by calming inflammation in the nasal passages.

What is Fluticasone

Fluticasone is a nasal spray used to relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It is administered once a day and generally provides visible results within eight hours. The spray contains a corticosteroid which helps reduce the inflammatory effects of an allergic response. The latter may result from pollen (hay fever), dust mites, mold spores, or hair. The Cipla laboratory manufactures the Fluticasone nasal spray, which is only available through the prescription of a doctor.

  • Easy to use nasal spray
  • Acts between 8 and 24 hours
  • Manufactured by Cipla

Allergic rhinitis can take a number of different forms. It can be the result of hay fever, a dust allergy, or mold. The most common symptoms are those experienced with a common cold, such as nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, sneezing, and a general feeling of irritation in the airways. The condition is very common, especially in France, with around 20% of the population affected in one way or another.

Specifically, allergic rhinitis occurs when the tissues of the nose and airways come into contact with an irritant stimulus, such as those described above, through inhalation. The body’s immune system interprets these irritants as a threat and releases chemicals in order to defend itself. These chemicals cause inflammation and swelling, resulting in nasal allergic symptoms. Irritation can also occur below and around the eyes, causing it to be itchy and watery.

The active agent in Flonase is a corticosteroid called fluticasone. During an allergic crisis, the chemicals responsible for inflammation are released by certain tissue cells. Thus, fluticasone inhibits the functions of these same cells. This action slows down the release of resistant chemicals. As a result, the symptoms of irritation decrease in intensity, and the airways begin to clear up. offers you a confidential and secure consultation service, allowing you to buy Fluticasone from our pharmacy. To do this, take a few minutes of your time to complete our medical questionnaire. Your answers will be reviewed by one of our doctors, who will issue you a prescription-only if they believe the chosen medication is safe for your condition. After confirmation, your order will be prepared by our pharmacy and shipped by parcel 24h.

Usage tips

Read the instructions in the package leaflet carefully before taking this medicine, and follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. This will allow the treatment to work properly and reduce the risk of side effects.

  • Respect the dosage
  • In most cases this will be two sprays per nostril once a day
  • Use it at the same time every day
  • When your symptoms are under control, your doctor may advise you to apply a single spray per nostril.
  • Shake well before use, for at least 10 seconds
  • Remove the cap, and point the nozzle away from you
  • Before using the spray for the first time or if you have not used your medicine for more than 30 days, you should check the spray. Press the button about 6 six times until steam is produced
  • Blow your nose to remove any obstruction
  • Tilt your head slightly forward
  • Place the tip inside one nostril, pointing it slightly out, so that it is pointed away from the center of your nose
  • Press the button and at the same time inhale through your nose
  • Remove the mouthpiece and breathe out through your mouth
  • If you are applying more than one spray, repeat the procedure
  • Use a dry cloth to clean the mouthpiece
  • Do not exceed the prescribed amount
  • Never make up for a missed dose by doubling the next dose. If you forget your medicine, take it when you remember it, but if the time for the next dose has passed, take the next one and skip the one you missed.

Please note that the above information is only indicative, and you should refer to the more detailed instructions in the package leaflet before using Fluticasone.

Side effects and warning

Side effects

Tell your doctor if you develop any side effects that would indicate an allergic reaction, such as hives, swelling of the mouth, lips, or tongue, or anything else that worries you.

Very common (1 in 10 people or more):
Nose bleeds, especially with prolonged use.

Common (1 in 10 people or less):
Headache, or nasal ulceration.

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):
Pain, burning, irritation, pain, or dryness in the nose.

This is not intended to be a complete list of side effects associated with Avamys. For a more detailed list, see the patient leaflet.


Drugs interactions

By completing a questionnaire, let the doctor know if you are taking other treatments, as they may affect the properties of your anti-allergic. In particular, please tell the doctor if you are taking or have recently taken any of the following treatments: steroids; asthma medication; ritonavir; or ketoconazole.

Precautions for use

Flonase may be contraindicated in people with a history of liver problems.

Pregnancy and breast feeding 

If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding, you should first consult your doctor before using this medicine. 

Driving and machinery

This medicine is not expected to affect your ability to drive or use machines.


Can I drink alcohol?

Yes. Alcohol does not alter the function of this spray.

Will I be able to drive?

Yes. Fluticasone is unlikely to affect your ability to drive. However, you should refrain from driving and notify your doctor immediately if you experience any side effects that may make driving difficult or dangerous.

Can I take Fluticasone while pregnant?

It should only be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding if your doctor thinks it is absolutely necessary. Consult it for more details.

How to store Fluticasone?

Keep it in a safe environment, below 25 ° C.

Am I allergic to the ingredients in Fluticasone?

This anti-allergic contains: fluticasone furoate, anhydrous glucose, dispersible cellulose, polysorbate 80, benzalkonium chloride, disodium edetate, and purified water Do not use Flonase if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Is Fluticasone available without a prescription?

To buy Fluticasone online, the issuance of a medical prescription is necessary. It can be obtained through medical consultation service.

Is this the right treatment for me?

Find out by completing a medical questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes and your answers will be reviewed by one of the licensed doctors. After your order has been approved, a prescription will be issued and forwarded to the pharmacy. All of our orders are shipped via a secure delivery service.

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