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Finasteride 1mg is a treatment for hair loss in men. It is the generic version of the brand name drug Propecia (marketed by MSD).

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When buying Finasteride on the internet, make sure that you are asked to answer several questions in the form of a reliable health form and that your order is checked by a qualified doctor.

About Finasteride

Finasteride 1 mg is a medicine to fight against male pattern baldness. Specifically, it is the generic version of Propecia (and produced by the Merck Sharp and Dohme laboratory). It therefore contains the same active substance, finasteride, and acts in the same way, preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. You can directly buy Finasteride 1 mg from our online pharmacy.

Male pattern baldness is very common. It is considered that one in three men will begin to lose their hair around their 30s (androgenic alopecia). This phenomenon concerns half of 40-year-old men.

In addition to androgenic alopecia, there are other types of baldness that will result from other medical causes. Hair loss can indeed result from contracting certain diseases or following medical treatment. In these cases, it is essential to consult your doctor in order to identify the drug or disease responsible for your baldness.

Finasteride 1 mg will be prescribed specifically to treat the symptoms of baldness. The latter results in a distinctive process of hair loss. Usually, hair loss will start on the top of the head. This is called vertex baldness. When the hair loss begins on the front of the head, it will be incipient baldness.

Baldness can start at various ages. In some men, the first signs will appear as early as their 20s, while in others, hair loss will not start until their 30s. In addition, how quickly you lose all of your hair can also vary greatly. The fall can be gradual and extend over several years. But it can also happen very quickly and cause sudden baldness.

It seems that genetics play an important role in the baldness process. For example, a man is more likely to lose his hair if his father or grandfather also suffered from baldness.

Currently, there is no definitive treatment for hair loss.

Finasteride is a medicine that can help slow down the hair loss process. In some cases, following medical treatment can even restore hair growth. As we have already stated, Finasteride is the generic version of Propecia and therefore works the same. That is to say, the finasteride molecule prevents the transformation in the body of the hormone responsible for baldness (conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone). Finasteride tablets are to be taken once a day. It will take a period of 3 to 6 months before the first effects of the treatment are really visible.

When prescribed in a higher dosage, Finasteride helps to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It is therefore important to remember that the 1 mg dose is only suitable for people wishing to slow down their hair loss. Please never take a higher dosage to treat baldness.

Please note that Finasteride works by temporarily preventing the action that causes hair loss. However, it does not cancel this process. If they stop Finasteride treatment, men affected by baldness will continue to lose their hair. Any hair regrowth that has occurred as a result of the medication will fall off within 9 to 12 months after completing the treatment. 

If you therefore wish to buy Finasteride 1 mg online, we invite you to answer our medical form. Our medical team will check your answers and if one of our doctors accepts to validate your order, your order will be prepared by our pharmacy. Delivery will take place within one working day.

Usage tips

Please follow the instructions given by your doctor and read the information in the package leaflet before starting treatment. This will help ensure that the medicine is working and reduce the risk of side effects. 

  • Swallow one tablet a day with a full glass of water
  • You can swallow your tablet with or without food.
  • It may be necessary to wait between 12 and 26 weeks before the effects of the drug are actually visible
  • If you miss a dose, skip the missed tablet and continue your treatment as normal. Do not take a double dose as compensation
  • You should visit your doctor regularly to check the effectiveness of Finasteride.
  • If you stop taking Finasteride, the hair you have gained will fall back within 9 to 12 months.

Side effects

Before taking the medicine for the first time, it is essential that you read and understand the information in the patient leaflet and in particular, the side effects you may experience. If you do develop side effects, this will allow you to act accordingly.

Seek urgent medical attention if you develop any of the following signs:

  • Any side effects becoming serious;
  • If you are depressed or have thoughts of suicide;
  • If you notice any changes in your breast tissue (such as a lump, secretions from your nipples, pain or tenderness);
  • If you have signs of an allergic reaction (swelling of the face, lips or throat, hives)

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):

Loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems, depression .

Unknown frequency:

Allergic reactions; swelling or tenderness of the breast; testicular pain; increased heart rate; persistent libido, erection or ejaculation problems even after discontinuation of medical treatment, infertility, high level of enzymes.

For the full list of side effects that Finasteride 1 mg can cause, please read the Package Leaflet.  

Drugs interactions

During your medical consultation, we invite you to give a list of other medicines that you are currently taking or have recently taken. Please include prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as remedies or drugs for recreational use.

It is therefore not recommended to take Finasteride with topical minoxidil.

People who are already taking drugs containing finasteride (such as Proscar for example) to treat an enlarged prostate, will not be advised to prescribe Finasteride 1 mg.

Precautions for use

It is essential that when consulting with your doctor, you describe your medical history.

Also, do not take Finasteride if you are allergic to one or more of its ingredients.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility

This medicine is only for male patients.

Pregnant women should not touch broken or powdered Finasteride tablets as this may damage the developing fetus.

Finasteride can be found in the semen of patients undergoing this medical treatment. This means that if your partner is pregnant or thinks she is pregnant, you should use a condom during sex.

If you are planning to have a child with your partner, please talk to your doctor first.

If you are already taking Finasteride, please consult your doctor before trying to conceive.

Driving and machinery

Your ability to drive or use machines should not be affected by taking Finasteride. However, if you develop side effects that could cause unsafe driving, do not drive and consult your doctor.

Lactose intolerance

Finasteride contains lactose. If you are intolerant to sugars, please tell the doctor.


Can I drink alcohol?

The answer is yes. Alcohol should not interfere with the way your medicine works. If in doubt, please talk to your doctor.

Can I drive while taking my treatment?

Yes, because there is little risk that Finasteride will interfere with your driving. But don’t drive if you develop any side effects that could make your driving uncertain.

Can I take Finasteride if my partner is pregnant?

This is possible, as long as you are sure that your partner does not come into contact with the treatment.

Therefore, your partner should not come into contact with any broken or crushed tablets. You should also wear a condom while having sex.

If your partner is pregnant or is trying to get pregnant, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist before starting treatment.

How do I store my Finasteride tablets?

In a secure location, out of reach of children and at room temperature.

Am I allergic to the drug Finasteride?

Each Finasteride tablet contains the following ingredients: finasteride, docusate sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate, pregelatinized corn starch, sodium carboxymethyl starch, povidone, red and yellow iron oxides (E172), titanium dioxide (E171), hypromellose, talc and hydroxypropylcellulose.

If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you will be refused a prescription for Finasteride 1 mg.

Is Finasteride 1 mg available over the counter?

No, this treatment is only available through the issuance of a medical prescription by a licensed doctor.

Is this the right medicine for me?

If you are looking for an effective solution for your baldness, complete our medical questionnaire now. One of our licensed doctors will check your answers and prescribe your treatment if it is safe for your health. Your order will be prepared by our pharmacy and delivered within 24 hours to the address of your choice.

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