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What is Filitra?

Filitra tablets are a high-tech medical product designed to effectively treat sexual disorders in men (erectile dysfunction). Filitra is a generic version of the legendary Levitra. In tablets Filitra contains the active substance – Vardenafil. Filitra tablets are recognized as one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase and improve potency in men in France.

For the first time, Filitra was developed in 2003 by the Indian company Fortune Health Care. After long experiences and clinical studies, namely about 8 months, Filitra tablets were approved and officially released in 40 countries.

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The main characteristics of the drug Fildena.

Due to the presence of the active substance Vardenafil in the composition of Filitra, the effect on the body is due to the increase and acceleration of blood flow to the region of the corpora cavernosa.

The drug from Filitra has no effect on hormones and blood levels, it is only naturally renewable arouses, strengthens and prolongs the erection. Clinical studies of the drug have confirmed that during its regular admission penile elasticity is increased by 60%, leading to an improvement in the quality and duration of sexual intercourse and, as a result, to the great satisfaction of the sexual partner.

Indications for use Filitra

Filitra tablets are intended and prescribed by specialists for patients who have erectile dysfunction. In addition, Filitra is suitable for people who want not only to arouse an erection, but also for patients who dream of strengthening the elasticity of the penis, increasing the duration of sexual intercourse several times, as well as improving the quality of sex.

Each Filitra tablet contains vardenafil, which in clinical trials has shown the highest efficacy among all preparations of PDE-5 inhibitors.

The advantages of Filitra:

  • the drug has a period of rapid effectiveness;
  • duration of exposure – up to 12 hours;
  • the pills help increase sexual desire and stimulate orgasm;
  • tablets have the ability to increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • an increase in the penis;
  • the pills give you the opportunity to re-erect after 20 minutes after reaching orgasm;
  • the low price;
  • The ability to buy without a prescription.

Instructions for using Filitra pills

Doctors recommend taking the drug Filitra in a dosage of 10 mg as a single oral dose, but its daily dose should not exceed 20 mg. The drug should be consumed 10 minutes before sexual intercourse, but the maximum exposure occurs within 30 minutes immediately after ingestion. The action lasts 8 hours after ingestion. With regular use of the drug, its effectiveness does not decrease, which means that the body does not get used to its components.

You can take Filitra regardless of food intake, and it is absolutely compatible with alcohol, which makes it even more appealing to most consumers.

Filitra contraindications

It is strictly forbidden to use Filitra tablets for the following categories of people:

  • Women and children;
  • Individuals with individual intolerance to the main constituent of the drug – vardenafil;
  • People taking concomitant preparations containing nitrogen nitrates;
  • People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, in which sexual activity is restricted or totally prohibited.

This is very important: it should be noted that people over 65 years of age, as well as people with liver failure, should start taking Filitra at a dose of 5 mg. In view of the above, before making a purchase of Filitra, carefully read the instructions for use.

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