Essential oils to make your penis stronger

Essential oils to make your penis stronger

For men, care for their sexual organs is one of the priorities. A healthy sexual relationship is the aspect that defines a man’s relationship with a woman and gives them a good reason to have a happy and lasting relationship. The organ of masculinity in man is his penis , he needs to be healthy and able to satisfy needs during sexual acts.

There seem to be thousands of products created for the health of your skin and that of your penis . We don’t seem to think twice when it comes to preserving the well-being of our private parts and the problems of irritation on the penis .

Although it is rarely talked about, there is a problem that some men have downstairs. This annoying problem can decrease the sensitivity of your penis , cause sexual anxiety and even lead to less sex. This problem is dry skin on the penis , or other types of skin problems. Do not be ashamed of it and act as soon as possible to treat the problems on your penis and glans .

Do you have dry skin on your penis , chafing , or other skin pain ? There are many reasons why you might have damaged skin on the bottom.

There are 3 main contributors to excessive bottom friction. These are excessive masturbation, poor hygiene , sex, and poor quality underwear can all cause excessive bottom friction. Friction can damage and slough off delicate skin cells in the penis . These cells are vital for penile sensitivity .

There is a list of natural means with which the penis can be maintained. The list below will give you the best oils that can be used for the well being of your sex.

Recommended treatment:

  • Use essential oil moisturizers designed for penis health (below)
  • Avoid masturbation
  • Reduce the amount of sexual activity.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wear new comfortable underwear.

Olive oil

Olive oil is full of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and even essential nutrients like fatty acid (omega). There is nothing that can compare to its benefits and safe use. To ensure that the penis is strengthened in a healthy way, olive oil can definitely be used. It will provide the penis with all the nutrients to make it strong as well as improving blood circulation, regular massage of the glans is necessary.

lavender oil

One of the essential oils that has major benefits for soothing muscles and improving blood flow . It can be mixed with a little carrier oil like olive oil due to its high concentration.

sandalwood oil

The soothing and healing properties of sandalwood are known all over the world. Regular use of this oil will increase blood flow to the sexual organ for strong erections.

rosemary oil

An oil well known for its medicinal properties, a little romaine oil diluted with other oils is a good way to improve blood flow, a good massage   makes the penis stronger and more solid.

Almond oil

Almond oil is very rich in minerals especially zinc which is great for penile health .

A good regular massage will help you achieve your goals and improve the quality of your erections . Massage for some time so that it is absorbed into the skin of the penis .

Argan oil for the penis

Argan oil is very rich in minerals especially zinc which is great for penile health. Argan oil offers a natural way to reduce skin dryness all over the body, including the penis and private parts . People can also use it as massage oil or natural lubricant. The results of a 2014 study suggest that the application of argan oil can be an effective treatment for skin problems on the private parts , as well as redness and irritation on the penis . In addition, consuming edible oil would be a good sperm stimulator.

You can also use:

  • coconut oil
  • Soybean oil with shea butter
  • Ginger essential oil
  • cinnamon essential oil
  • watermelon seed oil
  • Aloe Vera oil
  • Nutmeg and clove oil

There are specific skin conditions that are quite common, such as eczema and psoriasis , which can be cured with 100% pure argan oil.


It is a health condition in which our immune system reacts to environmental irritants, which can lead to rash , dryness , and itchy skin . Eczema can be a difficult disease to treat, however argan oil is your ally to overcome it. Apply a few drops morning and evening.


Few men suffer from psoriasis , but it’s worth mentioning. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the body. Psoriasis can be recognized as dry skin on the penis . 

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