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Super P Force

Sildenafil Citrate

Extra Super P-Force is a combined formula for the treatment of severe impotence. The drug consists of 2 active components, namely: Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. You can buy these pills is in our online pharmacy to increase the endurance of the reproductive system of men of different ages. You can buy drugs at the lowest price throughout the USA.

The advantages of Extra Super P-Force

  • The drug improves the elasticity of erection;
  • It accelerates excitement;
  • It increases the stamina of the reproductive system during intercourse;
  • It increases the intensity of sexual sensations;
  • It prolongs sexual intercourse;
  • It is engaged in the treatment of premature ejaculation;
  • It prevents the development of sperm therapy;
  • It is inexpensive;
  • The sale is without a prescription.

The force of action 1 tablet Extra Super P-Force

At the heart of the drug is immediately 2 active components, Sildenafil and Dapoxetine.

The first active substance is used to reduce tight muscles in the pelvic area. Expands the blood vessels of the penis and increases the blood circulation in the penis, thus not only increasing the rate of arousal of the male reproductive system. But also strengthen the elasticity of the penis during erection, regardless of the intensity of coitus.

The second active substance of Dapoxetine tablets – reduces the high sensitivity of the penis during erection, thus preventing premature ejaculation. The complex application of two active components in one preparation allows men to engage in the treatment of potency, in the shortest possible time. Prevent spermatorrhea. Restore health, regardless of the severity of the disease.

The time of action of the drug

Results can be noticed after 20 minutes after taking 1 Extra Super P-Force tablet. The duration of the drug is 16 hours from the time of taking. During this time, the male sexual system becomes capable of developing up to 10 erections with a minimum duration of 20 minutes.

The optimal duration of an erection is 1 hour. In this case, the effectiveness of the drug depends on the health and age of men. For example, the action of the drug is considered to be most effective in young men under 35, and its effectiveness gradually decreases with the advent of maturity. However, it works reliably. And it is forbidden to use only after 65 years.

The rules for taking drugs

Extra Super P-Force is taken once a day, with the expectation of privacy! The treatment period has no limits. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day. The tablets should be taken on an empty stomach – free from excessively fatty foods, which due to cholesterol can reduce the effectiveness of Viagra. The tablets should be washed with water.

The opinion of specialists

The composition of the tablets of Extra Super P-Force does not include carcinogens, so even prolonged use of the drug can not lead to addiction of the body or in some way affect the quality of sperm.

It is allowed to use drugs and physically healthy men to improve the endurance of the reproductive system. In this case, the drug improves the sensitivity of the erogenous zones and increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Pay attention

The active ingredient in these tablets (Sildenafil) can cause dizziness and drowsiness, so for the first 10 hours after taking Extra Super P-Force tablets, urologists forbid driving a car.

Extra Super P-Force side effects

Overdose of the drug can cause headaches, lower back pain, short-term rash in parts of the body – hands and face, nausea, and other signs of being unwell. Noticing any of them – stop treatment and consult a specialist.

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