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What is Flagyl?

The active ingredient whose pharmaceutical properties are sought when a doctor prescribes Flagyl is called Metronidazole benzoate. This is mixed with sugar (sucrose) and a binder (wheat starch), then methyl parahydroxybenzoate is added, and finally propyl parahydroxybenzoate. These other substances make it possible to obtain a white tablet, or a drinkable suspension, which the body assimilates easily and quickly.

What is this medicine for?

The drug is one of the antibiotics used to fight bacteria that live in an oxygen-deprived environment. The active principle can also be used for the proliferation of protozoa in the organism, such as amoebiasis. Flagyl is often prescribed in case of vaginal or intestinal infection. The active ingredient is also found in other medicines to treat rosacea (a skin problem) and telangiectasia (dilation of certain blood vessels).

How does Flagyl work?

Flagyl works only on strict anaerobic bacteria, that is to say, which reproduce and develop in the absence of O2. The active ingredient in the drug targets the DNA of the cell it is fighting, to cause its destruction. It is the inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis that makes single-celled organisms (including protozoa) and microbes resent its presence. This prevents them from reproducing and developing properly.

How effective is this drug?

Like all antibiotics in this category, the effectiveness of this metronidazole medication depends on the individual’s consistency in following medical advice. It is imperative to take it regularly over a period that can range from seven to ten days. If the treatment is interrupted before the duration advised by the attending physician, the parasites or bacteria may survive. Their resistance to the medication may then increase, which will force the patient to use another more powerful antibiotic. The effectiveness of Flagyl can be called into question in the event of consumption of alcohol, or medicines containing it, at least until 24 hours after the last dose. The combination with an anticonvulsant, or in case of increased hepatic metabolism, the concentration of the molecule in the blood may decrease. This could therefore reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Buy Flagyl

If you have an anaerobic germ infection, such as vaginitis, urogenital trichomoniasis, or lambliasis, you can take this antibacterial and antiparasitic antibiotic. It is not necessary to present a physical prescription to buy Flagyl online. All it takes is a virtual consultation with a licensed doctor, and you can order your metronidazole over the internet. The molecule is not recommended for breastfeeding but can be used during pregnancy. It is also suitable for children over the age of six. It is not recommended to take it if the subject is allergic to wheat or has a hypersensitivity to the active ingredient and to imidazoles.

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