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Fildena 25mg is a class PDE5 enzyme inhibitor drug, which classifies as medication cure to erectile dysfunction in men. Impotence or ED in males is regarded as sexual disorder causing problems achieving and sustaining erection for sexual intercourse. Oral PDE5 inhibitors have proved to safe and quality treatment for mild to severe impotence. The product is able to offer 4 to 6 hours of erection on consumption on 25mg dose. There are certain precautions, drug interactions and warnings, which the consumer must be aware about.

What is the Working of Fildena 25mg?

Fildena 25 is a mainstream medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) cure. It works when the user is sexually aroused, and is not an aphrodisiac. A 25mg sachet is capable of providing 4 to 6 hours erection by bringing erectile function enhancing responses in the mans body.

  • Sexual stimulation leads the gel-based medicine to release neurotransmitter, nitric oxide, which uplifts erection giving enzymes, the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The enzyme binds on PDE5 enzyme to relax smooth penile muscles and tissues, widening penile arteries.
  • When PDE5 enzyme breaks down, the penile arteries unblock. The phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme keeps the male phallus deflated, which cGMP enzyme fights, causing increased blood supply in male reproductive organ chambers to cause erection.
  • The user thus receives strong erection, as his reproductive organ fills up with blood, retaining the erect state for an ample 4 to 6 hours. Given the hard on, the person can take part in sexual intercourse satisfactorily.

How safe is Fildena 25?

Most of the doctors consider anti-impotence drugs as first-line treatment for men who find it difficult to receive erection due to vascular disorder, atherosclerosis, stress etc. Fildena 25Mg is confirmed as one of safest ED medicines available worldwide for men. However, consumers must follow appropriate dosage, precautions, and pay attention to the side effects and drug interactions list for best results.

Which is the suitable dosage?

Fildena 25mg sachet is utilized by men orally for getting erection. The sachet contains gel preparation of anti-impotence ingredients. The medicine comes in combination of different fruity flavors, which is delicious on taste buds. Thus, consumer can choose whichever flavor he likes.

  • The product sachet is torn and the preparation is dropped in mouth cavity. Gel contents speedily dissolve in mouth, and work within 20 minutes to supply hard on.
  • Lower doses sachets are also attainable. A consumer may or may not be suffering from health issues. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor for suitable dosage instructions.

What Happens on Missed Dose, Overdose?

If the person with ED does not take ED medicines, or misses a dose, then he may not receive a firm erection, but at the same time, will not suffer from any health complications. However, overdose can cause cardiac, respiratory and blood pressure issues, and must be consulted with doctor urgently for treatment. Do not take overdose.

How Much Time it Takes for ED Medicine Working?

It is found that anti-impotence medicines work the fastest when taken without a meal. But, a light meal without fatty edible content can be considered prior to dose. As Fildena 25, it gets absorbed via mouth cavity in blood sooner than hard pills.

  • Normally tablets take 30 to 60 minutes for allowing an erection, but jelly medication gives similar 4 to 6 hours of erection within 15 to 20 minutes.
  • It is advisable to not have alcohol or greasy food items before taking the drug, so that the products function is not delayed.

Is it Possible that Impotence Medication Fails?

Fildena 25 works most of the times, and hardly fails in producing an erection, if the dosage and medicine instructions are followed properly. In some cases, users may not achieve satisfactory results from first use. The reason is attributed to the persons body adaptation to the medication. However, if the product does fail, it does not signify failed affects in future. The person may try using the medicine often or again, and discuss with doctor about its effects. Surely, the ED drug will bring erection for the user on continued intake attempts.

What are the Side Effects?

The ED medication is not known to cause any serious events, if taken as advised. But, for some males, it can result in minor and temporary side effects such as facial flushing, nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion, diarrhea, headache, or tiredness. It is important to consult physician immediately, if consumption of Fildena causes the rare yet serious events such as unconsciousness, usual heartbeats, allergic reactions, cardiac arrest etc.

Does ED Drug Affect Breathing and Blood Pressure?

In some instances, Fildena 25 can slightly lower the users blood pressure, but it does not actually affect health, and may go unnoticed. If overdose or drug interactions such as nitrates, angina medications are taken, and precautions are not followed, there could be a significant impact on blood pressure and respiratory system.

What to Avoid on Dosage?

Contraindications to Fildena are smoking, consumption of fatty edibles, alcohol, taking overdose or medicine for recreations, and using the preparation on being allergic to the contents. The medication may cause dizziness in some, thus the user must stay away from operating vehicles, machines, exercising etc. It is advisable to not intake the product with water.

How Long to Stay off Alcohol and Smoking?

If a consumer has planned on taking Fildena 25Mg, then he must completely avoid consuming alcohol or smoking until he ingests the medicines, and till at least 8 to 10 hours after the medicine ceases its function. If noticeable side effects persist, then, alcohol and smoking must not be resumed. Taking alcohol and smoking both delay anti-impotence medicines working by affecting blood pressure and nervous system.

How often is it Fine to Take Anti-Impotence Drugs?

Not every users health is same. Thus, Fildena intake indications may vary accordingly in terms of dosage, frequency of using the medicine, or dietary and medicine restrictions. For complete knowledge on how often it is okay to consume oral PDE5 inhibitors, contact a doctor, who can understand health condition to advise on the impotence drugs. However, it is noted that ED products must be only consumed after maintaining at least a 24 hour interval in between each dosage.

Who Can and Cannot Use Fildena 25Mg?

A healthy adult male individual suffering from erectile dysfunction can take anti-impotence medicine. Speak to a doctor to understand all the restrictions on the usage of this medicine, before working out a correct impotence treatment. Fildena25 is enjoyed by millions of men, who take benefit of it to keep their sexual life pleasurable and satisfactory.

  • The consumer must not be allergic to the medicine nor possessing diabetes, Peyronies disease, blood pressure issues, kidney/liver problems, and history of cardiac arrest, recent cardiac surgery, mental disorders, or use medicines to treat prostate, hypertension, HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, or have cardiovascular disorder, neurological problems must not take the ED oral product.
  • The medicine is strictly restricted for children, women, and boys under 18 years of age. Those with retinitis pigmentosa, angina, on nitrate medicines must avoid the product.

How to Suitably Store Impotence Medicine?

Oral PDE5 inhibitors if stored in places exposed to direct sunlight and moisture can get damaged. Thus, the product must be placed in air tight containers and kept in dry or cool area. Advisable temperature control for apt medication condition is 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Do not leave the sachet torn, if not intending to consume the medication.

Which Drugs Interact with ED Oral Medicines?

Interacting drugs to Fildena are erythromycin, some particular antibiotics, alpha blockers, rifampicin, azole anti-fungals, herbal products, butyl, poppers, amyl, isopropyl nitrates, nitroprusside, diabetes/angina/AIDA/hypertension medicines, nitrates, nitroglycerin, ritonavir, dinitrate, ketoconazole, glyceryl trinitrate, itraconazole, and isosorbide mononitrate, and other. Confirm list of drug interactions with a health professional. Ignore intake of grapefruit juice.


Is Fildena 25 mg tablet safe?

Yes, Fildena 25 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) is safe to consume the drug as long as it is used as per the advice of the doctor.

Is this drug addicting?

No, the drug does not pose risks of addiction.

What is this medication used for?

The drug is used for curing erectile dysfunction and PAH.

Where to buy this medication Online?

There are many online sources from where you can buy Fildena 25 mg Online. However, Online Pharmacy is the perfect place to buy this medication online. Because It sells the original products with the best services. As many vendors sell duplicate products in the market.

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